Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Red Dragon Review

I just watched The Red Dragon for the second time.  The first time I watched it was in 2003 or 2004.  This was before I realized that sometimes movies are in fact about me.
The Red Dragon is sort of about Satanic behavior.  The Red Dragon drawn by Blake is of Satan in Revelation. (His interpretation.)  Satanists like to express things in code to each other.  I propose that there is some code going on in this movie.
Will William is the name of the detective. (will) (Ami)

Francis Dolarhyde works in video creation.  Dollar hide.  Perhaps...hide the money made from video porn.
Francis is an animal of sorts....St Francis is the patron saint of animals.  People behave like animals, this is referred to in the dinner scene at the start of the movie.
The movie reviewers tag Dee (Dei) as he is referred to as a psychotic man.  Perhaps he is channeling the Dragon (Devil)  There are references to Dee thinking himself as God.  His love interest is a blond woman named Raven.  She is blind.  BLIND?  I was blind to what was being done to me.......

We find that Dee was quite mistreated and humiliated as a child and that this is the cause of his mental insecurities.

In the bible the Red Dragon and the Woman clothed with the sun or at odds.  In Francis' mystical interpretation he must consume her and make her a part of him.  The woman clothed with the sun has seemed to me to be a Madonna ....The focus of Dolarhyde's kill is the mom figure of the families that he kills.  Dolarhyde believes that he is in the process of becoming the Red Dragon.  (He has a tattoo of Blakes drawing on his back)  Perhaps he feels that by devouring her, he can in some way empower her.  He puts mirrors in the eyes of his victims.  Is the story actually a mirror of someones reality?

The towel has suns on it.

I was a mother of two delightful children and I was porned and prostituted in another personality.  I was consumed by the Red Dragon in my world.  (my family who did that to me represent the devil.)

It seems that this movie could be a reference.

I liked the names of the families killed.  Leeds and Jacobi.  Leeds is where the Brandling's originated.  My name is Brandlin.  Jacob (I).  Who is Jacob? Jacob is a patriarch in the bible.  He has a dream of the angels going up and going down a ladder.  Satan is an angel....  At one point in the movie the audio says Jacobi with a picture of a person coming down the stairs.

By 2002, I would image that the stories I realized in 2013 about my mortality over my whole life might have spread into the creative realm of movie making.

Dragons are not always bad in stories and legends.  I recall a character in a book being mystically rescued by a dragon and taken to another world.

BTW  I had cooked sweat breads (veal) and have  my mothers Larousse Gastronomique.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Review of The Shining

I am taking a class in the cinema.  My angel guide is leading the way.  Tonight I watched "The Shining."  If one looks past the terror effects, there are some important messages about the living and the dead in this movie.  I communicate with the dead.  I don't picture people with half decayed bodies looking abhorrent.  I picture them as they were when they were alive.  I don't perceive the spirits that I interact with as evil.  Some are, though.  I found the movie interesting as it portrayed the dead as being manipulative of the living and projecting their prejudices.  (The word "nigger" is used in the film.)  This was used in such an instance where the dead wanted Jack to carry out certain tasks.  I always try to picture humanity as evolving past misconceptions and hatreds.  Perhaps this perception is wrong.  Maybe we are all of the sames spirits of the past wrestling and exacting Karma.

The hotel can be thought of a microcosm of the world.  Perhaps many alive now who believe themselves to espouse certain values are in reality just echoing vibrations sent from the graves of others.  In my own little World War III when I want to figure something out I call on spirits from the past.  Often I find that I have vilified somebody...sometimes rightly so, sometimes not.

Interestingly The Shining refers to the ability to be telepathic.  So, we have living and the living who can communicate without speaking and we have the living and the dead communicating.  This was what was interesting about this movie.  The murder aspect was just a red herring.  It is too bad that the topic was framed in murder and evil.  There is nothing murderous or evil about telepathy or the skills of a medium.  I suppose it serves to make people afraid of those who have such skills, which would be the agenda of the government.  The government does not want people to have any power, including spiritual power.  The government is of course run by the rich white old man.

Friday, February 26, 2016

I Wait

You are the warp, I am the weft
You are the sun, I am the moon
You are the stag, I am the doe
You are the corn chip, I am the guacamole
You are the rider, I am the dapple grey mare
You are the drake, I am the duck
You are the thought, I am the word
You are the heart, I am the pulse
Oh, My knight, I wait for you!

True Nature

Last evening I became quite upset.  I realized that my dental retainer was missing.  I recall standing somewhere and pulling it out of my mouth.  I remember being in a twilight state of mind while removing the device.  I panicked and feared that I removed it while being in a hypnotic trance as a sex slave.  I feared that my mind was still being manipulated while I was in a trance by my enemies.  I became angry and hysterical.  I telephoned my children and my tone was not nice.  I even place a curse on a person I believe to have been a John.

