Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Friday, January 15, 2016

The Spirit of the Beaver Loves Me

I only have a part time job...I enjoy writing so sometimes I get carried away and write more than one blog entry in a day.  I guess I am a writer.  No one would pay me to write as I am a former sex slave.  The  Secret organization won't allow me any wealth or recognition....People sneak smiles to me (smiles of recognition).

I have thoughts of the beaver stirring in my mind.  Not the beaver between my legs, but it is a funny coincidence.  In my journal, as some might know, (as a slave it is pirated, nothing belongs to me) I have often explored the spirit of an animal.  I did an entry about beavers.  Beavers were crucified in the 16-1800's for their furs.  The big fashion in Europe was the top hat.  Many animals were slaughtered in the name of fashion.  Wars were fought between nations because people were and still are so greedy.

Now I recall in 2013 that I posted a joke about the Full Beaver Moon (it is in November) on my face book page.  It was a funny joke.  Sex slaves are not allowed to be funny so I recall that I was punished for my sense of humor.  In my journal this year I did an entry, which I will not share, that makes the equation even.

When I created the entry, I took my poppets to the Keuka Outlet and did a little beaver trapping drama.  The point of my telling you this is that the Spirit of the Beaver and I are on good terms.  So good, in fact that the beaver along the Keuka Outlet left me a gift of a walking stick or a staff.  I brought it home not realizing its importance until my son-in-law identified it as a beaver stick.

It is an amazing walking stick.  Thank-you Beavers!

I was out on the trail two days ago and I found a stone which looked like an image of a television or a monitor.  I brought it home and when I looked at again I saw the face of a beaver!  I wanted to show my boss, but it was gone.  Then, last night I watched Grimm from Netflix and I saw a couple beaver people!  This is the stone which had the transient  beaver bust:

I think that see Moby Dick on it now!  Does anybody recall the story of Moby Dick?  I read it last summer.  Ahab is nutzo about destroying Moby Dick and in the end he does not succeed, in fact all die but one guy who is saved by a coffin.  Stories like that are good lessons.  The beaverstick....shepherds staff or weapon?  You choose.

This is a creative writing exercise.  Just think, the Beaver spirit cannot be bought!

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