Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Going Off For a Time

My Angel advises that I stop using the internet.  That means that I will not be posting on line.  I am aware that many are in my computer.  My writings will be in my Libre file in my computer.  I am not to be seeking  attention...if I get attention, that is fine.  I just can't be seeking attention, it is not fitting.

Channeling vs remote Control

A spirit has a vibration and the ability to come into you and you channel it if you have the spiritual disposition.   The CIA can also get your vibration and come into your mind and control your thoughts via mechanical electronic signals.  This is not my original observation.  Other people are aware how our government is basically are enemy.  If you are an adolescent your mind is not fully grown and you are more easily manipulated by radio waves.  This is true in the situation of the Dark Knight Massacre in Aurora.  The Government controlled that young man's mind.  In the photos of the young man is wide eyed and looks as if he is a robot.  I would suggest prayer as a antidote to mind control by the CIA.  Repetitive prayer such a the Rosary will help build a shield to keep the CIA out.  You might get lucky, if you keep it up, angels and saints will communicate with you.  (And it is not "hearing voices.")  Hearing voices is "less than" terminology designed to make religious and devout people look insane.  The Jews believe in a two way dialogue with God.  It is not craziness.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Abuse? Does Amy Like it?

There might be some with the argument about me, "She likes to be abused, see how she kept coming back for more."  It is more like I am a person of eternal hope.  If you mistreated me and I came back to be with you, it was not because I liked being mistreated.  It was because I was giving you the benefit of the doubt regarding your potential as a person.

Some may think, (even though I have been made world famous) that I am just an imaginative crazy woman.  I am imaginative, as I was able to imagine that some who abused me might have changed.  There was one relationship that only lasted 6 weeks due to abuse. BAM.   Over.  We're Done.   The Fourth Reich/CIA was not able to create a personality in me that would "take it."

So, the evidence is clear.  I don't like abuse and I won't take it.  This entry should have some weight in the psychological thriller drama that is still going on.  I am in a telepathic relationship and I have no interest in any other person.  If you were hoping to scheme more scheisse, you might as well forget it.

Winston Churchill- Spirit Poppet

The other day I was called to make a poppet of Winston Churchill.  His face came out a little narrower than the photos of him.  He said no matter, that he looked like that when he was younger.  I was tossing around ideas for shoes.  He chose to wear Franciscan sandals.  Please click on the link to read about his amazing life.

He says, "I am here to help the Moppergirl!"

Acne Lesson

For years I suffered from Acne.  I was well past my teens and the horrible eruptions continued.  I even pondered if perhaps a demon was causing them.  There would be two in full bloom and one fading and two more coming on at any one time.  Bumps.
I would put soap on my face..special cosmetic acne soap and I would dab with alcohol as well, believing that I needed to kill the germs.  I finally got some blue red acne lights in my mid forties- that treatment was a success.   I am not sure, but perhaps it was my surrogate father Fred who said he only used water on his face.  I decided that I would do that, too.  There is a natural balance of bacteria on the skin, perhaps soap and alcohol are detrimental.  If I experience breakthrough bumps, I do have a tube of clindemycin gel to put on, but that is the rare occasion.

We capitalists think that all the solutions to are problems are wrapped up in a certain product.  It is true that I purchased several products to fight my acne, but overall the best treatment  is a warm washcloth.  I am a mystic, not a consumer of porn or much TV so I dab some Myrrh which has been cut with another oil on my forehead (third eye).  Sometimes Frankincense is used, instead.

Lessons in life.  My way or the highway. ;-)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stranger Days

Ralph Fiennes did a movie around the turn of the century called "Strange days".  This was a story in which people could experience another's consciousness by using a device  put on their head.  When I came home from the state hospital in 2013 I had Thanksgiving dinner with my neighbor.  My angel told me, "Amy, the characters at the dinner or being remotely controlled. People's consciousness has a certain numerical vibration.  Remote access to another person's vibration is possible".  He told me that Jack Nicholson often entered my father via remote brain wave access.  I don't recall which movie stars were in my neighbor that Thanksgiving.  I often get information such as this from my Angel friend.  I don't always access it or act on it or fully understand.  I just know now that I have never been psychotic.

 I have at times had a little ditty or tune in my head.  About ten years ago it was a tune from Carmen.  (The gypsy female protagonist dies in that production.)  Just the other day I was humming.  The hum tune was put in my brain by my enemies.  I know that this sounds crazy, but it is not even that new of technology.  It of course is a top secret type of industry.  It is a grave violation of human rights.  Dr. Kashton knew that I have been a recipient of this type of mind control, that is why he said that I was capable of murder.  He knew that the CIA controllers have been trying to control my mind to the point of murder.  This mind control technique was successful at making me agreeable to prostitution so they thought anything was possible.  You are BUSTED.

