Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mind Control-Watch out for Smart Phones

Did you know that if you listen to the same music over and over and you are a person of interest to the government, that they can take a reading on you brain's electrical signal?   They see where it is at when you listen to the music.  By doing this they have a sort of benchmark.  They then zeem, bapp or steam beam your brain with a they voice over into your mind what they want you to think.  You, if you are unaware you think it is your own mind thinking.  The best way to fight this is through silent prayer....repetitive...or a mantra.

There are apps for I phones and Androids which can get a reading on someone's brain frequency.  It is read and then there is a response to the frequency with a signal sent to your mind.  I have body bugs.  Not everybody does.   I actually have a body bug that was secretly placed by my gyn doc during a procedure last April.  They listen on the body bugs and then they send signals to stimulate me.  Luckily I can ignore and recognize a phony sexual response.  They want me to be the Russian Princess American Puppet.

I know that this sounds crazy but I have researched this and I am not the only one aware of their mind control techniques. For example, I would be perfectly calm and then go into my therapists office.  Next thing I am in a rage.  Why?  They have a frequency for "rage" and they (gov-I am a gov sex slave- project monarch) send the radio signal to my mind.  I am aware of their tactics, as you can see.

If you think this is just sci fi, please realize that mind control via radio signals goes back to the nineteen sixties.  It is not mainstream have to watch movies and know the code.   This is post World War II Fourth Reich mind control technology.

 Mothra was a movie that depicted mind frequencies and communication.  I just watch Wallace and Gromit-The Curse of the Were Rabbit.  That movie is a expose in code.

In the song Hypnotized by the Simple Minds..he(Jim Kerr) demonstrates in his video that people are as though they are in an opium den with mind control.

That is funny.  Perhaps I am the Were-Rabbit!  The government is the angry mob crowd coming after me!  Thank God I have a sanctuary!

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