Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Friday, March 25, 2016

The Movie Lazarus Effect

Here we have a Surreal Movie Review...and how it relates to Amy Brandlin's magical mystical reality.

This morning I am watching the movie, The Lazarus Effect.  I find it to be a propaganda movie against immortal beings.  The character who comes back to life becomes a psycho killer, as her destiny was Hell.  I found the idea of Hell, a continuous loop of ones worst moments in life a really good theory.  I have thought that beings keep repeating their lives after death until that learn from their mistakes on a spiritual level.  My reality is rather loopy, as God has no intention of letting some Evil Troll take out The Princess.

I think that Hollywood always distorts the dead to be evil and I think that is a very untrue scenario, designed to make people fear death.  The dead,  having been in purgatory a while, (which is a chance to look over ones existence) are preparing  for Heaven.  Not many spirits are able to enter Heaven directly from life.  They spirits who have examined themselves do not as a result become evil zombies.  Quite to the contrary, the become well benevolent spirits.  If people would toss the cell phone, their ancestors would be able to assist them more.  The cellular phones tend to hinder communication.

Death is not in the recipe for me.  Neither is Hell(other than my history as a sex slave).  In February of 2013 I was told that my reality was Purgatory.  I believe, in my magical mystical world I am headed for Paradise, as a living being.  I am an immortal and I am not a psycho-killer with black eyes, in case this movie was trying to make a case against me, an immortal.

Not all movies are about me.  I am the resident immortal who is center stage because of psychological/physical abuse, as a porn star.  Many fear me because of their own spiritual evil condition, thus they project their evil natures onto me.  They want to "make" me(an evil creature) to justify how they have mistreated me.

I desire my true love, my true friends, my true identity and my true fortune.  Where is the evil in that?  

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