My angel friend tells me that there are some in my life, now at this time, that are being remotely controlled.  They believe that their thoughts and actions are their own, but they are not.  To tell them that they are puppets would not be well received.  Just you CIA, Fourth Reich and KKK dudes and gals, KNOW THAT I KNOW.

Dolls, Dolls, Doll (?)

What is the psychology behind a doll?  For one thing, in the general sense, it is a body without a spirit.  My poppets are spirit poppets.  They most certainly do have a spirit thing going on.  My son suggested I put wire in them and pose them.  That would be a very wrong thing to do.  That would make them action figures, with the pose their purpose.  The poppet mush have being a vector of a spirit its primary purpose.  To put wire in them would make them useless  in the spiritual department.  Regular dolls, devoid of spirit can be a clandestine method of thought control.  The thought control is designed to mold the woman into being accepting of objectification by men.  She must see herself in the doll and then send her spirit away.  She becomes a sort of zombie mixing the doll object up with her own self.

The doll with out a spirit can pick up a wandering spirit and thus be a sort of possessed object.  When I was little and was given my doll Ingal lill, my family would play a game of who is Amy?  The doll or my person.  They would mix us up to confuse me.  They were following Nazi directives to form my personality into a woman who desired to be objectified.  Because of this, I have had fantasies concerning objectification.I am not proud of that.  A fantasy is different than a core value.  My core values dictate to me that women as objects is wrong.  Women as object is a paradigm that insecure men follow.  They follow this as they are frightened of  women and want them demoted to object without a spirit, thus less than them.

See the trust in my eyes!  I have no idea that I am in a Nazi experiment!

I like to live dangerously, climbing up into the rocker.

I am on the right with the pinafore.
Look again at the trust!

This one above, truly expresses sexism and objectification of girls and women.  Once,  I said to my father regarding a Barbie doll with her head off striped naked as exactly how some men like women.  No are thoughts necessary from the woman, she is just a receptacle for them man's phallus.

Another picture that says to the girls, "you are the doll."

What do we have here?  Me with a bear!  Does that have meaning too?

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Psychological Thriller

I have never watched a reality TV show.  I am not familiar with any of the personalities.  My life has been a reality show with a twist.  My life has been a CIA Fourth Reich engineered psychological thriller.  I recall back in the 1980's, the brother-in-law with whom I was enamored with would say "It's all psychological."  I remember the way he would run the sounds of the word psychological musically together.  I also recall a little African American Fresh Air Fund child who would play tricks and then say "psych"!  He was cute and he had a spirit in tune with foreshadowing for my reality.

In the Late 1980's and early 1990's I became enamored with my children's pediatrician.  He would say suggestive things.  It was difficult to decipher whether he was sincerely flirting or if he was torturing me psychologically and emotionally.  I know now that we were probably on hidden camera or at least audio.  I have these dream like memory that he gave me a golden shower in a local restaurant bathroom.  It was a Swiss cheese memory permeation between my multiple personalities.  I had been somewhat cheeky and believe it was a payback.  (from my ex husband who was filled in and he who felt that I did not respect him enough.)  Apparently there was a huge audience for this drama.  I would apologize for being unfaithful in my heart to my husband but he has no personality.  The reason that he had no personality toward me was because he was keeping secrets and being sneaky in our relationship.  I guess I entertained a whole lot of people and it is possible that bets were made and money exchanged.  The whole drama was painful for me.  I sent his wife a note apologizing for flirting with her husband, as I was "trespassing against her".

In my head, I saw myself as the Madonna with two little ones.  The pediatrician, a healer was a Jesus figure.  My son was born on his feast day, St Nicholas.  I was mistreated by society because of the aforementioned enamoration with the husband's brother.  My reputation was ruined for feelings that I could not help.  As I said, a sneaky husband does not come across with charisma, love or attention. (this can be verified with the CIA and their audiotapes)   The pediatrician was a savior in my psyche.  In reality he was an Old Nic.  (that is slang for the Devil).

The Fourth Reich works with the CIA- as they have since the sixties with former Nazis.  There were a lot of studies done on people in the concentration camps.  These monsters came here to the USA.  I believe myself a kidnap or adoption victim (which they engineered with my father who was in the military).....They set right to work constructing my reality hoping to prove that nurture is stronger than nature.  They decided to try to create a immoral whore.  It began when I witnessed a friend be cut up in a butcher shop when I was seven.  This caused me to dissociate.  As a person who dissociated I was able to be manipulated into spirit channeling or a multiple personality scenario.  From there I was gang raped in the dissociative state many times and made to perform in pornography.  Prostitution was also inflicted on me.   I have posted this previously.

