Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

An Immortal Tale


Amy, tell us what it is like to be immortal.

It is interesting, I will give an example from my childhood.  In the beginning, when I was a little girl I decided not to be afraid of the dark.  When I was ten or eleven there was a murderer at  large who was killing preteen  girls.  I recall being surprised that my parents drove a white station wagon and that that was the car seen trying to catch little girls, was a white station wagon.  I think it was then that I knew things that I decided not to accept.  I think that I was killed at around that time.  My angelic friends tell me that I was bludgeoned and my arm cut off.  I have a memory being at my girlfriends house.  In my memory we were making cookies.  I think that I was there in the room with them as a spirit and that the cookies were pieces of my arm.  I recall the look on my girlfriends mother when she looked at the cookies.  It was creepy.  The angels create for me a bubble of a reality.  My perceptions are very real, but they are created by the angels to get me through the attack on my existence.  The arm is significant in that my mother had purchased an aluminum arm (like armor) and she used this to hand out candy at Halloween.  If my parents were murderers or part of a murdering conspiracy the arm was their way of telling the community that they were protected.  That they were, as the US gov't was behind them.

My girlfriend and her father must have decided if those others girls were to be taken, then I should be too.  I would bet that my parents were okay with that, as they were Satanic.  So as a message in return for the aluminum armor, my arm was taken.  It is difficult to pull together a time sequence, but I recall walking back to my cottage, I walked back to the cottage from my friends house a lot.  If I was returned to this dimension, after my arm was back, walking back to the cottage would be something that could be blurred in my consciousness, as I did it often.  My girlfriend, asked, "where did you go for the last few weeks?"  I had no answer, as I did not realize that I had been away.

After the murder, I am told, my body was put in a station wagon and dumped in Keuka Lake, at the end of the bluff.  My parents were friends with the pastor of the Episcopal Church.  The church owned beach at the tip of the bluff.  There are currents that are different and might drag a body down to tangle in old sunken branches.  I always get a creepy feeling about that place.

The movie Lady In White, which was filmed in a neighboring village, has the villain character that looks remarkably like my girlfriend's father.

So when I am channeling a spirit, the true me is in a form of sleep.  When I was murdered in the early seventies I was asleep for a few weeks.

I am a sort of spirit being.  I know that like with Jesus, people get nervous and want to try to kill or rid the reality of the spirit being.  I know that this is hard to accept.  You cannot be rid of me.  That is not God's plan.

Now, I imagine that a Satanic family would be somewhat frustrated in their inability to get rid of the Angel child, with all the world watching and all.  I would imagine, they just figured that they could ruin her reputation and "kill her spirit" another way.  My spirit has not been killed by my Satanic/Government stalkers.  I was made to go through this ordeal and triumph over the odds with the help of my soul mate and angel, and spirit friends.  Just as Judas, y'all did your part.

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