Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Saturday, March 19, 2016

US Beau Failure Three

So many posts in such a short while.  I am articulate as well.  I would bet it is my aluminum foil hat.  What ever.

Don't ever date a man who does not even have the imagination to name his cat.  I have met two such men in my life.  In the Autumn of 2012 I dated the water-poet.  He is well published and an expert in water ecology.  He was active at my favorite park, Ganondagan.  With these things going for him I thought maybe it would work,  One thing that he announced, which was a red flag,  "I don't read your blog."  That was a clear way of saying, "you are not my equal, I am the writer."  I knew at that point that I was painting an inaccurate portrait in my mind of this person.

He was "prepped" as I like to say.  He was prepped to be abusive to me.  The G-men thought that they could create in me a poor self image and a self loathing by making men treat me a certain way.  I don't loath myself.  I loath them-the men and the g-men behind them.  The G-men have taken a long time to realize that they don't control what or how I perceive myself.  They are mentally challenged(too much American foot-ball).  This SL insulted me and I called him on it.  He said "take more medication."  Oh- I am supposed to dull my brain so that I don't perceive what an asshole you are, as you abuse me.  I don't think so, Mr. Paid to mistreat me, treacherous asshole.  It does not work that way.

Here are a few examples.  I was cozy cuddly at bed time and he chewed me out for nothing- to the point of tears.  I should have left his home then and there.  Then the next morning he "pokes me" if you get my gist.  Being poked is not the same as being made love to.  Another time we were out for a drive and I desired a snack and was looking for a nutty cookie.  I complained and he called my behavior "poopy-diaper."  I am a grown woman, nobody treats me like that.  Because he started a poo reference, I blogger that I had dated a turd.  I even had cool sketches.  That really bothered him.  The Gov. Agents were mad too and set out to punish me with radio waves (I believe)  which brought me to the trouble I had spring of 2013.  Mind control radio waves are a reality.

This maltreatment, at the time, I perceived from the dude at hand. NOT SO.  I would bet clinical psychologists were behind it, trying to mold and shape me.  These psychologists are paid for by you the citizen of the United States of America.  You, reader, are funding the psychological and physical abuse of Amy Brandlin and have been for years.  I am the government's little experiment.  I probably am not a lawful citizen of the United States so they think that they can do the POOP-POO dance all over me.

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