Now that I know that I am in a the psychological thriller I will craft my sadistic laughter.  I guess these experiences have made me rather than have broken me.  There are plenty more.


This blog entry is for the CIA.  I just want you to know that as captive that I am well aware that everything on my computer is designed with mind control agenda.  My youtube selections are cherry picked to have an effect on me.  Like I said the other day, my blogger counts are a false representation of my following.  My facebook feeds are also contrived to create some sort of manipulated frame of mind.  Nothing in my reality is natural- except my spiritual connections (with living and dead).  Everything else is contrived. My therapist and NP were coached on how to be, in order to try to re-enslave me.  For a person in my position it is oh so healthy to be mistrustful.  To not be mistrustful could have landed me on my back with legs spread as that is what Uncle Sam is lusting for.   I should say, was lusting for.

Poor Uncle Sam, in the middle of the night I had some PTSD visions and went after him with my journal, pen and ink and colored pencils........Toast.
PTSD Dream sequence 1.
 PTSD Dream Sequence 2

After I posted this the CIA Fucktards put Hotel California in my youtube feed.....I can never leave?  We shall see.  You shall never leave Hell.  Question.  If the Russian Princess, forty years a sex slave, executes Uncle Sam, (Like American money financed the Boleshevik revolution) what does that mean?  Perhaps this blog entry is Revenge Porn.

Disclaimer.  I am in no way violent.  This is just my working out of my captivity by the US governement.  I solve my problems through my art.  Does my art effect the world or organizations?  I don't know, perhaps in a magical way it does.  I do not own a gun nor do I know any characters named Uncle Sam.

Mary Poppins

My angel guided me to Mary Poppins this morning.

When I worked at Finger lakes Health in 2003, a coworker asked, "Are you Mary Poppins?"  This was during the evening shift on Living Center South.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Uncle Sam and the Russian Princess

The CIA has been creating a fakality of my life for many years.  I have been a covert sex slave in another personality.  They still think that they can molest and manipulate me.  I demand that they surrender.  "Uncle Sam get your effing hands off me and my family!"

I do not own a gun.  This is a cartoon rendering.  The Gun represents more than a firearm.  It represents much more.

The New Norm

I told my therapist that I found a Librium in my room which I had never been ordered.  This concerned me as I have break through memories of sex with men and believe myself to be a secret sex slave.  The therapist was not concerned.  I complained to OMH, she was not concerned.  The therapist even said, "Oh you don't like it?"  regarding sex slavery.

Apparently, the new norm is to allow oneself to be sold into sex slavery.  That is the message that I am getting.  I am supposed to enjoy being a sex slave.

I know of course that these women are under the direction of the CIA/mK ultra type program.  The CIA believes if people mirror to me that it is normal and there is nothing wrong with sex slavery I will believe them and find it acceptable.   Go suck on shit popsicle.


I am not a person who follows trends.  If all the bimbo fucktards in the world want to be enslaved that is their business.  In my baseline personality, which is the only one authorized to control my body, I only desire to have one partner.  This is evidenced by my highly monitored behavior.  When I was married to Mr. No Personality, I did lust after other men, but never did commit adultery.  Sexuality is a holy aspect of life and I do not go about it lightly.  If I have rushed into a relationship, I usually regret it.  Mr. CIA dudes, you cannot mold me, shape me or form me.  You are powerless to control me.  I see through your garbage.   CIA dudes?  USA?  You need to surrender.

Gandalf VS Voldemort

Good morning to my millions of followers.  I am so touched that so many all over the world take the time to follow my story.  I can feel you energy flowing to my spirit to help me.

Lately, I have been serving my son and his family dinner on Sunday evenings.  This Sunday will be different though.  I have a two way mirror in my dining room.  I have been asked to dramatize some of the spiritual forces in the world.  I am going to stage a poppet drama.  The drama is between Voldemort against Gandalf and some witches.   I have not prepared all the dialogue, much will be ad lib.

I have shared that I perceive myself to be an immortal and that some of the themes in the Harry Potter series are modeled after me.  I was made to be the character Voldemort.  So, Voldemort is more gender ambiguous than most realize.  If you know who to contact, please tune into my two way mirror as see how this works out.

Next, on my morning agenda is working on costumes.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Eleventh Hour

Creative Writing Exercise

Matthew 20:6-16

Then at about the eleventh hour he went out and found more men standing around, and he said to them, "Why have you been standing here idle all day?"  "Because no one has hired us." they answered.  He said to them "You go into my vineyard, too."  In the evening the owner of the vineyard said to his bailiff.  "Call the workers and pay them their wages, starting with the last arrivals and ending with the first.  So those that were hired at the eleventh hour came forward and received one denarius each.  They took it but grumbled at the land owner saying,  "The men who came last have done only one hour, and you have treated them the same as us, though we have done a heavy days work in all the heat.  He answered one of them and said,  "My friend, I am not being unjust to you; did we not agree on one denarius?  Take your earnings and go.  I choose to pay the last comer as much as I pay you.  Have I no right to do what I like with my own?  Why should you be envious because I am generous"  Thus the last will be first and the first, last.'

