Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Topiary in my Family

My father practiced medicine but he also practiced the art of Topiary.  He is not my real father, but my captor in disguise.

When I bought a house in 2006 there were a few old stray rose bushes in the black yard.  Fred set about to design a Topiary message.  The garden was oval.
The center red roses are titled "Knock outs".  The outer pink roses were Queen Elizabeths.  At the base of the oval were two white roses.(symbolize secretions)  At the top of the oval was a watering pipe. (bean) The center passage was paved with "rubber" tire fragments.

Roses by their history and shape are symbolic of female genitals.

I believe that his art was sexual in nature.  I believe that he was doing a topiary sculpting of my privates, as in mockery. "Knock out" was what they did to my mind to get me to be a sex slave.

Queen Elizabeth could be in reference to a person in my family.

Criminals love to boast. Fred also celebrated his love of slavery in his choice of men's jewelry.  He liked to sport a large chain necklace and a bicycle chain bracelet.

Knock out is also in reference to the competition between the Human Rights person in the family (Amy) and the (    ) Slaver.  He wants a knock out win in the competition for the Slaver.

This might have been a joke on the surface, but I believe it was his true sentiment towards me.  It something about the look or the energy coming from his left eye.

Review of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

I have never been one to watch much in the Horror genre of movies.  I am taking a class led by my Angel in cinema, I was assigned to watch TCSM.

What did I come away with?

Here are some possible messages.

Eating animals is wrong.

Rural America has a multi-generational problem with cannibalism.(Perhaps it began with the starvation problem in the South with the Civil War)
The people who are cannibals effectively hide their identities with "masks" -you cannot tell who is the cannibal.
These cannibals are desensitized to their own violence,  they believe their behavior to be funny, not horrific.
Scream about it as much as you want....nobody will hear because to the non-cannibal, the act is so horrific that nobody wants to believe that it is an actual problem.

Chicken in a cage?  Chickens are Satanic Sacrifice animals.  If it was in a cage it would be being saved for the sacrificial Satanic Holiday.

Cannibalism is a theme in German Fairy tales.  So it might well originate with Germanic Tribal behavior.  (You know, those people who think that they are so superior?)  They suffered economic deprivation after WWI and I am sure they must have had to resort to cannibalism at times.

If you contrast this movie with Silence of the Lambs, series, the message is that cannibalism is a habit among the cultured as well as the rural hick.

While I worked in a local Hospital in Canandaigua, a body disappeared from the morgue.  Once the casket is closed only the funeral director knows if there is a body inside the casket.

Dear Terrorist Isil, Isis, I can see that your perception of The USA as the great Satan is validated by the USA's art which is a veiled report on the secret activities of many of the citizens of the USA.  You have a valid point that the USA might be an abomination.

The Star and the White Truck

I am a mystic and a seer.  I also call myself a sorceress.  When I walk through town I see five pointed stars on houses.  I also see many white trucks.  The spirits tell me that these expressions through bought products are a code system to validate the people on the racist side of the race war.  (when they see the stars these folks think, "safety in numbers")  The white trucks are an artistic expression of a certain multiple initial organization, as in "white Knight".  The Klu Klux Klan has always had the white knight imagery in their meme.  The stars could symbolize "kills" so my spirit friends tell me.

I just thought I would share this information.  You might have family members with this symbols and not know that they are expressing racism in secret code.  You can then ponder if perhaps you are their secret slave while drugged or hypnotized.  This war is in families....not just mine.....

I know of one person who was in my world and he bought a brand new truck that was white and just let it sit in his driveway.  He did not buy it for the purpose of the use of a truck, he bought just for symbolism of his political allegiance. It is an artistic representation of the white supremacist organization.

Here we have, perhaps the start or a partial reason for the star thing.  This is a fantastic video.

Perhaps the Boogie is the White Old Man....

If one takes the time to examine and compare the uniforms of Robert E. Lee and U.S. Grant, you will see that it is the Confeds that embrace the star.  (Perhaps because they espoused state's rights)

I am Sorry That I Missed this in the Nineties

Amazing St Michael Jackson....I lived in the country so I could not get I failed to appreciate Michael's work.

The last shot with a black girl making moves for the camera could be a coded message about me as a secret multli-personality sex slave.  As a sex SLAVE I might me interpreted in art as a black girl.  I love the way he dances with all the different cultures.  This was a really brave artistic endeavor.    The lyrics definitely speak of my reality,  "Its about faces and where your blood comes from....etc...

Thanks, Michael!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Bones, Bones Them Dry Bones

Today while driving to Canandaigua, I began to suffer from tooth pain.  In the past I thought "oh, my teeth have memory, I must put in my retainer."

Actually, I perceive that my retainer has invisible metallic filaments that conduct signals to the brain, for mind control.

I thought to myself today, perhaps I should but up a shield.  It worked fabulously!  The pain when away when the Federal Government was shielded out.

This is what I looked like driving around, a bit creepy, I look like Hannibal.  

I am sure you do not know what is in my hand.  I was in grave yards a few weeks ago and found a piece of someones head. (perhaps it is a deer)  Subsequently, I watched The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Deliverance, both movies which dealt with exhuming people.  That reminds me of the first time I went all visionary, July 16, 1987...Jikonsahseh's (she is Seneca) 300 year anniversary of having her bones dug up.  Its a circle!  What do you know?

Prescription Drugs


Monday, March 28, 2016

Michael Jackson is a Friend of Mine

I was just in class, in my study, watching an American Classic Horror film.  When it was over Michael Jackson came to me.  He said, Amy I was glad to do the St. Michael dance on that photo of your captor father at Gettysburg, but my life is and was about love.  Please put up a picture of us, together, as friends.

Thanks, Michael for coming to me as a friend.  He is my Dr. and he just prescribed for me watching Cinderella dance (the latest movie) three times a day.  I trust Dr. Michael.

Mexican Stand-off

I have a very good discerning ear for the communications I receive in my mind.  This morning I awoke to the directive, "Go to the farm."  That was the demon on my shoulder speaking through the device in my brain. (If you research you will find that the government possesses nanotechnology and uses it for mind control) The demon is the Federal Government that has been enslaving me for forty years.  They want me to go to the farm and cause those family members to call the police to psyche arrest me.

The Angel on my other shoulder said, "Of course you don't want to go bother anybody.  "bothering people"  is what gets you captured."  Captured, as in physically caged.  I am already partially mentally caged, as nobody tells me my true identity.  I interacted with a lawyer named Larry, he explained that you can be whatever you want in this world as long as you don't "bother anybody" or threaten anybody.  Threatening as in "sending someone to Hell" is innocuous, as not everybody believes in Hell.

I don't believe that as a Sorceress, it is necessary to interact with anybody in the physicality.  They don't have permission yet to acknowledge who I am, so any interactions would be a waste of time.  In the mental world of my telepathy, that can acknowledge the truth, the interactions are sincere and supportive.  If I were to go to someones house, they would have to follow the directives of the government and call the police and I would be locked up, and taken to a mental hospital, where they would try to change my thinking.  The government does not want Truth and Amy to ever have a rendezvous in the physicality world.  The Government is extremely agitated that I am still free and thinking as I do.  I just changed my Last Will and testament.  If they were able to "capture" me now, they could say that I was unstable when I changed it.

