Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Sunday, January 17, 2016

David Bowie Visited Me

Yesterday I had been listening to David Bowie while at work.  When I was falling asleep his spirit visited me and he told me that he did not like me at all.  (I am a famous pornstar in one personality and a religious mystic in another, my true self.)    I guess one thing that he was mad about was that I was trying to steal a symbol of the Satanic people, that is the Schwarz sonne.(I had experienced it.)  That is why he did the last video, Black or Dark Star.  I don't pay attention to what group owns what symbol. The Schwarz Sonne has appeared to me a couple of times.  I don't perceive it to be evil.  David Bowie's video seemed to be trying to show some sort of racial order.  He had a black man in it, but he seemed to be shown as secondary to the white dude. (this he denies). There was a lot of trembling going on among the characters in the Dark Star video which reminded me of the Quakers.  (The characters in the video reminded me of cult victims.)  So David can steal Quaker movements and be racist, but I am not allowed to see the Schwartz sonne with out being Satanic?

Today, before heading to the grocery store, the spirit of David Bowie came to me again.  He said that he had only gotten half the story of who I was. He was able to explore my consciousness as a spirit and he said that he would like to apologize for being critical without the whole story.  He even offered to help me on my journey.  I can see how people would respond with anger and want to be critical of Christianity.  With the exception of the vowed religious, none follow Jesus's teaching.  I have been told to avoid the church because I am perceived as evil (KKK-Illuminati-Fourth Reich propaganda.)

I was actually told to go to church this morning and then Jesus advised against it.  He is my guide, evil woman that I am.  (I had this bizarre vision of a sniper in the balcony.)

  Pointing the finger at the evil one (the one other than self)  is a game that has been going on a long time.  Is that something Jesus instructed?  No.

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