Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Friday, January 15, 2016

I am Voldemort

Creative Writing

A couple of years ago when I first got out of the place where they keep political dissidents, (State mental hospital for violent people)  I had this imagining that the Harry Potter series was very loosely based on me and mine.  My son had big glasses.  I showed a picture of him as a child to a little boy and the child said, "He looks like Harry Potter!"

There was a time when my child played at his friends house.  When he came home he told me that he has been shown a gun.  When I was visiting my child's class to volunteer, that little boy asked "Is Ben an angel?"     I did not put two and two together then.  Later in a vision, I saw my son being  shot and then time looping to come back to life.  This topic was what I was discussing in court when my children sent me away.  I don't perceive a person who thinks that they are immortal to be dangerous.  It was the KKKourt so it mattered not, I was a sex slave that needed strong medicine.(On your back, bitch!)  So perhaps my son is the proto type of Harry Potter.

In the story of Harry Potter, his mother is dead, killed by Voldemort.  In this case, I am his mother,(people desire me to be dead-in my imaginary world, His mother is pure, I am not(In their minds, so the pure-mother is dead)  but, I am also Voldemort.  I have said before that I have had these visions where people try to kill me, yet I persist. I am immortal so this must prove that I am evil (so they think).  So the character of Voldemort is me.  (We actually had a family friend named Valda)  I have had a split personality so that is why I can be the mother and Voldemort.  This could be seen as somewhat of a propaganda movie.  I love my son and have no desire to see him die, ever.  Ralph Fiennes and I have a similar fore head or brow and we both have these interesting luminous eyes.

When I was four living in Germany, while I was being babysat a ball of lightening came in the room.  Perhaps it entered me through the fore head scar that I had gotten recently from falling on the curb.  That was when I was innocent, so that part of the drama is put with the Harry Potter plot.  The immortality of Voldemort is shown to be evil. My immortality is not evil, but since it is unique people want to make it to evil.

While in the hospital it occurred to me that Harry Potter, in the movie is no revolutionary, yet he is made to resemble John Lennon, who was.  The Harry Potter in the movie offers nothing, except abdicating his power.  The message here might just be..."we have these miraculous beings among us, let us manipulate them so that they change nothing of our world."

It is propaganda in that Voldemort is vanquished.  It is sad, as the creators want the son to murder his mother.  The message is:  "If we turn the son against the mother we can triumph".  Sorry, folks, I am much more evolved in the light than Harry/Ben and he cannot vanquish me.

This world is in sad shape.  It needs some miraculous beings.  You are wrong to try to manipulate us to be powerless.

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