Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

The State of Mental Retardation

Amy's Fantastical Mystical Surreal Reality Continues

I wrote the health department and told them that my medicaid is fraudulent, as I am in reality a wealthy woman.  I also told them that it is the US Government who is defrauding me.  I also wrote the Yates county clerk ladies and told them how their employer had made me a secret sex slave and had stolen my eggs.  (US Govt).

The US governments response was to contact "Lynn".  She is my nurse practitioner for my fabricated mental health diagnosis.  Lynn was instructed by the government to create in Amy Brandlin a return to the state of medication induced mental retardation.  This state of retardation would shut her out from further revelations of her truth and help her to relax so that she would spread her legs so that the Government could get more photos of her crotch, preferably in action.

The US Government and Nation of the United States of America is totally fascinated with Amy's Crotch.  They can't get enough of seeing Amy in multiple personalities doing tricks.  The Americans like this as Amy is in reality a Russian Princess.  The Americans feel that is a Cold/Hot War triumph to put a spell on Amy and get a really good view of her labia, etc.  The conservative Roman Catholic Christians also enjoy it as Amy is the love child of Pope John XXIII.  (He was progressive).  The Fourth Reich likes to gaze on Amy's labia for the same reason as the Conservative Christians but also because Amy's mother was a survivor of the Holocaust...its like they get to continue to punish her through her child.

The KKK is delighted to own Amy as a sex slave.  They hate Jews of course and Amy was so against the KKK in fifth grade, that they want to teach a continual life lesson that she is the property of the KKK (via her ex-husbands "game").  Amy believes in human rights..the KKK want to make it clear that they are only ones with rights.  Rights to Amy's body and fortune.

I am not alone, and sometimes for literary effect I refer to my self in the third person.  Lynn, you might want to think twice before you attempt to turn me back into a retard.

I would not be surprised if Uma made this for me.  I have the skirt and shoes that she is wearing in my closet and the flowers on black are my specific taste.  (her husband "in bed" with the therapist is code)  Psych medications are technically "restraints"  The government is trying to continue to restrain me from actualizing the truth.  They are trying to restrain me from getting to my own money.

Me when I was about twenty.  Similar necklaces, too!

The skirt is not exact, but it is very close.

Now the brown Sanita shoes, I gave away, as my feet got puffy with the Government induced mental retardation (to keep me from my money) medication.
I must thank a former boyfriend BS.  He told me over and over, "they want your money."

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