Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nightmare On Elm Street Two-ITS ABOUT MY FAMILY AND ME! Bwahahahahahahha!

I live in a magical mystical reality.  My drama has been center stage in society for decades.  Sometimes movies explore my story and express it in art.  Sometimes clues to their inspiration is obvious, sometimes they are in code.

In the second movie of the Nightmare on Elm street series, the meanings in relationship to my drama are a bit more obtuse.  This movie delves into demonic possession.  The male protagonist is named Jesse.  If a character is named Jesse, I tend to think Jesus.  If the world is watching my drama, with being immortal and all, the Jesse character might be code for me.  If the world was watching how I was gang-banged and did not even know it in my regular personality, the writers of the Elm street series could have been using the character Jesse being possessed by Freddy K. as a parallel to me being "possessed" while in the family of Freddy Brandlin.

Jesse's family had plenty of houseplants and pet birds, as did my mother.  The characters laid down on sisal matting floor covering which my mother decorated with. (when the made out). Jesse's physical features were somewhat similar to mine, with dark eyes and a prominent brow.  The pet birds in the movie blew up as if they were heated.  The birds in my family story froze, as my mother did not close the green house on a frosty night....(That would be code in opposites.)

Jesse's love in the story is named Lisa, as is my sister.  I loved my sister, but only because I was oblivious to her enslavement of me.  Now that I know what she was up to I do not have any feelings of love.  Love based on lies is not love, it is delusion. I have another sister, coincidentally, named "Jessica," sometimes going by "Jessie".  So the movie had a Lisa, a Fred and a Jesse.  The mother of Jesse is Cheryl. Cheryl means "beloved" as does Amy.   Could be code.

As a member of a Satanic family, where everything is a fakality, there is no love.  I have my children, but the rest of the family is non-existent.  The country I live in is my enemy.  I don't have a country, as the government supported the abuse that my faux family poured all over me as a libation to Satan.

I await my true citizenship. (To Several European countries)  I am a prisoner of The Cold War.  I demand my freedom and my true reality.

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