Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dolls, Dolls, Doll (?)

What is the psychology behind a doll?  For one thing, in the general sense, it is a body without a spirit.  My poppets are spirit poppets.  They most certainly do have a spirit thing going on.  My son suggested I put wire in them and pose them.  That would be a very wrong thing to do.  That would make them action figures, with the pose their purpose.  The poppet mush have being a vector of a spirit its primary purpose.  To put wire in them would make them useless  in the spiritual department.  Regular dolls, devoid of spirit can be a clandestine method of thought control.  The thought control is designed to mold the woman into being accepting of objectification by men.  She must see herself in the doll and then send her spirit away.  She becomes a sort of zombie mixing the doll object up with her own self.

The doll with out a spirit can pick up a wandering spirit and thus be a sort of possessed object.  When I was little and was given my doll Ingal lill, my family would play a game of who is Amy?  The doll or my person.  They would mix us up to confuse me.  They were following Nazi directives to form my personality into a woman who desired to be objectified.  Because of this, I have had fantasies concerning objectification.I am not proud of that.  A fantasy is different than a core value.  My core values dictate to me that women as objects is wrong.  Women as object is a paradigm that insecure men follow.  They follow this as they are frightened of  women and want them demoted to object without a spirit, thus less than them.

See the trust in my eyes!  I have no idea that I am in a Nazi experiment!

I like to live dangerously, climbing up into the rocker.

I am on the right with the pinafore.
Look again at the trust!

This one above, truly expresses sexism and objectification of girls and women.  Once,  I said to my father regarding a Barbie doll with her head off striped naked as exactly how some men like women.  No are thoughts necessary from the woman, she is just a receptacle for them man's phallus.

Another picture that says to the girls, "you are the doll."

What do we have here?  Me with a bear!  Does that have meaning too?

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