Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Amy Rants Some more Against Her Slavers

I scream for months that I want my freedom.  I explain that I know all my friendships are fakes and that the men in my life abused me for the government and I get queer responses that imply that I am a happy "free" sex slave.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I tape my doors and put signs "rape" on them to keep mental manipulators out.  All these people can think is that I should stay their money making slave and that they somehow know that me on my back making money for them is what is best for me.

So they don't seem to think I deserve TRUTH in my reality.  The believe that I am happier being medicated and stupid to the truth.  I am immortal,   I know the game that has been played with my life and I most certainly am not compliant with it.  Perhaps I channeled a slut that amused everybody...that is not my spirit.  If you doubt that I can channel spirits, in December of 2012 I spoke a foreign language (Polish) for three days, involuntarily.  I was clearly channeling.

I have longed for love, my entire life.  I have found it .  I am going to be with RF.  The secret sex slave game is over.  I am aware of your mind control tricks, so that makes them essentially ineffective.

When I see your response such as sending  Me "Chains of Love" as a suggested tune?  As if my savior is actually my captor, I see that old perpetrator /victim switcharoo.  He is my savior, so you suggest that he is the captor.  I am not a free person without the recognition of my true identity.  He has given that to me and you have denied that to me.  You are the people who have me in chains not him.  He is releasing me from your chains.  He is helping me with this blog entry..  He is my soul mate.

Your offering of the song just shows me how retarded you people continue to be..You are just a bunch of greedy trolls.  Will the greedy Trolls triumph over Divine Couple?

Place your bets, the call is yours and you have everything at stake.

Amy:  "Remember, its trolls behaving like trolls, they can't help it --'Tis their vibration"

My Sex Slavers are yelling at me  "YOU ARE A WHORE!"  I yell back, "YOU ARE TROLLS!"  Whore. Trolls. Whore. Trolls. Whore.Trolls. Whore.  Trolls. Whore.  Trolls. Whore.  Trolls.

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