I asked my angel, "Why did I have to go through this episode?"  My Angel replied, "We had to show that your true desires and true nature is not that of a whore and that you are authentically in opposition to your enslavers."

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Please Boycott

I realized that my dental retainer is lost and I recall pulling it out of my mouth.  I have no memory of where I was.  I believe that I was in an alter personality as a sex slave when I removed it.  I am sickened that my predators continue with their thoughtless behavior.  I will ask you nicely.  PLEASE STOP MANIPULATING MY MIND INTO ALTER PERSONALITIES.

 I believe that sex and love go together and I believe in monogamy.  I do not want to be a sex slave.  Please, stop paying to see me.  Please boycott the pornography of me.  I understand that those in my family may not have the mental emotional capacity to stop with their mistreatment of me due to their personality deficits.  i cannot be held accountable for what will take place in the final hour.......(Judgement Day)

My True Nature

Apparently there is a person in my realm who believes that my true nature is the radio wave/hypnosis/ multipersonality entity of a whore.  This is not the truth. My true nature is a servant of God on a spiritual mission.  God used the whore-dome inflicted on me by my nefarious family to increase my qi.  To be observed by millions of spirits in the sexual act increased my qi.  I no longer need such qi fortification.  I am still in receipt of radio wave messages.    This might sound crazy, to those who are not educated in modern mind control.  I have no desire to ever have sexual relations with any other than the man who sends me telepathic messages.  He has done this for several years.  He does not use smart phones to talk to me.  We communicate to each other via thoughts.  Some may say to me "You are disturbed."  If you wish to believe that then that is you own choice and has no bearing on what I believe.

I am not a whore by true nature.  I am a princess awaiting her prince.

This of course is all my magical mystical reality fantastically embraced by myself, which is well with in my rights..

I go to sleep.....It is possible that I could be awakened to radio waves that would put me into a hypnotic state.  This is without my permission and constitutes rape if I were to open my door while in a trance.  This blog post is an example of post traumatic stress of a former sex slave.  I fear that I might have been victimized recently as I cannot find my retainer and I recall removing it.

Expect a Lie!

I watched Rosemary's Baby yesterday.  The movie confirmed what I already knew, that Satanism is alive and well and the those who suspect others of the practice will be called crazy and medicated accordingly.  The medication is dull to the thought processes.  The Satanic people will not tolerate anybody thinking that they exist.  This is the reason that I have had to take psychotropics for thirty years.

I believe that my parents and others close to me have espoused Satanic values and that I have been the victim in the family.  I don't agree to sacrifice so none of their attempts to be rid of me have been or ever will be successful.  Do you hear that, Satanic aspect of the human family?

Jesus is the man, He came and said, "Hey, folks, don't eat each other, eat me, in the form of bread and wine.  I will even let you sacrifice me, as that is God's plan."  Once and done.

The movie was made in 1968 and showed people of all ages practicing Satanism.  It has been around a long time.  The Satanist chant.  "God is Dead!"

I know that this is going to come as a grave disappointment to you all.  God is not dead.  The pretext for the Satanic faith is based on a lie.  "What do ya know?"  Based on a lie.  Satan is the father of all lies.

Deal with a trickster, expect to be tricked!  Deal with a liar, expect a lie!


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bygones are Bygones

Update in the Fantasy Reality Show Psychological Thriller

There is a German faction in my psychological thriller drama.  Last evening my Angel said, "Play the German song,' Attack'."  He said "leave your radio wave band off your head for the night".  In the morning I awoke to the word, (from the enemy) Heart-Naegel.  I had a professor in 2012 who gravely mistreated me, so much as kicking me out of class for a harmless video I had posted.  I felt nauseous and thought I might barf, as something occurred to me.  The German faction had vibrated my mind with hopes of instigating me to act out towards him, perhaps with affection.

My Angel said, "Play Bob Dylan this morning."

Lucy in Peanuts:


Tuesday, February 23, 2016

To My Stalkers! Ding dong, Its Gone!

Three days ago I refilled my medication via the computer.  When I got to the store today, it was not ready.  The Clerk said I will have it filled in fifteen minutes.  I went around and found some items I needed for my house.  I paid for my medications.  Who should come up to the counter as I was leaving?  S.L.  a man I dated in 2012.  He mistreated me horribly.  Naming my act of frustration about something "a poopy diaper."  There were many other events that caused me to think that he was paid to mistreat me.  We dated for 6 weeks.  At one point he said something that I thought was cutting and I called him on it.  He said, "You need to take more medication".  This is when I said, "We are done."