In my past, (even though in 1987 I was told in a vision that I am ushering in the Kingdom of God,)  I have never been a last days kind of girl.

The end of the world, what does that mean?  Define world.  If you are a nun or monk, "The world" is what you leave behind.  "The world" means the money driven society.  It does not mean God's creation.  I live in different dimensions with dreams and visions.  I perceive much of "the world" to be the lie.  There is a big lie in my life which has been created by the CIA and the Fourth Reich.  I would love for the LIE to end.  End the lie.  Perhaps if the lie ended my dimensions which I perceive as Heaven and Earth, would some how unite in a cosmic sense into a beautiful new creation.  I am a visionary, as I am webbed into the collective consciousness and I see the world differently than most.

I posted this Eleventh Hour blog entry because my Angel tells me that things are progressing along and it is now the Eleventh hour.  That is a message of hope.  Repent, confess your sins, seek God...there is hope for you.  If you laugh at me, a person who is among you and is immortal, well, 'tis your own fault and stupidity.

I think God is very fair, as evidenced by the above passage.

Listen to this Dream

Funny thing....these days when I have a dream at night it is always some kind of message from God.  I awoke a bit ago, and I was a character in a movie.  The movie was Quill and I was the corpse being made love to.  I tried to look the scene up on Youtube with no luck.  I believe in the movie that the priest character was the necrophiliac in the act with the woman.  In my dream the person was my primary care doctor, I did come back to life, but only when another man called my name.

I am alive, so alive, this very beautiful day.  Happy 1-23!

Friday, January 22, 2016

I love this

Jim Kerr- You are amazing!

Truth in Blogger Statistics

Would the monied rulers of the planet Earth who control the "show" of my reality let me be aware of my true blog read statistics if they were very high?
 "What do you think, Amy?"
"No, of course not".

"It is a case of false mirroring.  If you knew how popular your blog was, it would go to your head and you would have way too much confidence.  They are afraid of you, Amy  You have already figured out how you are the subject of many movies and songs.  If you knew your true stats, it would totally confirm what you already know, that you are a star in the human arena.  They would have to give all hopes of continuing the LIE about your life of which is said to your face--That you are a nobody."

People in foreign countries have come up to me and called me by  name (who I have never met.)  The Big Boys believe that if they control my mirrors that they control what I think of myself.  This might be true of some types of spirits, but not mine.

Liars!  You are busted.
Liars! You are busted.Liars you are busted. Liars! you are busted.  Liars! you are busted.  Liars you are busted.  Liars! You are busted.  You are busted.  Liars you are busted.  Liars! You are busted.

I live near Bluff Point, NY.  I think that we are at the BLUFF POINT!

Jesus says that I am to do my work with out accolades or it makes no difference what my stats are.


I don't think that I have ever watched Thriller in its entirety till today.  I could not find the 13 minute version on the You Tube Selection.  Michael puts out a disclaimer that he is not endorsing the Occult.  Neither am I.

This video reminds me of how I was tricked at times in my drama.....trusting in demonic people.

Diego Velazquez- Las Meninas

Both of these use the technique of Art within Art--Mise en abyme.  
Cool.  Wiki tells how the painting is either of the King and Queen or is it their perspective?  Such a riddle.   Also it forecast the end of the empire in some way.  This reminds me of my life as a secret slave.  My world has been a show for all to watch and bet on.  My life is a life inside a created drama, created to entertain.

There is Still Time

Matthew 13:24-30

The Kingdom of Heaven can be compared to a man who sowed good seed in his field.  While everybody was asleep his enemies came, sowed darnel (tares) among the wheat and made off.  When the new wheat sprouted and ripened, then the darnel appeared as well.  The owners laborers went to him and said, "Sir, was it not good seed you sowed in your field?  If so where does the darnel come from?"  "Some enemy has done this."  And the laborers said, "Do you want us to go and weed it out?"  But he said, " No, because when you weed out the darnel you might pull up wheat with it.  Let them both grow till harvest; and at the harvest time I shall say to the reapers:  First collect the darnel and tie it in bundles to be burnt, then gather the wheat into my barn."

Hello!  Where do you see yourself in this harvest day drama?   Have you lived an upright life standing up for the abused and exploited?  Or are you an exploiter (darnel).  If you are darnel, are you ready for what is ahead?  I was told 1-21-16 by my angels that there is still time.  The Judgement day clock is 10:45.  If you are darnel, can you morph into wheat in the spiritual sense?  You must go to who you have mistreated and apologize, or go to a priest with your contrition.  There is still hope for you.

