Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Don't Poop on Cinderella

In December of 2012 for about three days I spoke some strange language.  Perhaps Russian  or Polish.  It would be on the CIA bodybug tapes.  I am sure that they identified the language.  When something like that occurs the questions that come to mind is "Is this a high tech incident from another country?  Or is it a spirit channeling event?"  A really stupid individual would say.  "She is psychotic."  That way of thinking is the height of in retard.  Oh, we cannot say that.

 Apostle John:  "Don't you know, Amy, they say that to you (psychotic) to make you believe that you are.  They know that there is nothing psychotic about you, but the power is in the power of the mind.  If they can make you believe that you are crazy then they have controlled your mind.  Controlling what and who you think that you are is their way of exercising power over you.  They know that they have been poisoning you for forty years to make you believe that you have bipolar.  They are angry right now because you don't believe what they have told you to believe.  They want you to be stupid and spread your legs like you always have.  They are the RRR as in retard, retard, retard."

Apostle John:  "Oh--It was a foreign power that made you speak the foreign language."

Actually, I believe myself to be an immortal princess.  Several people have called me "princess" over the years.  I think that is why everything was done to me.  It is so entertaining to trick and manipulate royalty.  If I had royalty as a selling point for my porn it would be much more successful.  I choose to believe that I am a princess that was stolen or adopted away from her family.  The CIA then guided my new family on how to mistreat me.  They were bent on mind control tactics.   I was made to have several "alters" which my true personality knew nothing about.  Much money was made.  There must be some kind of cash winnings to be awarded at then end of the game.  We are at the end of the game.  I expect a man to come to my home like publishers clearing house, to tell me that since I figured out the game, I am the winner.   Oh wait!  We are dealing with the RRR retard retard retard organization.  They have a funny way of looking at humanity.  (Slaves and slave owners)  Even though I am the smartest person in this game....I might not win anything.  The winnings probably go to the most meanly retarded person or persons.  The end of their game is my demise(death).  Guess what, I know that this is a big word so you probably won't understand. "IMMORTAL".  That means I am not going to lay down and die for you.  That is the Jesus story.  He let the bad guys kill him.  This is the Amy story.  She is not going to lie down and die for you.  She is going to embody the spirit of Cinderella.  She is going to be with her Prince.

Apostle John:  "Amy, what is important is what you believe.  Just as people want you to believe that you are bipolar in order to make the bipolar real, you need to believe that you are a princess.  By believing that you are a princess it will make it real.  What you believe to be real  is real.  What and who you are is up to you and what you believe."

Thanks, John.  I know many believe in Revelation in the bible, so you must know your stuff.

So for all you RRR folks, you are wasting your energy by hoping for me to go away.  I am very alive.  I am sure that is what you want anyway.  What kind of person would poop on Cinderella?  Oh gosh!  I bet that there are plenty of Evil Witches that would do all kinds of nasty things to Cinderella.  Perhaps Cinderella needs a disguise!  We shall disguise her a an old crazy lady..muttering to herself and talking to spirits while making poppets. contest with the RRR organization started when I was a fifth grader at Clifton Springs Elementary School.  I had a discussion with another student who knew about the local RRR org. (code for the letter after J and before L)  I also did a book report about a singer named Mary Wells.  This must not have set well with those Big Boys.  When I was a fifth grader and spoke with my gal pals we were very free with retard word.  So, I am a timeless creature, I will use it freely about the

. Here I am in fifth grade!

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