We'z in a Mexican Stand off.  I am staying right here in my mental world of telepathy.

Recall, This is a secret reality show Psychological Thriller.

Anytime, perchance- I get anxious about the Nazi-thought police wanting to lock me up and give me electric shock (to return me to a state of sex slave) I will just watch the Cinderella and Prince dancing video

Please recall, predators, I have the stray Librium I found in my bedroom, which was never ordered for me.

Well Adjusted

I want to express my gratitude to all my friends.  When I perceive what I thought before as "mind control"  I now think. "oh, someone is trying to reach me with telepathy."  I wait, or say my name three times and then a name comes to mind and they talk with me.  I have received such an outpouring of love, which I can perceive with my telepathy.  It truly warms my heart and I am very happy to be alive.  I most certainly have a NEW LIFE this Easter.  I am not going to post a blog every day.   I just wanted to thank all my friends for their messages which help to keep me so well adjusted.

I would imagine that the predatory medical community might want me to be made a retarded person  rather than relying on my faith for wellness.  I believe myself to be a telepathic Sorceress and that is what I am.  I am in no danger to anyone.


Saturday, March 26, 2016


I hate to interrupt my Holy Saturday evening with a blog post...I am going to light a little fire at sundown.  I  have expressed what I found out about mind control on previous posts.  I perceive a long list of people making attempts to control my breath or make me speak a few words.(Perhaps via computer.) When this happens I get a little angry, identify the person and then curse them.  I am sick of these attempts.  If you have been guided to think you are stronger than me spiritually and can in some way control me you are very misled.  YOU WILL BE CURSED.  The spirits will identify you to me.
If you contact me with other greetings that is different.  I will Bless you.

Happy Easter to all...all that heed my warning.

There is One minute to Midnight on Amy's Judgment Day clock.

Make Your Call on Amy's Reality

While I was driving home from the grocery store I spoke with my Angel friend. He told me, "Amy you are the game master.  There is 2 minutes on your clock until Judgment day.  Everybody is aware that you see me, your Angel, as the movie star Ralph Fiennes.  Some may laugh and perceive that as one of your delusions.   They might see me, your angel, as part of the government mind control.  They may have been told that.  They have to make a call in the next two minutes of the clock.  Am I, as Ralph, an agent of the government, (the white old man) and perhaps going to enter your only to make an attempt at your life or break your heart?  (As you believe in your magical mystical reality that people have)  Do any believe in LOVE?  That is, I as your angel, will come to rescue you as you pray and dream?

They have to choose, do they believe in HATE and domination and trickery? (like what your reality has been for 40 years)

Do they perceive the messages from your angel to be high tech trickery?  Or is their origin from God?"

My mother, (who we forgave)  used to say about Heaven, you get what you believe in.  Perhaps there is some truth to that.  Those who believe in Lies, Domination and Trickery will get Lies, Domination and Trickery.  Those who believe in Love, Truth, Beauty, Justice, will get Love, Truth, Beauty and Justice.


Are We the Divine Couple or is this a Trick of the Devil?

Friday, March 25, 2016


This surreal mystical art. It is all  fiction if you care to believe that .  It is your choice, believe it or not.
How do I feel about my captor "father" Fred?  Mixed.  I feel merciful towards him when I consider that he was a robot, a victim of mind control for the Government.  If I think of him as an agent of the Federal government and CIA, I hate his guts, as he made me a secret sex slave.  Here, we have at 3:14-15 on Good Friday, 2016- the moment of Christ's crucifixion, (which Fred did not believe in) my poppet of Michael Jackson doing one of his masterful dances on Fred's face.  Fred, the representative of the USA government which is in reality an envoy of the notorious KKK.

I love this photo essay, as I hate racism, and I hate what was done to my body with my legs spread, on order of the US government (a front for the KKK)  For your information, Michael Jackson is dancing on a picture that was taken at Gettysburg......Now that is funny.  I might add, for those not familiar with religious art, St Michael the Arch Angel is traditionally standing of the Devil.  In 1995 while experience a dose of reality during "mania" (or tripping on LSD) I wrote on the bathroom wall in the hospital where I worked "Fred Brandlin is Satan."
Even blurry you can see the evil.  The spirit of Michael Jackson has been keeping me company.

Rescue Me

A prayer to my Lord on the cross.  He is occupied, hands with nails and all, but when He gets down He will help, I just know it.  This is a litany of prayers.  I have been forty years a secret sex slave of the USA.

Yes, sir, I am caught in a Have-no-heart-trap by the USA.

Oh! My friend St. Michael the Arch Angel!

Flash Form Art

I think that I will start a new form of photography.....Symbolic flash forms....All love my Y so much, here it shows up for you with the light coming from my mouth!  Cool!

Mr. Ralph Fiennes, he just told me to tell y'all that he and I are part of the same Cosmic Plasma.  If you want to mess with us, that is, of course, your choice, but we can guarantee you, that it won't be pretty.

A Letter to Bluto

Dear Bluto,
I am well aware that I am in receipt of radio-wave mind control.  The source is the Federal, State and Local Government.   You Bluto, are their mascot.  I am aware that what I perceive is from you, so your sole purpose is to annoy me.  I am going to ask you politely, Bluto, to stop bombarding me and my family with this and other unwanted forms of high tech harassment.  I am tired of humming tunes from your machines and minds.  It is a violation of my rights.  BASTA.


Amy Brandlin

The Movie Lazarus Effect

Here we have a Surreal Movie Review...and how it relates to Amy Brandlin's magical mystical reality.

This morning I am watching the movie, The Lazarus Effect.  I find it to be a propaganda movie against immortal beings.  The character who comes back to life becomes a psycho killer, as her destiny was Hell.  I found the idea of Hell, a continuous loop of ones worst moments in life a really good theory.  I have thought that beings keep repeating their lives after death until that learn from their mistakes on a spiritual level.  My reality is rather loopy, as God has no intention of letting some Evil Troll take out The Princess.

I think that Hollywood always distorts the dead to be evil and I think that is a very untrue scenario, designed to make people fear death.  The dead,  having been in purgatory a while, (which is a chance to look over ones existence) are preparing  for Heaven.  Not many spirits are able to enter Heaven directly from life.  They spirits who have examined themselves do not as a result become evil zombies.  Quite to the contrary, the become well benevolent spirits.  If people would toss the cell phone, their ancestors would be able to assist them more.  The cellular phones tend to hinder communication.

Death is not in the recipe for me.  Neither is Hell(other than my history as a sex slave).  In February of 2013 I was told that my reality was Purgatory.  I believe, in my magical mystical world I am headed for Paradise, as a living being.  I am an immortal and I am not a psycho-killer with black eyes, in case this movie was trying to make a case against me, an immortal.