Capitalist Mind Control

The news reports that socialism is anathema to the American spirit.  The big boys in power want it to be so they report that it is.

I am tired of Capitalistic mind control.  This mind control struck me in the form of coupon use.  That is such a game!  If I am at my home, I am doing art work, thinking, prayer and a walk perhaps.  Those capitalistic dudes don't want me living my life when I am outside their shop.  They want me thinking about their shop and how I can save money by buying their products.  Yes, the root of all evil is top on the list of importance for the American psyche.  I guess I am lucky that I don't think so much about money, as it might make me angry.  As I secret sex slave I made plenty of money for others, but have never seen any for myself.  A week ago I was driving down the main boulevard and a person threw a wallet out the window at me.  I think that is a sign.  I ddon't lust for money.  I do lust for justice.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Happy Day, Saint Agnes

Today is the feast day of St. Agnes.  I did the portrait of her a few years back.  She is/was very pure.  I find it funny that nobody bought my art.  The people must have been instructed not to, as I might think that I am a special character in society if they did.  So they walked by a portrait of St Agnes rendered by Amy the Famous Mystical "Whore" for a  mere 45 dollars.  I bet it would really be worth forty five thousand dollars due to my world renown drama.  It is no longer for sale.

Agnes is a Saint that lived in the 300's and she did not want to be married off.  Powerful men were pissed off so they killed her.

In 2013 I made her little lamb black.  A true Christian is a black sheep, as they do not follow along with the expectations of society and are often at odds with their family as well.

Coffee and Pots

I used to use and still do, the Melitta filter cone and pot.  I just cannot get into the idea of an electric coffee maker when a pour through works fine.  I am simple that way.  If something works, stay with it.  There is no need for an electric gadget.  The thing about the Melitta pour through is that I often make too much coffee.  I  know if I consistently measured water and grounds that probably would not be an issue.  There is also the paper issue with the Melitta pour through.  Grounds and paper thrown away everyday.  I suppose that the grounds could be mulched.  The pour through is good for when I entertain.

I few years back I bought a Moki pot.  There is no paper filter.  The one I have would be a two serving espresso pot, or a one cup super strong coffee serving.  I have really become comfortable with the Moki.  Sadly the little nob on the top has broken off.

I just thought that I would invite you into the world of Amy and how she likes her coffee(made).
It is how I take it.....hmmm
Remember, an electric coffee maker is not necessary.  The simpler the life, the more authentic. I wonder how much electricity would be saved all over the world if everybody were like me.  (that is in the manufacture of coffee makers, as well)  It is My Way or the Highway.

Zechariah 13:9

Zechariah  13:9  The New Jerusalem Bible

I shall pass this third through the fire,
refine them as silver is refined,
Test them as gold is tested.
He will call on my name
and I shall answer him;
I shall say, 'He is my people.'
and he will say, 'Yahweh is my God!'

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Just What or Who do you Put Your Trust in?

Creative Writing Exercise

The time is 10:40...we are getting closer to the midnight hour.  The midnight hour is it.  This is a Judgment day scenario.  This clock is in my mind and told to me by my Angel is separate from a time clock.

Today was a game changer.  You are still being tested, though.  There will be a drama which will confuse you and you must make a choice.  You will have to call it.  Is the drama the truth?  or perhaps not?

I spent some time talking with The Spirit on the bluff of Keuka Lake this morning.  He gave me this advice, "Trust".

I know what I am to trust in.  Can you answer the same?  Who do you trust?  Do you trust in the Trickster?  What defines you that you put your trust in?  Love? Hate? Competition? Power? Money? God?
Think on it, as much depends on it.


Psalm 118:24 The New Jerusalem Bible

This  is the day which Yahweh has made
a day for us to rejoice and be glad

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What and Who is Evil?

"Mary never abandoned her faith."  This was the message on a facebook on the American Catholic.

I awake and say "All for thee, Oh sacred Heart of Jesus."  If my angels advise not to go to Mass in this provincial racist town, I am going to listen to my angel.  It might be hard for those who have never communicated with a two way conversation to an angel to comprehend what it is like.  He speaks, I listen.

I know that the Roman Catholic community believes me to be evil.  I have no qualms about keeping my  distance from self righteous KKKatholic killers.

1.  A woman,several months ago, in relation to my blog, insinuated that I was not right in the head.  FALSE MIRRORING.  I avoid false mirrors.  They are lies.  They are Evil.

2.  A nun that was in the community dropped a chemical weapons poison in my home.  My head did not stop hurting until I disposed of the small piece of plastic.  Poisoning people is Evil.  She critiqued my art as  evil, due to her lack of knowledge.