I had a pattern of going back to a boyfriend, GE.  He cultivated my affection for him with good manners for several months prior to implementing the government sponsored abuse plan. (he used to bring along a submarine sandwich as code for under cover attack)  I believe that I am a person of interest from another country.  The United States Government continues to molest me mentally.   The physical molestation in the multiple personalities is no longer going on.  They are frustrated as they want their Russian Princess back on her back for all the world to see.  This is to fulfill their boast that "We are the most Powerful Nation On Earth!"

My meds were not filled on purpose, I propose, as these G men wanted to get the Stephen dude in my realm so I would talk to him and go back to being mistreated and falsely mirrored.  People want the abusive spy reality psychological drama to continue in the favor of the USA.  Ding Dong.

I am a Princess and I have a Prince.  He is certainly not Stephen L.  My prince has been telepathically helping me for several years now.  My perceptions of my prince cannot be wiped away by interactions with a musty troll.  I had driven by his house a few times, but it was not out of interest in him, it was for variety of travel and to get chi from the park along the lake which is in that trajectory.  I would suppose the stalkers took that for sexual interest.  *Raspberry!*

Incidentally, I had a thought (radio wave mind control from nefarious USA), that Stephen was a Jin.  I am told by my Angel, that a Jin would never have mistreated me the way he did in 2012....A jin would know better than to do such.

Now, years ago I was told that I took everything I read personal-like and that such was crazy.  I read a book about an Indian woman (india) I don't recall much of the story, but the woman finally just cut off the abusive man's penis.  I interpret that in my sketch today and connect it with my life.

Amy Bobbit removes G-man's penis.(it's the 23 rd)

Raise the flag...cut it down.

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Purple Dress and George!

When I was eleven or twelve, I had my first paranormal vision.  I had just bathed.  I posed in a towel in front of the mirror and I saw, in place of my head, the head of George Washington. Subsequently, I waited and waited to get my menses.  I had my menarche on George Washington's birthday 1975.  I suppose I could add these qualifications to my presentation to run on the dot dash ticket....for Queen of the United States.

Happy Birthday, George Washington, my friend!

Today, My Lord and Savior instructed me to start working on my purple crushed velvet dress.  I am quite daunted by the task.  Working with knits is very difficult.  I plan to do some sort of golden embroidery on the bodice.

George "called" me when I was eleven or twelve.

I am tackling the style presented in red.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

I believe that my "parents"  (in reality government sponsored captors) started giving me neuroleptics without my knowledge when I was about 13 or fourteen years old.  I was living with them at our cottage while the home in the country was being built in Clifton Springs.  I recall my mother saying that I had night terrors.  I was taking a French class in seventh grade in the Penn Yan school.  I heard later (can't recall who told me) that the French teacher thought that I was indulging in pot smoking prior to class.  The class was early in the morning.  I did not try pot until several years later.  I believe that my father slipped me psychotropics and that was why I appeared so dopey.  My father really had no moral compass.  He always advocated against my complaining if I was unhappy with medical or dental services.  He was an advocate of euthanasia.  He and his wife mocked the disabled,  Their favorite quote, "Hire the handy-capped, they are fun to watch." His favorite joke was a Jesus joke in which the punchline was the Holy Mother of God stoning the woman caught in adultery."Mother I can't take you anywhere."   I believe that my father was a Nazi sympathizer.  So if you perhaps are confused as to who is the demon and who is the angel in this story.......perhaps some of that info will shed some light.

I propose that I was the Handy-capped person, not hired but enslaved.  It must have been fun to watch the government engineer my reality and drug me with psych drugs for other than no reason but my accident of birth.  They all watched as I believed that I had an illness that was nonexistent.

I had a warning dream, it recurred once.  There was a heavy black backdrop,  a heavy feeling gripped my chest.  I was told "this is your father....evil".  Then there was a little purple violet juxtaposed against the blackness.

My whole life with them is a behind my back sneaky drama.  My little sister was even sent to spy on me and my boyfriend by my mother while we said goodnight in his pick-up truck.  I believe that the family that I resided with were/are part of  government (project Monarch type) program.  (as I have said before.)This drama is one that does not want to stop.  Apparently, I am worth a lot of money.  My money is a big drive in the minds of these people.  Are they people?  Are they human? Or is this some sort of demonic vs angelic forces story being played out?  I am going to watch the second interpretation of Invasion of the Body Snatchers this week...I am sure it will shed some light on just what is going on here.

I know the ending, as I am writing the story.  I was told many years ago by a member of my faux family that it was my story and I am to write it.  The greedy evil ones are sent to colonize Mars.  Isn't that a cool way to deal with the problem of Evil?  Exile.  The red planet even conjures up that other place.....H-E- double hockey sticks.

This is a photo of a photo.  See his expression?  See the cage?  The cage is about me being their captive.  Since I knew not who I was and was medicated I was in a type of mental cage....not free....not aware of who I was.  The cage is styled similar to turrets or onion domes.