Not all movies are about me.  I am the resident immortal who is center stage because of psychological/physical abuse, as a porn star.  Many fear me because of their own spiritual evil condition, thus they project their evil natures onto me.  They want to "make" me(an evil creature) to justify how they have mistreated me.

I desire my true love, my true friends, my true identity and my true fortune.  Where is the evil in that?  

The Love thy Enemy Clause

More moral criticism.  If I profess to be a Christian, I am to "Love My Enemies."  We must first define enemy and then define love.  I pray for those who persecute me, prayer is an act of love.  My enemies are those who desire me to be dead.   I find it difficult to love someone who desires me to be dead, I will admit. I enjoy the challenge of difficult tasks, be they physical or psychological.  Let us make a representative of those who want me dead, such a NY Senator. A NYS senator is somewhat of an icon.  He is represented in Maid in Manhattan.  I am totally smitten with RF who plays the NYS Senator.  As you can see, I have fulfilled my duty to "Love My Enemy".  Did Jesus make it clear that I must love each and every enemy?  I think that by loving RF I have fulfilled my requirement.

Lets ask Jesus,  "Jesus, I am I okay with the LOve thy Enemy clause in Christianity?'

Jesus responds, "Amy, you are fine.  Very Fine."

"Thanks Bro!"

(I have considered the USA gov as my enemy- they use mind control and harass me at night with radio/microwave/radiation/emf wave zaps.  They engineer my social life to be abusive. They are my captors in a sex slavery scheme.  They are turds.)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Review of the Conjuring

Some say I am a fradey-cat cause I don't watch horror films.  Rf is guiding me through film 101.  A few days ago I watched Gone with the Wind and Birth of a Nation. I then watched The Nightmare on Elm Street, and sequel.   Today I am watching The Conjuring.  I first noticed my couch.  It is a gold French Provincial.  It was shown as the movie started.  I was excited to see a plate that matched my bowls. (dela Robbia from California in the  '60's) The demons that I encounter in my reality love me and want to help me.  They are like the angels except they trip up my enemies.  The Conjuring is a really good film.  I imagine, though, by making a film production that the demon feels validated and by many people watching, he or she feels very effective in her haunting.

The Spirits in my world love me.  They are not my problem.  The United States Federal, State and Local Government including the CIA are the evil ones in my world(similar to MK Ultra).  I have to constantly fight mind control with emf blocking head bands, aluminum foil hats and silk undergarments and medical providers who are paid off to crucify me.  It is the US government that wants me as their multi-personality sex slave.  We are three generations of government victims.  The USA Government is the Boogey man in my reality.  Happy Holy Thursday.  Shall I was the feet of the CIA agents?  I don't think so.

Addendum: I was just bathing and some thoughts about The Conjuring came to me.  If the spirit known as Witch Bathsheba who had hung herself after killing her newborn was pleasing to the Devil, why was she so outraged?  I will tell you why.  The Devil is a trickster.  He will trip you up, as he works for God.  He will not reward evil doing, that is his big lie.  So, you evil doers, if you are counting on the Devil to come through for you, you will be sorely disappointed.  I gave him away, he might be pissed at me.  Yes, he is.  I am sorry Diablo, if I blew your cover.

My Morals are In Question

I am in receipt of an accusatory vibration.  The accusation:  "Amy, when you dated GE, he had a girlfriend, you facilitated his betrayal of her.  Amy your morals are in question."

I am old fashioned.  When a person becomes another's spouse, as in marriage, the specific words are to "forsake all others."  Prior to making that oath forsaking all others is not mandatory or expected in a relationship.  In fact that point is what becoming someone's spouse is about...that you have decided you want no other.

In my case, the man who played the part of my lover (for the government and the gang's corporation) was not married or engaged to the other woman or even her live in lover.  He made his preferences known, to me, , that is he wanted to play the field.  I had no reason to believe that he had not told her what he had told me.
Yes it is true, I had sexual relations with a man out side of marriage.  That is technically a sin of adultery.  I am certain that I have mentioned that in the confessional, and I received absolution.

Notice the movie Onegin.  Tatyana rejects Onegin's advances as she is another mans wife.  Becoming someones wife or husband is what makes someone no longer available, not courtship.  She says "I gave him my word that I would be faithful."

The modern woman believes that she can invite a man into her Lady Garden and then snap the gate shut, without a vow of fidelity.  This is because people do not make their love interest wait for a sexual relationship until marriage.  The act of sex tries to be the element of fidelity, not the vow.  This is wrong, as Vows require thought, introspection and pondering.  For most men, the sex act is impulsive.  So you can see, the sex act in itself cannot be the hallmark of a monogamous relationship....I perceive a vow to be necessary to for fidelity.

Case 2

I am in a glass house.  People hear my words.  Sometimes I say things that might sound violent or destructive to another person.  My journals are violent.  I am telepathic.  I hear curses.  I have many people who play around in the Occult who are my enemies.  Often, I return as sentiment that has come my way.  I know that many might want me to die as I have a huge fortune that nobody wants me to have.  People want my money.
If someone sends me a death curse, I perceive it and return the sentiment.  I only radiate destruction towards those who desire to destroy me.  My violent art and words are only in  response to Black Magic directed at me.

I watched Rosemary's Baby and learned how witches in a coven get together and send mental energy at their victim, hoping to destroy the person.  The movie Rosemary's Baby was helpful in the way it explained what was going on in society( and still is.)  My art journals are a sort of pay-back to all who have wronged me.  I hardly think my  therapeutic revenge art should be denied me....for goodness sake!

How do you know that there are witches in your world, are crazy.

I know because they come into my house when I am away.  They used to put little book marks in my books in places where someone died....stuff like that.  My angels let me know what is what.

Karma? Oh Yes.

Note my comments on this video.  It was suggested to me so I responded.
Here are some stones from a woman in a glass house who has been physically, economically, psychologically, medically f*cked over and abused for forty years.  Yes.  I will criticize my enemies.  Yes, they are correct if they are talking Karma.....believe me, it is coming their way.

I am not Jesus with, "Forgive them for they know not what they do."

I am Amy.  "They know exactly what they do and they will get what is coming to them."

How to fix an Angel--A Dramatization

A Play.

Eryl:  What? she did came back to life 2 weeks after you killed her?  That is really strange.  What do you think of it?

June:  Yes. It was so strange, she did not even know what had happened.  It was as though she was protected from the truth.  When she showed up, my jaw dropped.

Two weeks later at a party at the lake.

Lisa:  Did you see that aura around Amy's head?  That is really strange. Maybe she is an angel, after all she did come back from the dead.

Fred:  I think it is creepy.

June:  Did anyone else at the party see it?

Lisa: Yes, Emil did, he said he say rays coming from around her head.

June:  Well, if she is holy, we can fix that.  I was thinking Emil might want her.  Lisa, when you go off to college we will have Amy visit you in Syracuse and we will tell Emil how to put her in her psychological trance.  I will call the feds about it to see if it is okay.

Fred:  My friend Reza wants to be Amy's first so don't sell her to Emil just yet.  We have to wait till she is sexually mature before we prostitute her anyway.