3.  The Priest, in confession, advised me to put my enslavement "right out of my mind".  He advocated a continued state of enslavement.  He wanted me to continue to spread my legs at the KKK's bidding.  Being complicit in Human Trafficking is Evil.

My faith is not abandoned, like Mary, I remain steadfast in my faith.  I am not stupid and I will not walk into a KKKatholic trap.  I will stay away from the local Katholic Church, as it is Evil.  KKk Katholics are not real Roman Catholics, they are fraudulent.  You can tell a KKK priest as he does not give guidance in his homily, but instead, cute jokes and drivel.  He has to avoid the tenets of the faith as they conflict with the KKK credo.

Mary would approve, I have ordered a book about Judaism.  Jesus and I remain tight.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Loose Chains

I thought I would share this mornings phosphenic vision.  LOOSE CHAINS!  Wow.  I am no longer a sex slaves according to my Angelic adviser.  How could this have come about?  Yesterday was the Day of the Fool.  I said I was a fool so I would be queen in the Satanic world, yesterday.  Perhaps my poppetry was successful as I bonked a generic KKK/Secret Org. poppet at exactly 10 pm.  Or perhaps there was a duel?  Why would I think duel?  I am a lady and a lady has a knight.  Perhaps my knight defended my honor in some sort of alternate reality.

 LOOSE CHAINS imagery are like freedom for a Broomhilda Von Shaft.

This is wonderful news.  Does it mean that everything will be smooth sailing from now on?  Doubtful as I was told by an angelic adviser that there would still be turbulent water.

Please, the good people of the world, I would appreciate your prayers.  I am a servant of the Lord.  I love you Quentin Tarantino.

Alms for the Rich?

When I was a little girl I recall bringing my lunch to school.  For ten to twelve years, every day for my school lunch I had peanut butter and jelly.  One day I came to school with a lunch of jelly and jelly.  That was because my mother had thrown a burning mattress and hurt her hand.  I always made my own sandwiches.  I was so nervous about the fire that had happened that I made the sandwich with two sides of jelly.  I felt badly as I had seen the lamp on the bed and not feared for a fire.

I used to bring twenty five cents with me to lunch.  ten cents was for milk and fifteen cents was for an ice cream cup.  I used to ask if I could have some chips from the person next to me.  When I was in a higher grade, perhaps seventh, one girl said, "what is this, alms for the rich?"  My father was a doctor so I was considered rich.

I was creative if some one gave me pretzels or chips.  I would crumble the chips into the icecream or poke the pretzels in it.  The salty sweet combination was almost gourmet.

Peanut butter and jelly was my gruel at the orphanage.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Nice Leonard Cohen Video

Mother, What's Up?

Today is the Satanic holiday of "The Fool".  I have been their fool for 40 + years because I knew not in my base personality that I was their sex slave.  They are planning poppet parties all across the world.  I had this vision, confirmed by the report of a kindred spirit, that these Satanists are, at the  pre-approved time of ten o'clock pm, planning to do voodoo.  They want to be rid of me so they are going to do black magic.  I can only imagine the details, as I am not Satanic.  It is funny.

This is just my fantastic imagination. " The Fool", in these ceremonies is traditionally made, king or queen...according to my research.  This is amusing.  It does not scare me or bother me.  I did notice that little cages, the size of poppets(Joann fabrics) are the rage, lately.  My mother told me years ago (I was 17) that I was a trend setter.  I would not be surprised if Poppetry has caught on.

Best wishes,
(One of my poppets referred to me as "Mother")

David Bowie Visited Me

Yesterday I had been listening to David Bowie while at work.  When I was falling asleep his spirit visited me and he told me that he did not like me at all.  (I am a famous pornstar in one personality and a religious mystic in another, my true self.)    I guess one thing that he was mad about was that I was trying to steal a symbol of the Satanic people, that is the Schwarz sonne.(I had experienced it.)  That is why he did the last video, Black or Dark Star.  I don't pay attention to what group owns what symbol. The Schwarz Sonne has appeared to me a couple of times.  I don't perceive it to be evil.  David Bowie's video seemed to be trying to show some sort of racial order.  He had a black man in it, but he seemed to be shown as secondary to the white dude. (this he denies). There was a lot of trembling going on among the characters in the Dark Star video which reminded me of the Quakers.  (The characters in the video reminded me of cult victims.)  So David can steal Quaker movements and be racist, but I am not allowed to see the Schwartz sonne with out being Satanic?

