Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Friday, March 18, 2016

I Had a Relationship with a Faun

In 2006 I met BS on  I think that my experience with website dating has been abysmal.  Mainly because I am a government project.  The government contacts the men I date and "preps' them.  My first date with BS was to an apple farm.  Apple symbolizes sin.  I did not perceive that at the time, as I was medicated to the point of inability to see trouble brewing.  Another first date activity was watching the movie the Illusionist.  My relationship with BS was not fulfilling.  One reason why was that the only time he said he loved me was after sex, as if it were words in payment.  He desired to move in with me with in three months of dating.  I always had the feeling that weird things were going on in my home while I was away at my evening shift nursing job.  He liked music that was always pushing the limits between right and wrong.  I guess there was an underlying distrust.  We had a value disconnect.  He believed in moral relativism.  I don't like being put in a trance and raped.  I don't believe in moral relativism.  I believe men should have a code of good behavior towards their Lady Love.  I believe it is called "chivalry."

I thought that he gave me clues about what was really going on in my world when we broke up.  I have been told by my Knight that in actuality he was taunting me for humorous effect.  He called me "prostitute" and he flashed his key fob from a distance that had a German eagle on it.  He never in a million years thought that I would actually put two and two together.

I believe that he marketed our relationship and sold me as a prostitute in an alter personality.  I believe that he did this with his brothers as with other men.  We visited his brothers in the fall of 2009 on the West coast.  I did a little photo essay that explains how I feel about being prostituted to his brothers while in an alter personality.

This is just an artistic response to being raped.  Of course their lives are not in danger....but their souls maybe.  Artemsia Gentileschi depicted herself as Judith, with Holofernes in response to being raped.  I echo this sentiment.  I love the expression on my face.

I believe that BS might have been a swinger. He had a mangy red scarf and I red where that is swinger code.  One thing that is very interesting has to do with creative writing.  He wrote a short story about a man who leaves his wife to go off in search of fortune and he finds a pot of gold, like a leprechaun.  That is what he did!  He made all kinds of money from marketing my body and our life behind my back (and also while being paid by the US government to do it).  He then went home to his wife all rich, full of fortune.

I think that the true disposition of his soul is Faun.  He had signs of being a faun and that is where I see him..for eternity, a faun.  I even made a faun poppet of him and put it in a magical place.

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