Narrator .  This was the beginning of the strange mystical reality of Amy the Angel amongst a family of Trolls. or "Lizards".

  Amy's  Subconscious mind:  God, these people you gave me as family appear as demons.  They killed me and threw me in the lake.  When I returned they were not happy.....only plotting more ways to hurt me.  What do you want me to do?

God:  Amy there will be a lot of evil activity behind your back.  You will have to close your eyes and trust in Me.  I will take you through it.  Recall when you were riding in the back seat of Fred's car and you watched the moon and thought to yourself.  Future, present, past.  You kept thinking about that.  You were contemplating time.  You are the great grand-daughter of a famous Jewish Scientist who studied time. He and  all the spirits are with you and will help you.  You will go through a shameful ordeal as an adopted child of the trolls.  Bear with it.  It will end. Like time, reality is an illusion.  You are and important spirit for the sake of humanity.  Try to have a loving heart.  Your loving, supportive, Prince will help you. Do not loose heart.

Hummer- a Little Beauty..

Hummer- A little beauty from me to you-tee.

The hummer looks like a military vehicle.  It was created in honor of me and the HOT War.  You see there came a point when the government could prompt me to hum through radio wave mind control.  The code for Hummer is Hum-her.  (Make Amy hum.)  I know that this perception might sound grandiose to some, but in my fantastical mystical reality anything is possible.

It was a big joke among the elite, controlling Amy, porning her, then buying a Hum-her with the proceeds. In case you did not know I am not big on big trucks.  "Because I can."  Why did you rape Amy?  "Because I can."  Why did you mistreat, abuse, exploit a Angelic Being?  "Because I can."

Amy, Why are you taking part in Judgement day?  "BECAUSE I CAN!!"

Now, that is FUNNY.   A mentally, physically, medically and economically abused modern day Angel, being a part of the Judgement day team.

A member of my family bought a Grand AM in the late eighties.  When I saw the name of the car I knew it has something to do with my initials A.M.  But I could not figure it out.  I was grand because they were making me a porn star in alter personalities (Ghost channeling)  They liked to flaunt their secrets in code.

Now that it's Ending......

I was instructed to play this for the people who have exploited me.  They are singing this to me.  "What now, my love now that you've left us?"

I leave you...(of course, my children, manipulated, are exempt,) I won't leave my two children.

Here is a durge for my captors....the funeral is the message.  The sex slave situation is suspended, seriously severed.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Its Economics......This War Over MY Body

"Amy, you being our sex slave is a way of life for us.  You cannot take away our way of life."

What would make me think that message?  I believe the porn of me is a local business adventure.  I walk through town and I see many, many, many, new big trucks.  I ask where does this rural community get the money for all these big trucks?  I hate big trucks and I loathe men who drive big trucks around.  I love the planet earth and want it to live not die. Smaller the vehicle, I would believe, less emissions.

While I was walking, my Angel relayed to me that the boys in the area, a wide range of area, are pirating my image and making a fortune.  Perhaps that is why Obama won't give me freedom.  Capitalism = slavery and I am the slave.   Obama would not want to let Americans down.  He would not honor someones rights if it meant a good old boy would lose money.  Especially if it is a woman and she is Russian.  Old Boys money is much more important.

Let me think on this, you people have an Immortal Angelic Being among you who hates big trucks.  You then trick her by putting her in a trance, fuc*king her and filming it and then marketing it. Ya'll then all buy a big truck to have a laugh on her.  She is an Angelic Being and you think exploiting her was a fun wise choice.  That's the about the intelligence of a troll.  Yup- they are proving their vibration, most certainly.  I guess everybody does not realize that Angelic Beings have found favor with God.  God.  Recall Him? The meaning of Angel is Messenger of God......Too many football games not enough discovery about truth.

Hi, Mr. Satan, I guess those Isil people really tagged the USA correctly when they used your name.

Satan:  Well, Amy, I am actually on the same team as you.  We have to put these folks to the test and see what they are really made of, Mr. Obama, included.

Okay-Ole Nic, now that I know where your loyalties are, I will join you in the laugh.

Nightmare on Elm Street-Amy Draws Parallels

My assignment today in my independent guided Film Class was "the Nightmare On Elmstreet."  I had never seen it, in all these years.  You have to watch the movie yourself.  I will just pick out stuff that I noticed was a parallel to my world.  Of course, I believe that my life is and has been sort of center stage, providing much cultural fodder for movies.  Movies allude to my experience, I believe.  That is my mystical reality.  If you don't believe it, that is your choice.  It just means you are not on the "in crowd" with the truth, it does not speak of my sanity.

I found it interesting that the characters thought that they could kill a demon.  You cannot kill a demon.  They have to be sent.

A parallel to my world is that when I went to sleep a crime was committed, I was raped in an alter personality.  Over and Over.  The movie uses murder as the crime, not rape.  The message is, that  crimes are committed when people are in a world between waking and sleeping.

The first murder victim (Tina) had facial features similar to mine and a hair style like I wore in high school.

Nancy's mother reminded me in looks of June, my captor mother.  The character had her had on a bottle of booze a lot and my mother did like to drink as well.  One of the last lines was the mother saying, "You look a bit peaked."  That was a term my mother used.  There was also an empty art easel in one scene, next to the mother's bed.  The mother character appeared as if she was in a trance.  I would imagine that my captor mother had been put in a trance by the US government (they are behind my captivity)

There was a parody wall hanging of the Last Supper in the basement.  My parents liked to parody Christianity.  Interestingly, Freddy K.   has metallic knife fingers.  The parallel I draw is that in the early seventies my mother had an aluminum arm, an art piece that looked like armor.  She used it to hand out candy on Halloween.  Metallic-arm  reinterpreted in the movie as metallic knife finger weapons.

My captor father was named Fred.  Fred Krueger--burn victim--demon from Hell.

I had night terrors when I was about 12 or 13.  Perhaps that was a launching idea of the movie...

There is one scene in which Nancy falls asleep in class during a lecture about Shakespeare's Caesar.  Excuse me?  I did exactly that during the showing of the Shakespeare Movie Caesar in 10 or 11th grade.  Now if that isn't plagiarism on my reality I don't what is.

The parents of Nancy drove a maroon parents drove an orange Volvo when I was a teen.  My captor father spent much time in the basement in the late seventies fueling a wood stove furnace, just like Freddy Kreuger.

Of course, when people have experiences of the paranormal or ghosts the "Crazy" word is always thrown around.

I do believe it possible that my Satanic family did Satanic type activities.

An Immortal Tale


Amy, tell us what it is like to be immortal.