Today, before heading to the grocery store, the spirit of David Bowie came to me again.  He said that he had only gotten half the story of who I was. He was able to explore my consciousness as a spirit and he said that he would like to apologize for being critical without the whole story.  He even offered to help me on my journey.  I can see how people would respond with anger and want to be critical of Christianity.  With the exception of the vowed religious, none follow Jesus's teaching.  I have been told to avoid the church because I am perceived as evil (KKK-Illuminati-Fourth Reich propaganda.)

I was actually told to go to church this morning and then Jesus advised against it.  He is my guide, evil woman that I am.  (I had this bizarre vision of a sniper in the balcony.)

  Pointing the finger at the evil one (the one other than self)  is a game that has been going on a long time.  Is that something Jesus instructed?  No.


The dawn approaches

The cognizance wiggles

thoughts stream in from the inner outer-world

"Three will be more powerful than one

take three that where important to her

gang them together

use the control box, set a time and place

lie in wait"

Bwhaa haah haaahhh!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cinematic Surrealism

This is fun.  A surreal expression about my life, I am so imaginative it is contagious.  Note the last frame with the sword, Excalibur, in full view.  Do I recall myself delivering a sword to the stoop of a character in my Fakality Drama, many years ago?  I think I do.  I was just thinking...If the Lady of the Lake gives a bloke a sword and it is used against her, then the bloke was not "The One" worthy of the sword.  My name is Brand=sword, lyn= from the water.

Thank-you Note

Dear Friends and Family in the world,
  I would like to thank you for bringing me to the cultural forefront.  I would not have chosen to be a sex worker, that was chosen for me.  I have no money, but I do have integrity.  I am aware that the purpose of your work in exploiting me and the outcome is not as you expected.  I am a famous actress.  I have you to thank for that.    My life is very magical, mystical and surreal.  (Who else can boast that Voldemort is a veiled reference to oneself?)

Without you folk I would be just a peaceful angelic being passing pills to nursing home residents, or perhaps like a Doctor in a small town who has no imagination.   Because of you all I am Movie Star, and actually that is only half of it!!

Thank-you so much. Thank-you so much. Thank-you so much. Thank-you so much.  Thank-you so much.  Thank-you so much.  Thank-you so much.  Thank-you so much.  Thank-you so much. Thank-you so much.
(Does this remind you of The Shining?  If so.....I am so so sorry)

Love, Amy Bee

PS. Are Angels curses powerful?  If people anger me I am likely to curse them to death.  I am ashamed that I do that, especially since I was told I am a Death Angel.   Please don't provoke me...I am unsure of the outcome.

This is me when the movie star in me gets pissed off, she bares her teeth!

This is the movie star posing.

Friday, January 15, 2016

The Spirit of the Beaver Loves Me

I only have a part time job...I enjoy writing so sometimes I get carried away and write more than one blog entry in a day.  I guess I am a writer.  No one would pay me to write as I am a former sex slave.  The  Secret organization won't allow me any wealth or recognition....People sneak smiles to me (smiles of recognition).

I have thoughts of the beaver stirring in my mind.  Not the beaver between my legs, but it is a funny coincidence.  In my journal, as some might know, (as a slave it is pirated, nothing belongs to me) I have often explored the spirit of an animal.  I did an entry about beavers.  Beavers were crucified in the 16-1800's for their furs.  The big fashion in Europe was the top hat.  Many animals were slaughtered in the name of fashion.  Wars were fought between nations because people were and still are so greedy.

Now I recall in 2013 that I posted a joke about the Full Beaver Moon (it is in November) on my face book page.  It was a funny joke.  Sex slaves are not allowed to be funny so I recall that I was punished for my sense of humor.  In my journal this year I did an entry, which I will not share, that makes the equation even.

When I created the entry, I took my poppets to the Keuka Outlet and did a little beaver trapping drama.  The point of my telling you this is that the Spirit of the Beaver and I are on good terms.  So good, in fact that the beaver along the Keuka Outlet left me a gift of a walking stick or a staff.  I brought it home not realizing its importance until my son-in-law identified it as a beaver stick.

It is an amazing walking stick.  Thank-you Beavers!

I was out on the trail two days ago and I found a stone which looked like an image of a television or a monitor.  I brought it home and when I looked at again I saw the face of a beaver!  I wanted to show my boss, but it was gone.  Then, last night I watched Grimm from Netflix and I saw a couple beaver people!  This is the stone which had the transient  beaver bust:

I think that see Moby Dick on it now!  Does anybody recall the story of Moby Dick?  I read it last summer.  Ahab is nutzo about destroying Moby Dick and in the end he does not succeed, in fact all die but one guy who is saved by a coffin.  Stories like that are good lessons.  The beaverstick....shepherds staff or weapon?  You choose.

This is a creative writing exercise.  Just think, the Beaver spirit cannot be bought!