Way back in 1994, I graduated nursing school and was hired at Clifton Springs Hospital and Clinic.  I met the doctors while on I was on duty.  One doctor, who I know was Jewish as he wore a yarmulke, behaved in a way that was memorable.  He bowed his head and said that it was an honor to meet me--he was a little shaky.  I thought...whoa..just who might I be?  I was medicated for a phony diagnosis of mental illness.  This was done so that I would be stupid to the fact that I was a sex slave in other personalities.  The drugs given to me made it difficult for me to think.  I relate this story on the anniversary of the Convention of Psychotropic substances in Vienna. (1971) I believe that my mistreatment by the American government would most certainly be a violation of my rights, be they human or not.

So dear Doctor Arthur Ash....Thank-you for the brief smidgen of truth that hinted to me something about myself.  While I could not imagine then, that my mother was a Holocaust survivor, and that you and I were connected via faith,...I can realize it now.

There is certainly an agenda around my life.   It is an interesting multicultural fairy tale.  I am delighted that God chose me to work on his team.  Peace.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Visions of Love

In the early nineteen nineties after some kind of kurfufle about my mind...I might have been locked up in a mental hospital or perhaps the police had come to my house because I had mailed a letter......I had a vision. The vision was of myself kneeling before the alter and next to me was a man......but we were children...and we were praying the Rosary together.

 Yes....most certainly my cosmic mate had found me and he was praying with me.  I had a body he heard my prayer intonations and he joined me......from many miles away.

I have not been alone for a very many years...we are on a cosmic faerytale journey.....gradually coming together in a beautiful mystical harmonic way.....

Have no fear.  Love is real.  You cannot prevent what is preordained since the beginning of time.  To our enemies we bequeath to you all it's red glory.

Just Who Am I?

When one is a victim of radio wave mind control, it is most paramount to have a discerning ear.  This morning, the evil ones advised me to get onto a jet plane.  No, y'all played that one in 2004.    I am not your puppet anymore.  I know that you are having a very difficult time psychologically letting go of control over me.  Why  is that?  Just who am I?

I have been advised to get the satellite dishes off my home.  I tried to hire somebody but he did not call when he said he would.  I would imagine that the G men would not let him.

Just who am I that all are so preoccupied with me?  Who do you say that I am?  I have an idea.  If my idea is correct, perhaps it is not in your best interest to continue to harass me.  Ya think?   I don't think you do..

For one thing, I am a character in an Epic Fairy Tale.  Ladies do not chase after their knights.  That is not romantic.

Every tale has a vilian....The US gov is mine.  They are demonically possessed by the Haitian Father demon.

I speak to my knight all the time.  I know his voice and he knows mine....we are telepathic.  We are one.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Radio Wave Mind Control

Did you know that your brain has a frequency?  It can be measured by your smart phone.  The data is then sent to a government headquarters.  The frequency is match and a voice over is sent to your subconscious mind.  You can be a puppet, told what to do and say and you know nothing about it.  I believe that the crime of the Batman movie was government engineered this way.  The people that spy on me want me to act out so that they can try to wipe away my conscious realization(via meds) of who I am and what has been done to me by this despicable nation. Today, I went to the library and I could not find my card.  I said, "I am the only Amy Brandlin in the East."  The woman said, "You would be surprised."  She was trying to instigate me to act out.  My rider/coach/lover guided me to not go back to the library and accuse her of knowing about my many personalities as a former porn star.  He said, "No, Amy, no phone calls, either."

I thought....well, perhaps the woman at the library desk was not actually saying what she said.  Perhaps a rich person had paid to play her like a annoy me and get me to act out.  I had this same feeling Thanksgiving of 2013.  I was at the neighbors and it was as though my former friend was in a mental state.  I was told then that Jack Nicholson played her husband via remote and that Cher played my friend via remote mental suggestions.

I recall eating out with family prior to my fathers death.  The woman in my family kept tossing her salad around as she ate it.  It was something that she had never done before......Puppets.....we are puppets.

I were the silver headband from Less EMF Inc.  It seems to help.  I have pulled most all crystal from my home. Crystal is a receiver.  

I did a cartoon a few years back, me warning all about mind control....I will try to find it.

Monday, February 15, 2016

I'll get you, My pretty!

Hello world.  My blog read stats are jimmied.  I know that Y'all are listening.  I have had a couple of martini's like my mother used to have so the truth is flowing.  My angels tell me that my mother had a favorite movie quote about me.  It goes as thus, "I'll get you my pretty!"

She did not get me, but I just tore the poppet of her limb from limb.  She was "pretty".  I guess I got her.   She always said that she laughed like a witch.  I can do that too.  She is fractured.  As in WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND.