It is interesting, I will give an example from my childhood.  In the beginning, when I was a little girl I decided not to be afraid of the dark.  When I was ten or eleven there was a murderer at  large who was killing preteen  girls.  I recall being surprised that my parents drove a white station wagon and that that was the car seen trying to catch little girls, was a white station wagon.  I think it was then that I knew things that I decided not to accept.  I think that I was killed at around that time.  My angelic friends tell me that I was bludgeoned and my arm cut off.  I have a memory being at my girlfriends house.  In my memory we were making cookies.  I think that I was there in the room with them as a spirit and that the cookies were pieces of my arm.  I recall the look on my girlfriends mother when she looked at the cookies.  It was creepy.  The angels create for me a bubble of a reality.  My perceptions are very real, but they are created by the angels to get me through the attack on my existence.  The arm is significant in that my mother had purchased an aluminum arm (like armor) and she used this to hand out candy at Halloween.  If my parents were murderers or part of a murdering conspiracy the arm was their way of telling the community that they were protected.  That they were, as the US gov't was behind them.

My girlfriend and her father must have decided if those others girls were to be taken, then I should be too.  I would bet that my parents were okay with that, as they were Satanic.  So as a message in return for the aluminum armor, my arm was taken.  It is difficult to pull together a time sequence, but I recall walking back to my cottage, I walked back to the cottage from my friends house a lot.  If I was returned to this dimension, after my arm was back, walking back to the cottage would be something that could be blurred in my consciousness, as I did it often.  My girlfriend, asked, "where did you go for the last few weeks?"  I had no answer, as I did not realize that I had been away.

After the murder, I am told, my body was put in a station wagon and dumped in Keuka Lake, at the end of the bluff.  My parents were friends with the pastor of the Episcopal Church.  The church owned beach at the tip of the bluff.  There are currents that are different and might drag a body down to tangle in old sunken branches.  I always get a creepy feeling about that place.

The movie Lady In White, which was filmed in a neighboring village, has the villain character that looks remarkably like my girlfriend's father.

So when I am channeling a spirit, the true me is in a form of sleep.  When I was murdered in the early seventies I was asleep for a few weeks.

I am a sort of spirit being.  I know that like with Jesus, people get nervous and want to try to kill or rid the reality of the spirit being.  I know that this is hard to accept.  You cannot be rid of me.  That is not God's plan.

Now, I imagine that a Satanic family would be somewhat frustrated in their inability to get rid of the Angel child, with all the world watching and all.  I would imagine, they just figured that they could ruin her reputation and "kill her spirit" another way.  My spirit has not been killed by my Satanic/Government stalkers.  I was made to go through this ordeal and triumph over the odds with the help of my soul mate and angel, and spirit friends.  Just as Judas, y'all did your part.

Amy Rants Some more Against Her Slavers

I scream for months that I want my freedom.  I explain that I know all my friendships are fakes and that the men in my life abused me for the government and I get queer responses that imply that I am a happy "free" sex slave.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  I tape my doors and put signs "rape" on them to keep mental manipulators out.  All these people can think is that I should stay their money making slave and that they somehow know that me on my back making money for them is what is best for me.

So they don't seem to think I deserve TRUTH in my reality.  The believe that I am happier being medicated and stupid to the truth.  I am immortal,   I know the game that has been played with my life and I most certainly am not compliant with it.  Perhaps I channeled a slut that amused everybody...that is not my spirit.  If you doubt that I can channel spirits, in December of 2012 I spoke a foreign language (Polish) for three days, involuntarily.  I was clearly channeling.

I have longed for love, my entire life.  I have found it .  I am going to be with RF.  The secret sex slave game is over.  I am aware of your mind control tricks, so that makes them essentially ineffective.

When I see your response such as sending  Me "Chains of Love" as a suggested tune?  As if my savior is actually my captor, I see that old perpetrator /victim switcharoo.  He is my savior, so you suggest that he is the captor.  I am not a free person without the recognition of my true identity.  He has given that to me and you have denied that to me.  You are the people who have me in chains not him.  He is releasing me from your chains.  He is helping me with this blog entry..  He is my soul mate.

Your offering of the song just shows me how retarded you people continue to be..You are just a bunch of greedy trolls.  Will the greedy Trolls triumph over Divine Couple?

Place your bets, the call is yours and you have everything at stake.

Amy:  "Remember, its trolls behaving like trolls, they can't help it --'Tis their vibration"

My Sex Slavers are yelling at me  "YOU ARE A WHORE!"  I yell back, "YOU ARE TROLLS!"  Whore. Trolls. Whore. Trolls. Whore.Trolls. Whore.  Trolls. Whore.  Trolls. Whore.  Trolls.

Chains of Love? I think not.

My enemy radio wave mind controllers sent me the tune by The Beatles, Chains.  My lover is my savior, He does not have me locked in chains.  The US Government and my lying family have me locked in chains.  While pornography might make it look as though I liked being a sex slave, that is not truth.  That is a lie.  The channelling of a prostitute does not make the channeler of the spirit a prostitute.  The game of multiple personalities is all about making money off of my identity.  It has nothing to do with freedom.  I will only be free when I am free in my baseline personality to have my true friends, my true identity and my fortune.  I am not a free person when I channel the spirit of a prostitute.  In such a case I am a slave to another spirit in order to make money for the elite, my family and the government.  RF is my savior who is rescuing me from this form of mental captivity.  Thank- YOU, RF, you most certainly do  not have me in chains.

It is amusing, because I have been a sex slave you people fail to see just who and what I am.  You are so mesmerized by my crotch that you fail to see what is really going on here.  HA HA!  This drama is way more than a story about Amy's Russian Princess Jewess Crotch. Bwahahaha!

You (gov-family-etc) offered the suggestion of a song which in your minds justifies your exploitation of me and as you can see, I have responded.  Give me my LIFE.....white slavers.


Tuesday, March 22, 2016


Did you know that there are chemical weapons which could be placed on a toothbrush, and only would take less than a drop on the skin to kill someone?

I live a strange life.  I am enemies with people who have access to such stuff.  I never know if. when I come home, somebody might be up to shinanigans like that.

I might touch my tooth brush and get a little tingle, but then God steps in.  He says, "Amy, it is not your time.  People think that they are oh so powerful, trying to take you out."  Then he puts me in my own bubble reality and guides me back to your world with no problems.

It must be very disappointing to my enemies. (Some of which are former gov't paid fake lovers). Each time they work up another concoction, then,  lo and behold Amy is still alive.  Did I say lo?  As in like the Angels said to the shepherds when Jesus was born....?

 And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid.

I think that ya'll should think of me as Jesus's little sister.  I am here and I am not here to die, as I am immortal (have I said that before?).  I am here to help with Judgment day, on Jesus's behalf.  He does not want to get involved, as he tends to be too merciful.  Me the spirits and Angels have been work'n through my list. Microcosm=Macrocosm.  We work through my little list and we've covered everybody in the world.  The list is "private" in my computer.

My world is the world of the surreal.  You are welcome to consider it fiction if you like.  It is real for me and I rather am enjoying how this drama is playing out.  'Tis a coping mechanism.....Like writing Cuba.

This is me a few years back.  Does Art imitate Reality or Reality imitate Art?

