Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Sunday, February 21, 2016

H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

I believe that my "parents"  (in reality government sponsored captors) started giving me neuroleptics without my knowledge when I was about 13 or fourteen years old.  I was living with them at our cottage while the home in the country was being built in Clifton Springs.  I recall my mother saying that I had night terrors.  I was taking a French class in seventh grade in the Penn Yan school.  I heard later (can't recall who told me) that the French teacher thought that I was indulging in pot smoking prior to class.  The class was early in the morning.  I did not try pot until several years later.  I believe that my father slipped me psychotropics and that was why I appeared so dopey.  My father really had no moral compass.  He always advocated against my complaining if I was unhappy with medical or dental services.  He was an advocate of euthanasia.  He and his wife mocked the disabled,  Their favorite quote, "Hire the handy-capped, they are fun to watch." His favorite joke was a Jesus joke in which the punchline was the Holy Mother of God stoning the woman caught in adultery."Mother I can't take you anywhere."   I believe that my father was a Nazi sympathizer.  So if you perhaps are confused as to who is the demon and who is the angel in this story.......perhaps some of that info will shed some light.

I propose that I was the Handy-capped person, not hired but enslaved.  It must have been fun to watch the government engineer my reality and drug me with psych drugs for other than no reason but my accident of birth.  They all watched as I believed that I had an illness that was nonexistent.

I had a warning dream, it recurred once.  There was a heavy black backdrop,  a heavy feeling gripped my chest.  I was told "this is your father....evil".  Then there was a little purple violet juxtaposed against the blackness.

My whole life with them is a behind my back sneaky drama.  My little sister was even sent to spy on me and my boyfriend by my mother while we said goodnight in his pick-up truck.  I believe that the family that I resided with were/are part of  government (project Monarch type) program.  (as I have said before.)This drama is one that does not want to stop.  Apparently, I am worth a lot of money.  My money is a big drive in the minds of these people.  Are they people?  Are they human? Or is this some sort of demonic vs angelic forces story being played out?  I am going to watch the second interpretation of Invasion of the Body Snatchers this week...I am sure it will shed some light on just what is going on here.

I know the ending, as I am writing the story.  I was told many years ago by a member of my faux family that it was my story and I am to write it.  The greedy evil ones are sent to colonize Mars.  Isn't that a cool way to deal with the problem of Evil?  Exile.  The red planet even conjures up that other place.....H-E- double hockey sticks.

This is a photo of a photo.  See his expression?  See the cage?  The cage is about me being their captive.  Since I knew not who I was and was medicated I was in a type of mental cage....not free....not aware of who I was.  The cage is styled similar to turrets or onion domes.

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