Crystal and Diamonds - A Woman's Worst Enemy

Fantastical Imaginings......................
Yesterday I entertained my son, his wife and child.  After they left I found a crystaline bouquet bauble on my desk next to my computer(it was mine and had been in a different location).  It was then I recalled how in 2013 I was told how women's diamonds are actually transmitters to control their minds.  I figured out yesterday, that crystal is a high tech transmitter or conductor.  I have been searching through my stuff in order to get all crystal out of my home.  I believe it is part of the mirror transmission of my life to the world.  So this is a Red Letter Day.  After I took out the crystal, I was able to remove my silver head band.  I will use that when I go to protect against other people's celly phones.  I have cancelled my cell phone.  I have removed wifi from my home.

I took the items out of my home and disposed of them in White Trash Style

Crystal is actually a low tech conductor, resurrected into the high tech realm.

Friday, February 12, 2016

It is Not Safe Yet

A Fantastical Story About Mind Control and Dentists

Why I fear Radio wave mind control.  In 2001 I had a few appointments with an orthodontist.  I became infatuated with him.  Was the infatuation radio wave mind control?  He sent me away as I wrote him a letter, not a love letter, though.  I don't know, but in 2004 with out even seeing him I became all infatuated again.  I read my diaries and they sound like an adolescent.  As a person on psychotropics I might have been more easily influenced by the radio brain wave impulses. The dairies are laughable.

In 2004 I became manic, possibly brain wave stimulated, and ended up in Italy for 6 weeks, five of which are accounted for.  I lost a whole week of consciousness, while in a mental hospital.  Now I realize that I was in a different personality.  What was done to me in that week?  Were my eggs flushed?  Did somebody buy my eggs via an egg broker back in the states?  Perhaps they were stolen?

I know that all the dentists know each other.  I have remarkable teeth.  They do not really need scraping every six months.  My angel tells me that there is more to the egg story and the man I wrote about in my diary (of Italian descent).  The dentist who takes care of me now has a plan, so my angel tells me.  This dentist wants to implant a device which will deliver microwaves to my brain over a long period of time.  My angel says that these Italian Stallion dudes want to make scrambles eggs out of my brain, as I know too much.

I am ready to wait to have dental care done when the World War III is over.  It is not safe yet.

Rejoice Judas!

I have big news.  Silver no longer represents treachery.  For two thousand years the mention of the word silver has meant 30 pieces which Judas betrayed Jesus for.  Now on this lovely day in February, Silver means savior.  I have a new head band made with a silver material, that is able to shut out the government.  They have had plans to use mind control via sub auditory messages to make me into a criminal.  I could detect the government's influence on thoughts and breathing.  I believe that they dial a frequency to give me ageda or heartburn.  I can appreciate the effects of the silver cloth protector......I have stopped wireless internet and I now have a land line.

Big Brother is a psychotic thought control maniac.

I believe that the Government is in Kahootz with drug companies to give people illnesses via certain vibratory messages to our bodies.  Our lives and suffering provide the elite with entertainment.

Search the web for Less EMF Inc. and buy their products and shut out that Sadistic thought controlling machine.....Uncle Sam.....United States Government.  Put Sam in a straight jacket, and take him away in a white van.


The nefarious government MIB's communication to your mind is via radio waves.  Microwaves also pose a health threat to some.  Your smart phone serves to obtain your vibratory frequency and also to return the harmful subconscious suggestions.  Don't end up a criminal !  Shut the door on Big Brother!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Anastasia Copes with Ugly

A Fantastical Realization about myself and Anastasia Romanov.

The movie Anastasia, by the Fox Family is an interesting view.  I see the propaganda clearly.  Anastasia's features are a caricature of my features.   She has my green eyes, my hair style in the late nineteen nineties and my nose and mouth.  The movies is set in the early part of the last century but the female lead speaking voice is modern American with a homey slangish flavor. I wore a green coat like hers in the film.   (the other characters, minus the male lead speak in a Russian accent.)  The plot is about a grandmother and her grandchild Anastasia.  My grandmother was Anastasia and I am the modern contemporary Anastasia in the film.(multiple psychological representations)

The characters who are Russian in the film are mostly depicted as fat and toothless.  Anastasia falls for a con man and does not get to taste the royal life that is her birthright.  The animated film ends with a sadistic laugh.

Americans can be quite ugly.  This film is proof of that.  The Americans I have known have been quite easily overtaken by envy and greed.  They have been easily manipulated by the German factor in my drama

Ugly is not a physical attribute, it is a spiritual condition.  I see ugly showing through on people, it is a gift I have.

Are you ugly?

I am very much alive, does that make you uglier?

