Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Thursday, March 24, 2016

My Morals are In Question

I am in receipt of an accusatory vibration.  The accusation:  "Amy, when you dated GE, he had a girlfriend, you facilitated his betrayal of her.  Amy your morals are in question."

I am old fashioned.  When a person becomes another's spouse, as in marriage, the specific words are to "forsake all others."  Prior to making that oath forsaking all others is not mandatory or expected in a relationship.  In fact that point is what becoming someone's spouse is about...that you have decided you want no other.

In my case, the man who played the part of my lover (for the government and the gang's corporation) was not married or engaged to the other woman or even her live in lover.  He made his preferences known, to me, , that is he wanted to play the field.  I had no reason to believe that he had not told her what he had told me.
Yes it is true, I had sexual relations with a man out side of marriage.  That is technically a sin of adultery.  I am certain that I have mentioned that in the confessional, and I received absolution.

Notice the movie Onegin.  Tatyana rejects Onegin's advances as she is another mans wife.  Becoming someones wife or husband is what makes someone no longer available, not courtship.  She says "I gave him my word that I would be faithful."

The modern woman believes that she can invite a man into her Lady Garden and then snap the gate shut, without a vow of fidelity.  This is because people do not make their love interest wait for a sexual relationship until marriage.  The act of sex tries to be the element of fidelity, not the vow.  This is wrong, as Vows require thought, introspection and pondering.  For most men, the sex act is impulsive.  So you can see, the sex act in itself cannot be the hallmark of a monogamous relationship....I perceive a vow to be necessary to for fidelity.

Case 2

I am in a glass house.  People hear my words.  Sometimes I say things that might sound violent or destructive to another person.  My journals are violent.  I am telepathic.  I hear curses.  I have many people who play around in the Occult who are my enemies.  Often, I return as sentiment that has come my way.  I know that many might want me to die as I have a huge fortune that nobody wants me to have.  People want my money.
If someone sends me a death curse, I perceive it and return the sentiment.  I only radiate destruction towards those who desire to destroy me.  My violent art and words are only in  response to Black Magic directed at me.

I watched Rosemary's Baby and learned how witches in a coven get together and send mental energy at their victim, hoping to destroy the person.  The movie Rosemary's Baby was helpful in the way it explained what was going on in society( and still is.)  My art journals are a sort of pay-back to all who have wronged me.  I hardly think my  therapeutic revenge art should be denied me....for goodness sake!

How do you know that there are witches in your world, are crazy.

I know because they come into my house when I am away.  They used to put little book marks in my books in places where someone died....stuff like that.  My angels let me know what is what.

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