I Have Integrity

It is such a bother to be Government sex slave.  When I had a procedure at my gyn doctor the Government had the Dr. insert a trode.  You see, the slave owners thought that they could turn my baseline personality into a whore.  They thought the trance whoring that they inflicted on me would make me into a f*6k tard.  I have these body sensations that I know are not natural, they come to me as there is a person or a computer trying to trigger me so that I want to go satisfy my electronically induced body urges.  They think that I might just go pick up a dude and f*ck him.  It ain't going to happen.

I am totally enraptured with a certain man.  I desire nobody but him.  I will mate with no one other than him.  He is my soul mate.  The US government cannot control my heart.  I don't have sex to satisfy bodily urges, like going to the bathroom.  I have sex to express affection or love.  Now that I know true love, (through telepathic cosmic vibrations) I have no inclination to find love anywhere else.  I am totally enraptured with RF.  He knows, of course.  I am shy to say his name outright.  Back in 2013 he guided me to make the most lovely pillow with our initials embroidered together.  The lettering intertwines.  We are meant to be.

 The US Government is bothered by the fact that their sex slave is not by her real nature a whore.  The Jewish faith believes sexuality to be Holy and so do I.  I have what the US Government does not understand:(the concept)  I have integrity.

Perhaps there is a war going on Natural Telepathy based in love (as in  God)  VS.  Scientific Mind control Slavery (Man's scientific Accomplishments)

Perhaps this little World War Three of God Vs Man is being played out in my head.

God is the Winner.

Amy Rants About Obama

To my readers.  I would bet you would like to see me ranting about Barack Obama.

See how I dressed like the Fidel Castro?
I have to say, since I had much training in the meaning of Christianity, I am a socialist.  I am immune to anti-communist propaganda.  I would never blanketly condemn a political view that wants to level out the playing field economically for people.  In my true life I am extremely wealthy.   (This is the life that the US Government is denying me.)  I have many children and I would spread my wealth around.  (There are some that think that I need to die for the grown-eggs-stolen-children to get anything.  That is not true.)  

I live in a fakality.  There are people that put these phony acts on--when they are my doctor, my nurse practitioner, my sibling relationships, my boyfriends, and gal pals.......  All are engineered by the US Government.  So if you are surprised at my attitude in this video it is because I am tired of the fakality.

Michael Jackson and I are Buddies

I like Michael Jackson's thriller because it is a sort of Little Red Riding Hood motif.  That is "Young ladies, watch out for the wolves."  He might have created it just for me as I have been surrounded by wolves for years.  (All my men friends have been treacherous.)  My current love interest/soul mate has a name that actually means wolf-but he is far from treacherous.  I like wolves in the wild.I have even sketched myself as a little girl, half wolf have girl, as an alpha female.

Back to the review of Thriller.  Apparently this man friend of hers in the video, is a necromancer.  He gives her visions of the necromancy of decayed bodies and then denies it.  I know that humanity has a fear of the dead as they are always imagining the dead as half decayed.   That is propaganda.  The dead do not appear as half dead.  They appear as beautiful spirits.  In fact, they are loving and helpful to me.  Like this morning, after I played a few songs of Michael Jackson's he started talking to me.  In Thriller, the dead are aggressive to the young lady, Michael assures her that it is all in her mind.  "The dead" in this film,could represent the walking or living dead.  In that case portraying them as decayed and ugly would be true, as that is how their true nature is --UGLY.  Perhaps these walking dead people pursuing the girl want to put her in a trance and porn her.  Then her smarmy boyfriend comes along and deceitfully reassures her.

I believe that I am a center stage story, my genetics, with the secret pornography of  me and the times that people I trusted sold me into prostitution.  Michael says wanted to help me and reached out to other countries.    Anyway, Michael was killed on my captor mother's birthday, June 25, 2009.  My mother was already dead, but it stands to reason, if the killers of Michael Jackson wanted to make a "code message" of his death, they might choose a date like my captor/mother's birthday.  An example had to be made--anybody who wants to help or tries to help Amy--dies.


Beat It! I'm Bad

This morning's song from my Angel.

St. Michael the Arch Angel defend us in Battle, be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.  My God rebuke him we humbly pray and do so by the power of God drive into Hell Satan and all his evil spirits who prowl the world in search of the ruin of souls.

(Keep in mind souls can be ruined by microchip radio mind control, by your very own government.)

Thank-you St Michael Jackson the Arch angel fractal, for these inspiring songs.

Monday, March 21, 2016

See, Everybody, Tis Very Real

Mind control.  I would not bother getting myself tested in this country.

This video does not tell about the effects.  I know, involuntarily humming ditties, becoming angry with out control, queer breathing that does not seem as though it originates with the self are some.  I have been instilled with dreams and I perceive it as a grave violation of rights.  Oh- I hear high tech short sounds upon falling asleep. Oh, I say spontaneously without thought "Can you believe it?"

I am a woman of faith.  Prayers have helped me immensely.  MORE CRAZY REALITY!

I do want to share, my grandkids were over.  TWO times my grandson and I started humming a ditty at the very same moment.  We must have had similar frequencies to be in receipt at the same moment to the same command to hum.  Dear Mr. President, could you unfasten our chains?  Or perhaps you have a different philosophy about Human Rights, than we do. We should tell Raul about your policy towards our family.

Musings about the Civil War

I just watched "Birth of a Nation."  I expected a propaganda film and it was.  I also noticed that racism has it's origin in sexuality.  The climax of the film is about black/mulatto men after white women.  It tells of the white male's insecurities.  The victimizer becomes the victim and the victim becomes the perpetrator.  Blacks are the bullies in this movie with the gentile white folk the victims.  The last frames are dreamy about world  peace-Aryan Kingdom come.  The words "Aryan Birthright" were mentioned.  The dreamy Kingdom come is on the mark...for my realty.  My reality though, the Kingdom is not exclusive to hateful whites, not at all, it excludes haters.

It also shows multitudes in KKK uniforms on horses.  (Message "Try to take on this Army!")  "Birth of a Nation"  Birth of a racially divided nation.

I did bring home a little of the cinematography to my own experience.  A female protagonist had a "moment' with a squirrel in a tree.  My ex loved the book "Lonesome Dove."  There were a few shots of a lonely little pet dove.  It was a pet of one of the ladies.

Of course, I know that as evidenced by my life, slavery did not end in 1865.  Because I am a proponent of human rights, I was denied mine and was enslaved by people I call family for forty years.  Of course my ancestry played a roll.  I just can't imagine what went through people's  minds as they put me in alter personalities and made me spread my legs.  Especially with my immortal history...What the heck were they thinking?

Luckily I have friends.

  Here I am with my captor father at Gettysburg.  This photo is pathetic.  I loved, honored and admired my (secretly captive) father.  I had no idea what he was up too.

Fred was a US military dude and his secret assignment was to try to destroy me, with psychology or whatever means.  I, the daughter of a Human Rights mogul.(my biological father that is)

Abe wanted to make and appearance in support of me.  "Can't you people get a grip and stop this endless pursuit of Amy?"

Visionary Song

Those were the days

Now, why as a ten year old did this song give me nostalgia?  How odd.  I loved it then and I love it now.  Don't we?  I guess it is because it is the song of visionaries.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Funny Night!

