Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Friday, January 15, 2016

Hatching is my Cognizance

This is an exercise in creative thought and creative writing.  It is a parable of sorts, using Bees are symbolic.  If after reading this you if think I need more medication, I would say "This is a creative writing exercise.  People don't need to be medicated out of their creative genius."

I said in the last blog that I am the Queen Honey Bee.  How did I get to be that, you might ask.  For one thing as a child I was called Amy B. by my next door neighbor.  It is Amy Bee.  I got to be The Queen Bee because, like all queen bees I was given Royal Jelly.  "What?  Who gave you that?"  I was given Royal Jelly by my family.  They did not realize it. I was given special treatment.  They thought when everybody had seen enough of me in porn and the ideas were exhausted that they would "OFF" me.  They figured I had aged out and I was done.  Time to share the wealth of the money I had generated and get rid of the whore.

"Hey, wait just a minute here.  Queens are not given special treatment for forty years just to be stepped on or pinched and thrown to the ground just when they hatch! " (hatching is my cognizance)

They had figured that rather than face up to the truth of what they had done---they would just get rid of me.  How do you look someone in the eyes and tell them that you put them in a mental trance so you could let hundreds maybe thousands of men rape them?  It must be a really hard position to be in.  I could not imagine being responsible for that.  The people who engineered my exploitation are responsible for the corrosion of the values of society in a big way.

Hadn't they tried to get rid of me before?  Didn't I share that in 2013 I had a list of events in my life where the angel told me that I had time looped out of death?  Well, they are proud of their inventiveness. " If one way to off the bitch does not work, think of something else"....again...again....again.

Perhaps this Angel bitch has something to offer humanity other than her privates and that is why God does not obey the thugs and take Miss Amy Bee away to heaven.  Perhaps, as the lamiscate is a figure eight, and it symbolizes heaven and earth, Amy can't go to Heaven as she is already there. Perhaps Amy resides where each side of the figure eight connects.  Perhaps she has fish eyes, one eye on Heaven and one eye on Earth.

"Amy, they don't think like you.  They cannot think lovingly about you because of their vibration.  They are not like you.  You pray for peace, they pray for conquest.  You pray for love, they pray for money.  You pray for the Kingdom to come and a miraculous fix for world problems, they think about how to hurt you.  They are bully drones and worker bees and they are infected with the genes of the Killer Bees. "

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