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Emmy and Amy and Mannequin

If one is convinced that they are a person of interest with body bugs in receipt of mind control radio waves is it in their best interest to talk out loud to themselves all the time?  Perhaps a certain radio frequency can induce talking to oneself?  I have been advised not to talk to myself anymore.  My "Cabin in the Woods" decorator mirrors are also covered.  My cabin in the Woods stuffed animals are packed away.  I have ended my wifi and now have a land line.  Command Contorl?  You'll just get my farts on audio.

I am in the middle of watching Mannequin.  The character is named "Emmy Has a RaY".  She looks remarkably like me..  Mannequin came out in February of 1987 and my German soldier attack was July of 1987.    The male lead is named Jonathan and my nephew was born a few years later and named Jonathan.  Jonathan in the movie has magical success due to the presence of Emmy.

One of the last lines was directed at the Emmy character.  "She's the dummy!"  Said several times.  I am no longer the dummy......nor am I dumb.

Perhaps that is a reason why I am a person of interest....I had a ray around my head?  As in aura?  So the government likes to focus its energies on lowering my qi so that the ray does not show.  Now, my imaginings of the multiple attempts on my life are just a mystery, aren't they?

This is all a fanciful theory of course.  Fanciful is also that I have neuropathy.  I some tingling at times in my hands and feet.....'tis radio wave induced.  The command control wants command and control of me...sorry MIB's you don't have command nor control of me....and much less of a view.

Remote Control by the Fourth Reich

I was just informed that when I am in line in the store and start talking to the clerk to much, that that behavior is at the instigation of radio wave mind control.  Zeem...Bap and I am a chatterbox.(through anybody's phone)  I sought out Adolf Hitler while engaging in my bath last evening.  He replied to my query about when would his followers stop trying to control me, that they would not stop.....but to take heart as it is training for me.  If, when I notice an unnatural breath, I get exasperated and angry, then they are successful in pushing my buttons.  A good upper level military official must have a mental state that cannot me easily manipulated.

This is World War III, I had, in the spirit of John Lennon, said several weeks ago that the war was over.  There are  45 minutes left till midnight on the Amy Brandlin Kingdom come clock.  It is not over yet.  The bunnies are still in mind control concentration camps....many unawares....(reference to The Curse of the Were Rabbit).

I am sad, I did want to go to Ash Wednesday service, but alas, that event would have a high intensity of radio waves due to all the stupid smart phones.  I must forego the event.

I am not psycho...(?)  Recall, prior to my first mental event of 1987 a German soldier was in my home lacing my toothbrush.

Monday, February 8, 2016

How to Kick out the Beast!

I just watched Wallace and Gromit again last night.  I am in telepathic communication with the inventor of the Mind Malipulation-O-Matic.  He says radio waves are not the only method of mind control, that it must be combined with hypnotic suggestion.  While in a trance must let the controller through the mental gate.  While in a trance I allowed family members into my mind and gave them a measure of control of my mind.  They used this control over my mind to exploit my body.

Question?  How does one kick out mind controllers?

Sister Lucy had a great prayer....In Holy Spirit....Out Evil, with each breath......  To kick out mind controllers it is best to combine words with a lower brain function such as "The Breath" Wallace tells me.  So think of who might be messing with your mind and KICK THEIR SORRY ASSES OUT!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Movie Review Hail Caesar

I went to the movies yesterday, for the opening day of Hail Caesar.  I liked the message.  From what I can gather, it shows how forward thinking Communists were silenced in the movie industry after World War ll.  When I was an English student in the nineteen eighties my instructor let me know that the Roman Empire never did succumb to lead in the pipes and that it was alive and well in a new form.  The Roman Empire might have been symbolized by the character played by George Clooney.  It tells how the populace is mentally manipulated by the movie industry.  There are different political philosophies depicted in the movies.  One of the  main characters, (who goes to confession a lot)  has no inkling of his true sin, that is shutting up thought on the communist philosophy. (symbolized by when he slaps the Clooney character). Jesus is a socialist/communist at heart.  Jesus was in the movie, too, (just a quick shot from behind).  These are just ramblings of thought of mine about the movie.  I am not pro capitalism/democracy.  It makes for a lot of greedy materialistic thoughtless people who are easily manipulated by slogans and mind control via newscast presentations.....

The Ralph Fiennes character was named Laurence Laurenze.....My X is named Lawrence and I am all about "the Laurentian drama".   We even have a Maria Mary in our family.  What a funny coincidence!  There was a cameo by a girl in red and white checks and braids.

Presently,  I am watching the Hitchcock "Rebecca" (1940) Rebecca - with long black hair--she might be a Jew, no?  and we know Hitchcock was a Roman Catholic.  Rebecca was a deceiving person in the movie.
See how things can be presented?  