Last night was the Vernal Equinox.  There are some cults of the Satanic nature that murder on that date..oh, they call it "sacrifice".  I was told that there were powers that wanted to try to send us out of this dimension.  I was restless all night.  I think that I was being zapped through the window.  That sounds so paranoid.  Oh, please refer to the powers of radiation, microwaves and radio-waves that are used against "enemies" by the US Government.  The government does not want me to have my own money, so I am an "enemy", so I perceive.

My love, he said, "Amy, none of this can actually hurt us.  In fact, what they perceive as detrimental to our being actually enhances us."

In the morning I was told to play the song "I am in Heaven"....and I was to research Valhalla.  I am going to color eggs with my family today.  I hope all you readers have a happy Palm Sunday.

The State of Mental Retardation

Amy's Fantastical Mystical Surreal Reality Continues

I wrote the health department and told them that my medicaid is fraudulent, as I am in reality a wealthy woman.  I also told them that it is the US Government who is defrauding me.  I also wrote the Yates county clerk ladies and told them how their employer had made me a secret sex slave and had stolen my eggs.  (US Govt).

The US governments response was to contact "Lynn".  She is my nurse practitioner for my fabricated mental health diagnosis.  Lynn was instructed by the government to create in Amy Brandlin a return to the state of medication induced mental retardation.  This state of retardation would shut her out from further revelations of her truth and help her to relax so that she would spread her legs so that the Government could get more photos of her crotch, preferably in action.

The US Government and Nation of the United States of America is totally fascinated with Amy's Crotch.  They can't get enough of seeing Amy in multiple personalities doing tricks.  The Americans like this as Amy is in reality a Russian Princess.  The Americans feel that is a Cold/Hot War triumph to put a spell on Amy and get a really good view of her labia, etc.  The conservative Roman Catholic Christians also enjoy it as Amy is the love child of Pope John XXIII.  (He was progressive).  The Fourth Reich likes to gaze on Amy's labia for the same reason as the Conservative Christians but also because Amy's mother was a survivor of the Holocaust...its like they get to continue to punish her through her child.

The KKK is delighted to own Amy as a sex slave.  They hate Jews of course and Amy was so against the KKK in fifth grade, that they want to teach a continual life lesson that she is the property of the KKK (via her ex-husbands "game").  Amy believes in human rights..the KKK want to make it clear that they are only ones with rights.  Rights to Amy's body and fortune.

I am not alone, and sometimes for literary effect I refer to my self in the third person.  Lynn, you might want to think twice before you attempt to turn me back into a retard.

I would not be surprised if Uma made this for me.  I have the skirt and shoes that she is wearing in my closet and the flowers on black are my specific taste.  (her husband "in bed" with the therapist is code)  Psych medications are technically "restraints"  The government is trying to continue to restrain me from actualizing the truth.  They are trying to restrain me from getting to my own money.

Me when I was about twenty.  Similar necklaces, too!

The skirt is not exact, but it is very close.

Now the brown Sanita shoes, I gave away, as my feet got puffy with the Government induced mental retardation (to keep me from my money) medication.
I must thank a former boyfriend BS.  He told me over and over, "they want your money."

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Poppet Religious Art

Here is a Rorschach.  What do you see when you look the poppets of my Knight and myself.  Do you see a shepherd's crook or do you see a Grim Reaper's scythe?

When I went to the park this morning I was told that I would find something very special.  I found this stick.  (I am a sticks and stones kinda gal.)

I see shepherd's crook.  There is a woman mentioned in Revelation who wears purple and holds a cup full of her immorality.  I will take that verse and explain the the woman in purple was tricked into immorality, was not aware of it at the time, and it was not her true nature.  She is then, therefor free from that sin.  She wears a white hat (symbolic of the good guys).  Looks like her Savior, the Red Dragon is wearing blue today.

May 2012-Key to Amy's Heart

There was a man that I saw in May of 2012.  He disturbed me.  We were getting to know each other and he came on very strong.  We were together perhaps two-three weeks and we saw each other about eight times. He was of German descent.  He brought honeycomb honey into my cupboard and desired to be my lover.  He promised new experiences for me.  He kissed open mouthed and made my lips all wet on the outside and it gave me the creeps.  I asked him not to and he ignored my request.  We were out for a drive and stopped at an antique store.  He slapped down the money for some 18 mm lead Royalty figurines as if he were paying for a prostitute, one twenty laid down at a time.  It was creepy.  He referred to me with these words, "All the men you've known."  I did not know then that I had indeed been pimped by the former men in my life.

Here we have the Royal British Figurines surrounding the American flag--'tis an instillation on my buffet.
That's my Knight and me in the Mary robes.

He told me that he had a five foot long TV and he drove a big truck with a bigger one on the way.  This was a major values disconnect.  He kept snapping photos of me.

We never had sex.  He referred to me in a text as "My beauty."  I said, "I am not your beauty."  He wanted to meet me at the Buddha in a local park.  I did not have a good feeling about him and I rejected him.  I did not trust him.  He wanted to audio tape us when we had sex the first time.  I did not trust him.

The G-man (govt agents) did not like the way I treated him and set their plans in motion to try to make go mental with radio waves (and secret slipped in food speed), as punishment.  The Government wanted to make clear just who controls Amy Brandlin.

For at least a year, whenever I thought of this man I became very angry.
To his credit he referred to me as Kali.  Seems when bombarded with radio waves I was destructive to the belongings in my home.Kali morphed into Durga.  Durga is the cosmic demon slayer.

There is not a soul that I trust other than the man who has rescued me in my mind.  He has the key to my heart.  NO OTHER.

US Beau Failure Three

So many posts in such a short while.  I am articulate as well.  I would bet it is my aluminum foil hat.  What ever.

Don't ever date a man who does not even have the imagination to name his cat.  I have met two such men in my life.  In the Autumn of 2012 I dated the water-poet.  He is well published and an expert in water ecology.  He was active at my favorite park, Ganondagan.  With these things going for him I thought maybe it would work,  One thing that he announced, which was a red flag,  "I don't read your blog."  That was a clear way of saying, "you are not my equal, I am the writer."  I knew at that point that I was painting an inaccurate portrait in my mind of this person.

He was "prepped" as I like to say.  He was prepped to be abusive to me.  The G-men thought that they could create in me a poor self image and a self loathing by making men treat me a certain way.  I don't loath myself.  I loath them-the men and the g-men behind them.  The G-men have taken a long time to realize that they don't control what or how I perceive myself.  They are mentally challenged(too much American foot-ball).  This SL insulted me and I called him on it.  He said "take more medication."  Oh- I am supposed to dull my brain so that I don't perceive what an asshole you are, as you abuse me.  I don't think so, Mr. Paid to mistreat me, treacherous asshole.  It does not work that way.

