Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

To My Stalkers! Ding dong, Its Gone!

Three days ago I refilled my medication via the computer.  When I got to the store today, it was not ready.  The Clerk said I will have it filled in fifteen minutes.  I went around and found some items I needed for my house.  I paid for my medications.  Who should come up to the counter as I was leaving?  S.L.  a man I dated in 2012.  He mistreated me horribly.  Naming my act of frustration about something "a poopy diaper."  There were many other events that caused me to think that he was paid to mistreat me.  We dated for 6 weeks.  At one point he said something that I thought was cutting and I called him on it.  He said, "You need to take more medication".  This is when I said, "We are done."

I had a pattern of going back to a boyfriend, GE.  He cultivated my affection for him with good manners for several months prior to implementing the government sponsored abuse plan. (he used to bring along a submarine sandwich as code for under cover attack)  I believe that I am a person of interest from another country.  The United States Government continues to molest me mentally.   The physical molestation in the multiple personalities is no longer going on.  They are frustrated as they want their Russian Princess back on her back for all the world to see.  This is to fulfill their boast that "We are the most Powerful Nation On Earth!"

My meds were not filled on purpose, I propose, as these G men wanted to get the Stephen dude in my realm so I would talk to him and go back to being mistreated and falsely mirrored.  People want the abusive spy reality psychological drama to continue in the favor of the USA.  Ding Dong.

I am a Princess and I have a Prince.  He is certainly not Stephen L.  My prince has been telepathically helping me for several years now.  My perceptions of my prince cannot be wiped away by interactions with a musty troll.  I had driven by his house a few times, but it was not out of interest in him, it was for variety of travel and to get chi from the park along the lake which is in that trajectory.  I would suppose the stalkers took that for sexual interest.  *Raspberry!*

Incidentally, I had a thought (radio wave mind control from nefarious USA), that Stephen was a Jin.  I am told by my Angel, that a Jin would never have mistreated me the way he did in 2012....A jin would know better than to do such.

Now, years ago I was told that I took everything I read personal-like and that such was crazy.  I read a book about an Indian woman (india) I don't recall much of the story, but the woman finally just cut off the abusive man's penis.  I interpret that in my sketch today and connect it with my life.

Amy Bobbit removes G-man's penis.(it's the 23 rd)

Raise the flag...cut it down.

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