Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stranger Days

Ralph Fiennes did a movie around the turn of the century called "Strange days".  This was a story in which people could experience another's consciousness by using a device  put on their head.  When I came home from the state hospital in 2013 I had Thanksgiving dinner with my neighbor.  My angel told me, "Amy, the characters at the dinner or being remotely controlled. People's consciousness has a certain numerical vibration.  Remote access to another person's vibration is possible".  He told me that Jack Nicholson often entered my father via remote brain wave access.  I don't recall which movie stars were in my neighbor that Thanksgiving.  I often get information such as this from my Angel friend.  I don't always access it or act on it or fully understand.  I just know now that I have never been psychotic.

 I have at times had a little ditty or tune in my head.  About ten years ago it was a tune from Carmen.  (The gypsy female protagonist dies in that production.)  Just the other day I was humming.  The hum tune was put in my brain by my enemies.  I know that this sounds crazy, but it is not even that new of technology.  It of course is a top secret type of industry.  It is a grave violation of human rights.  Dr. Kashton knew that I have been a recipient of this type of mind control, that is why he said that I was capable of murder.  He knew that the CIA controllers have been trying to control my mind to the point of murder.  This mind control technique was successful at making me agreeable to prostitution so they thought anything was possible.  You are BUSTED.

My angel friend tells me that there are some in my life, now at this time, that are being remotely controlled.  They believe that their thoughts and actions are their own, but they are not.  To tell them that they are puppets would not be well received.  Just you CIA, Fourth Reich and KKK dudes and gals, KNOW THAT I KNOW.

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