Friday, February 5, 2016

'Tis My Breath

In my previous post I spoke about mind control.  I would like to share what (in my fantasy world) is happening.  These nefarious creatures in the Government and other secret organizations are attempting to control my life by controlling my "breath".  Breath is very significant in the Eastern Religions.  As I go around my home, if I am not consciously saying a lifesaving mantra, the mental signal comes in which is trying to control my breath.  All of the sudden I will feel a breath which appears to be contrived or artificial.  The tempo is just not mine.  I then repeat the phony breath back at them, so that they know that I know it is them trying to control me.  These lower spiritual life forms feel threatened by my  presence in this reality.  This possibly due to guilt, because they have mistreated me.  (Making a mentally seven year old girl a sex performer.)  I suggest to them to cease their aggression towards my life breath.  Repent.  Confess.  Reform your spiritual lives.  'Tis a fun game though, to see who controls whose breath.   It is all in my fantastic magicality.

It is 55 minutes to midnight in Amy Maria's Doomsday clock.  You have time......but then again it is the eleventh hour.....

Additional notifications.

Thank-you Sybil, for showing me the Red Newt in the forest.  I still find wholeness in nature, to this day.

Miss Susan from the SOCKS (as in punch) peer support, Is it a duel that you are searching for?  If so, I stand ready.

I am going to re-watch Invasion of the Body Snatchers .....Sybil took me to this movie in 1978.  I am going to watch the 1956 version as well.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mind Control-Watch out for Smart Phones

Did you know that if you listen to the same music over and over and you are a person of interest to the government, that they can take a reading on you brain's electrical signal?   They see where it is at when you listen to the music.  By doing this they have a sort of benchmark.  They then zeem, bapp or steam beam your brain with a they voice over into your mind what they want you to think.  You, if you are unaware you think it is your own mind thinking.  The best way to fight this is through silent prayer....repetitive...or a mantra.

There are apps for I phones and Androids which can get a reading on someone's brain frequency.  It is read and then there is a response to the frequency with a signal sent to your mind.  I have body bugs.  Not everybody does.   I actually have a body bug that was secretly placed by my gyn doc during a procedure last April.  They listen on the body bugs and then they send signals to stimulate me.  Luckily I can ignore and recognize a phony sexual response.  They want me to be the Russian Princess American Puppet.

I know that this sounds crazy but I have researched this and I am not the only one aware of their mind control techniques. For example, I would be perfectly calm and then go into my therapists office.  Next thing I am in a rage.  Why?  They have a frequency for "rage" and they (gov-I am a gov sex slave- project monarch) send the radio signal to my mind.  I am aware of their tactics, as you can see.

If you think this is just sci fi, please realize that mind control via radio signals goes back to the nineteen sixties.  It is not mainstream have to watch movies and know the code.   This is post World War II Fourth Reich mind control technology.

 Mothra was a movie that depicted mind frequencies and communication.  I just watch Wallace and Gromit-The Curse of the Were Rabbit.  That movie is a expose in code.

In the song Hypnotized by the Simple Minds..he(Jim Kerr) demonstrates in his video that people are as though they are in an opium den with mind control.

That is funny.  Perhaps I am the Were-Rabbit!  The government is the angry mob crowd coming after me!  Thank God I have a sanctuary!

Spoiler Alert Wallace and Grommit

I just watched Wallace and Gromit the Curse of the Were- Rabbit.

I won't explain the whole plot, but I would like to point out a few things.
Much is in code
Rabbits--can symbolize females-
A main part of the plot is a mind control machine......this is demonstrated as directed at the rabbits.  This is accurate to what is done to women in the modern world, and they are unaware.
There is a golden Carrot....what does a carrot mean?...phallus.
The Were Rabbit is in fact Wallace(split personality), the little bunnies do get a sanctuary.
There are messages about the working class and the rich.

I really enjoyed and found myself in stitches with laughter.....blown away by the accuracy of it to the subterranean sexual culture...."Cheese" ....

Special thanks for the expose to Steve Box, Nick Park and Ralph Fiennes.

Gifts and Their Meanings

If you were in a family of white slavers, would you pay special attention to gifts and their meanings?  If a little girl was given a necklace pendant of a little pink pony would you be concerned?  Pink (porn) and pony (as part of the white slaver's stable)?  I see gifts in a new light, as white slaver speak in code.  Please pray for my family.

Oh- here's another.  Someone in my former family gave my grand-kids a puzzle map of the USA. (Message- "You are the property of USA.)  I gave my grandson a soft globe of the world.   My gift was not a response to the other- of the states.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dear Abby From AB

Dear Abby,
I am pursued by shadow beings.  My Face book and you tube present me with information with a slant as though they want to control who I think I am and if I am loved.  I  find the information presented to be manipulative.  I am a woman who is full of love and joy.  Through out my life I have been stalked by secret organizations which have even involved my family.  What do you suggest I do?---AB

Dear Amy,
Nobody has the power to shape and control you.  You are a dynamic emotional being and they might find you as a threat. Try to be understanding of that.   Remember your quest and mission.  Remember why God sent you to this world.
 Nobody can control your happiness, only you control your happiness.  Trust your instincts.  Trust your "gut feeling."  Above all, listen to the voices in your head.  They are the ones who love and guide you. Don't act out.  You have my best wishes and prayers!