Here are a few examples.  I was cozy cuddly at bed time and he chewed me out for nothing- to the point of tears.  I should have left his home then and there.  Then the next morning he "pokes me" if you get my gist.  Being poked is not the same as being made love to.  Another time we were out for a drive and I desired a snack and was looking for a nutty cookie.  I complained and he called my behavior "poopy-diaper."  I am a grown woman, nobody treats me like that.  Because he started a poo reference, I blogger that I had dated a turd.  I even had cool sketches.  That really bothered him.  The Gov. Agents were mad too and set out to punish me with radio waves (I believe)  which brought me to the trouble I had spring of 2013.  Mind control radio waves are a reality.

This maltreatment, at the time, I perceived from the dude at hand. NOT SO.  I would bet clinical psychologists were behind it, trying to mold and shape me.  These psychologists are paid for by you the citizen of the United States of America.  You, reader, are funding the psychological and physical abuse of Amy Brandlin and have been for years.  I am the government's little experiment.  I probably am not a lawful citizen of the United States so they think that they can do the POOP-POO dance all over me.

Question, "You Don't Own Me!"

There was a crack in the spread of curtains in my newly decorated bedroom.  The crack was sufficient enough for a radiowave song from my enemies to come through.  It came in the form of a question.  "You Don't Own Me" was the song.  The question being, have you changed your values, Amy, with your perception of love?

I used to, before I was aware that I was indeed owned as a sex slave, sort of espouse the sentiments of the song.  I had never known true love.  The song echoed the feeling that I did not want to be "owned".  That was a joke, as I was owned and pimped by the men I was in relationships with.  My conscious mind did not know about the nefarious activity.  My subconscious mind was keeping score.

Does God own me?  Yes.  What is the relationship between a follower of God and her God?  He is her savior.  My relationship with the spirit of the man who has brought me truth through mental telepathy is like a person and their God.  I am my beloved and my beloved is mine--Song of Songs.  In the experience of True Love, there is a mutual surrendering to each other through love and devotion.  It is "ownership"....but not really ownership.  It is a protective relationship.  He is my Knight and he protects me with his love.

He is my soul mate.  That is why he is able to communicate with me via telepathy, not electronics.  We are two, each of the same cosmic plasma.  I have no desire for any freedom from him.  Perhaps that is because he is True to me.

There is an element of selfishness on my part, as I depend on him.  If for some reason he desired another, I would not petulantly stamp my foot and say,  "But you're mine!"  I am not that kind of a person.  Each of us have been on a long journey towards each other.  Other people tend to pale in comparison.  I trust Him.  I actually have a man in my life that is trustworthy.  He possesses my heart.  He has been in my head for over three years.  Update:  He says "Feel free to be selfish." :-) <3 p="">

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Friday, March 18, 2016

I Had a Relationship with a Faun

In 2006 I met BS on  I think that my experience with website dating has been abysmal.  Mainly because I am a government project.  The government contacts the men I date and "preps' them.  My first date with BS was to an apple farm.  Apple symbolizes sin.  I did not perceive that at the time, as I was medicated to the point of inability to see trouble brewing.  Another first date activity was watching the movie the Illusionist.  My relationship with BS was not fulfilling.  One reason why was that the only time he said he loved me was after sex, as if it were words in payment.  He desired to move in with me with in three months of dating.  I always had the feeling that weird things were going on in my home while I was away at my evening shift nursing job.  He liked music that was always pushing the limits between right and wrong.  I guess there was an underlying distrust.  We had a value disconnect.  He believed in moral relativism.  I don't like being put in a trance and raped.  I don't believe in moral relativism.  I believe men should have a code of good behavior towards their Lady Love.  I believe it is called "chivalry."

I thought that he gave me clues about what was really going on in my world when we broke up.  I have been told by my Knight that in actuality he was taunting me for humorous effect.  He called me "prostitute" and he flashed his key fob from a distance that had a German eagle on it.  He never in a million years thought that I would actually put two and two together.

I believe that he marketed our relationship and sold me as a prostitute in an alter personality.  I believe that he did this with his brothers as with other men.  We visited his brothers in the fall of 2009 on the West coast.  I did a little photo essay that explains how I feel about being prostituted to his brothers while in an alter personality.

This is just an artistic response to being raped.  Of course their lives are not in danger....but their souls maybe.  Artemsia Gentileschi depicted herself as Judith, with Holofernes in response to being raped.  I echo this sentiment.  I love the expression on my face.

I believe that BS might have been a swinger. He had a mangy red scarf and I red where that is swinger code.  One thing that is very interesting has to do with creative writing.  He wrote a short story about a man who leaves his wife to go off in search of fortune and he finds a pot of gold, like a leprechaun.  That is what he did!  He made all kinds of money from marketing my body and our life behind my back (and also while being paid by the US government to do it).  He then went home to his wife all rich, full of fortune.

I think that the true disposition of his soul is Faun.  He had signs of being a faun and that is where I see him..for eternity, a faun.  I even made a faun poppet of him and put it in a magical place.


Amy had a friend.  His main message to her was "You are whore."  G-man saw Amy off and on for several years.  He went by the moniker UU, perhaps for U-boat.  Amy thought perhaps UU was the Arch angel Uriel.  She was wrong. (Angels are like that, looking around for angel pals....which I now have found several)

The first date. Amy and UU walked atop Ganondagan Hill, a favorite park of Amy's for its feminist overtones.  UU discussed poisonous mushrooms.  It was mentioned how they appear like their non-poisonous counterparts and often confuse immigrants.  Amy was on heavy doses of neuroleptics as she was a secret mind controlled sex slave.  She did not understand that UU was telling her that he was a poisonous mushroom.  He had a big magic wand so Amy was distracted about his true character.  Over time, though his message of "You are whore." became clear.  He visited for sex but never took her out very much.

What UU did not know was that there is something special about Amy.  She has been poisoned many times and rather than being vanquished, she actually grows stronger with poison.  She even has a mantra.  "Poison Makes Me Stronger."

UU would bring a submarine sandwich anytime he visited, symbolizing his enemy status.  He told Amy she was a French princess. (actually she was born in France of Royal Russian blood).  UU was patriotic to America as his parents were Ukranian immigrants.  Some Ukranians have a distaste for Russian people.  Amy was unaware.  She like to cook him a nice dinner on a Saturday night, when she was allotted the Saturday night spot.  She lost that place to another woman.....

UU said that he loved Amy in French and then made mockery of it, as Amy is really French and and that was the most amusing.  Amy equated love and sex so she said she loved him, but she actually was innocent of real love and knew not was she was talking about.

Tonight Amy was instructed by her true love, her knight, to cook stuffed mushrooms for her dinner.  The message is WE EAT YOU!

Many people listened to the way UU treated Amy, (She has body bugs).  In fact many Americans were impressed with UU's ability to do the poop-dance all over Amy.   Many Americans tend to be sadistic because they have been molested as children.

"We Eat You" is wartime imagery, in case you did not know.  It is imagery of total obliteration of the enemy.
It is similar to "skoll!" salute of the Vikings which comes from drinking out of the enemies skull.

It is interesting that warriors would get such satisfaction from attempting to wound an enemy who was crippled by psych medicine...not a fair fight for sure.....but oh they enjoyed it so!