Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nightmare on Elm Street-Amy Draws Parallels

My assignment today in my independent guided Film Class was "the Nightmare On Elmstreet."  I had never seen it, in all these years.  You have to watch the movie yourself.  I will just pick out stuff that I noticed was a parallel to my world.  Of course, I believe that my life is and has been sort of center stage, providing much cultural fodder for movies.  Movies allude to my experience, I believe.  That is my mystical reality.  If you don't believe it, that is your choice.  It just means you are not on the "in crowd" with the truth, it does not speak of my sanity.

I found it interesting that the characters thought that they could kill a demon.  You cannot kill a demon.  They have to be sent.

A parallel to my world is that when I went to sleep a crime was committed, I was raped in an alter personality.  Over and Over.  The movie uses murder as the crime, not rape.  The message is, that  crimes are committed when people are in a world between waking and sleeping.

The first murder victim (Tina) had facial features similar to mine and a hair style like I wore in high school.

Nancy's mother reminded me in looks of June, my captor mother.  The character had her had on a bottle of booze a lot and my mother did like to drink as well.  One of the last lines was the mother saying, "You look a bit peaked."  That was a term my mother used.  There was also an empty art easel in one scene, next to the mother's bed.  The mother character appeared as if she was in a trance.  I would imagine that my captor mother had been put in a trance by the US government (they are behind my captivity)

There was a parody wall hanging of the Last Supper in the basement.  My parents liked to parody Christianity.  Interestingly, Freddy K.   has metallic knife fingers.  The parallel I draw is that in the early seventies my mother had an aluminum arm, an art piece that looked like armor.  She used it to hand out candy on Halloween.  Metallic-arm  reinterpreted in the movie as metallic knife finger weapons.

My captor father was named Fred.  Fred Krueger--burn victim--demon from Hell.

I had night terrors when I was about 12 or 13.  Perhaps that was a launching idea of the movie...

There is one scene in which Nancy falls asleep in class during a lecture about Shakespeare's Caesar.  Excuse me?  I did exactly that during the showing of the Shakespeare Movie Caesar in 10 or 11th grade.  Now if that isn't plagiarism on my reality I don't what is.

The parents of Nancy drove a maroon parents drove an orange Volvo when I was a teen.  My captor father spent much time in the basement in the late seventies fueling a wood stove furnace, just like Freddy Kreuger.

Of course, when people have experiences of the paranormal or ghosts the "Crazy" word is always thrown around.

I do believe it possible that my Satanic family did Satanic type activities.

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