Thoughts about God and Their Family

We, (my Angel and I) had some thoughts to ruminate on this morning.  Now if we imagine that the Judeo-Christian issue as a family affair we see that originally the Jewish people (and still do) thought of God as male and female.  (star of David-two triangles intertwined, male and female)  Imagine this as a husband and wife team.  Along comes a male child in the family (Christianity) and subsequently the father pushes his wife aside.  He pushes his wife aside as he sees his own image in the son.  He is so enraptured with himself and his image that he lets his relationship with his wife fail.  His wife becomes just a vessel or a tool to enable him to get his baby boy.  In the mythology she does not even have her loss of virginity to prove that she was a part in making the life of the baby boy.  Is is as if she is a cow or cattle, functioning only to reproduce the father.  The Father and the son become the focus of the family of  mankind, instead of the male/female image of God.

Genesis 1:27 "In the image of God he created them, male and female he created them."

I agree with Genesis that the father and son is not the image of God.  Father and son imagery causes much favoritism for baby boys in the family of mankind.  The objectification (Only purpose is an incubator to have a boy) of women and the impossible Icon of  a Virgin Mother causes much misunderstanding of sexuality and misogyny towards women.

I believe that the Christian family is dysfunctional.  The God the father prefers his own self and the replica of himself over his wife.  A Father should always put his mate, his wife first.  When a baby comes into the family he should not choose the baby over the mother.  That paradigm is a recipe for disaster, a disaster for the human family.

Jesus approves of this message.  Shekinah contributed as well.

(As a female who was pregnant in 1981, I can recall subscribing to the paradigm that a "boy child"  was somehow preferable to a girl.  My mind was easily molded and shaped by Christian imagery.  I love my daughter and she is just as special as my son.)

The Christian family of God is a dysfunctional family because of gender favoritism and impossible female sexual expectations.  This faith is having a negative effect on the growth of the human psyche.

Addendum:  I just returned from a walk and while watching morning news my angel communicated to me that the perception of God as only male may have some repercussions in the human family.  If God imagery belongs only to the male aspect of humanity, (God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit) then would that not encourage a man to seek men, as in homosexuality since women are "less than"?  If a girl sees God imagery only as the male aspect, would that not make her want to be a man?  as in lesbian?  Perhaps our human psyche is molded by the imagery of the Cultural God factor.  My angel and I have a thesis, that Christianity is actually a force in molding people to be gay.

Anchors mean Safety

I found a lovely scarf in the road a week ago.  Anchors are very symbolic.  I believe that they symbolize, since ancient times, safety.

This is me as a sweet young woman.  I am checking out a monarch butterfly caterpillar.  What does that symbolize?  NOT ILLUMINATI monarchs or government Project Monarch.  The word monarch means queen.  Perhaps I should run for Queen in this election, instead of running on the Dot Dash ticket for president!  Either should be a safe choice.  My Aunt Janet once told me that I was the family "Anchor".  I do run a show in my dining room mirror.  This is for people who are in on the secret show about me.  Perhaps there is a code word that they could say to subscribe to the secret show?  Code word is "marmelade."

Monday, February 1, 2016

Dot Dash

On my forehead I have a dot and a dash.  dot dash is morse code for A.(alpha)  It is also a 10 which is binary code.  It is also what makes up an exclamation point.  It is also a fondue fork with some bread and cheese on it.  It is a baseball and bat.  It is symbolic of Isis and Osiris.  It is representative of La Cross.  Puck and hockey stick, golf club and ball.  It is on my ten the number of the beast? 01 is first number when counting.  I am just playing around having some fun and smiling.  Look at that!  It is the lower case "i" --a dot and a dash.  How about the sun and a single ray!  A straightened out sperm and an egg!  A spit ball and straw!  A lolly pop! A chopstick and pea!

'Tis a natural tattoo!
 I am number one and can prove it!

I am smiling as my blog is number one in the nation!  Thank-you All!!!  Much love and affection to all!

The dot is my right...

The dash is over above the other brow.(My left)
Oh Yeah!  This is a little off is a phallus and shot spot.  Shot?  as in Bang Bang?

I keep editing as my Angel has suggestions too.....a stick and a stone!  An oar and a bouy!  A fishing poll and a bobber or float!  A thin body wearing a circular hat!  A puff ball and a sapling.  A marshmallow and a stick to stick it on!  A radius and a circle!  A finger and a nose!  update:  a shield and an arrow, a game of ring toss and a drum and drumstick.