I am Voldemort

Creative Writing

A couple of years ago when I first got out of the place where they keep political dissidents, (State mental hospital for violent people)  I had this imagining that the Harry Potter series was very loosely based on me and mine.  My son had big glasses.  I showed a picture of him as a child to a little boy and the child said, "He looks like Harry Potter!"

There was a time when my child played at his friends house.  When he came home he told me that he has been shown a gun.  When I was visiting my child's class to volunteer, that little boy asked "Is Ben an angel?"     I did not put two and two together then.  Later in a vision, I saw my son being  shot and then time looping to come back to life.  This topic was what I was discussing in court when my children sent me away.  I don't perceive a person who thinks that they are immortal to be dangerous.  It was the KKKourt so it mattered not, I was a sex slave that needed strong medicine.(On your back, bitch!)  So perhaps my son is the proto type of Harry Potter.

In the story of Harry Potter, his mother is dead, killed by Voldemort.  In this case, I am his mother,(people desire me to be dead-in my imaginary world, His mother is pure, I am not(In their minds, so the pure-mother is dead)  but, I am also Voldemort.  I have said before that I have had these visions where people try to kill me, yet I persist. I am immortal so this must prove that I am evil (so they think).  So the character of Voldemort is me.  (We actually had a family friend named Valda)  I have had a split personality so that is why I can be the mother and Voldemort.  This could be seen as somewhat of a propaganda movie.  I love my son and have no desire to see him die, ever.  Ralph Fiennes and I have a similar fore head or brow and we both have these interesting luminous eyes.

When I was four living in Germany, while I was being babysat a ball of lightening came in the room.  Perhaps it entered me through the fore head scar that I had gotten recently from falling on the curb.  That was when I was innocent, so that part of the drama is put with the Harry Potter plot.  The immortality of Voldemort is shown to be evil. My immortality is not evil, but since it is unique people want to make it to evil.

While in the hospital it occurred to me that Harry Potter, in the movie is no revolutionary, yet he is made to resemble John Lennon, who was.  The Harry Potter in the movie offers nothing, except abdicating his power.  The message here might just be..."we have these miraculous beings among us, let us manipulate them so that they change nothing of our world."

It is propaganda in that Voldemort is vanquished.  It is sad, as the creators want the son to murder his mother.  The message is:  "If we turn the son against the mother we can triumph".  Sorry, folks, I am much more evolved in the light than Harry/Ben and he cannot vanquish me.

This world is in sad shape.  It needs some miraculous beings.  You are wrong to try to manipulate us to be powerless.

Hatching is my Cognizance

This is an exercise in creative thought and creative writing.  It is a parable of sorts, using Bees are symbolic.  If after reading this you if think I need more medication, I would say "This is a creative writing exercise.  People don't need to be medicated out of their creative genius."

I said in the last blog that I am the Queen Honey Bee.  How did I get to be that, you might ask.  For one thing as a child I was called Amy B. by my next door neighbor.  It is Amy Bee.  I got to be The Queen Bee because, like all queen bees I was given Royal Jelly.  "What?  Who gave you that?"  I was given Royal Jelly by my family.  They did not realize it. I was given special treatment.  They thought when everybody had seen enough of me in porn and the ideas were exhausted that they would "OFF" me.  They figured I had aged out and I was done.  Time to share the wealth of the money I had generated and get rid of the whore.

"Hey, wait just a minute here.  Queens are not given special treatment for forty years just to be stepped on or pinched and thrown to the ground just when they hatch! " (hatching is my cognizance)

They had figured that rather than face up to the truth of what they had done---they would just get rid of me.  How do you look someone in the eyes and tell them that you put them in a mental trance so you could let hundreds maybe thousands of men rape them?  It must be a really hard position to be in.  I could not imagine being responsible for that.  The people who engineered my exploitation are responsible for the corrosion of the values of society in a big way.

Hadn't they tried to get rid of me before?  Didn't I share that in 2013 I had a list of events in my life where the angel told me that I had time looped out of death?  Well, they are proud of their inventiveness. " If one way to off the bitch does not work, think of something else"....again...again....again.

Perhaps this Angel bitch has something to offer humanity other than her privates and that is why God does not obey the thugs and take Miss Amy Bee away to heaven.  Perhaps, as the lamiscate is a figure eight, and it symbolizes heaven and earth, Amy can't go to Heaven as she is already there. Perhaps Amy resides where each side of the figure eight connects.  Perhaps she has fish eyes, one eye on Heaven and one eye on Earth.

"Amy, they don't think like you.  They cannot think lovingly about you because of their vibration.  They are not like you.  You pray for peace, they pray for conquest.  You pray for love, they pray for money.  You pray for the Kingdom to come and a miraculous fix for world problems, they think about how to hurt you.  They are bully drones and worker bees and they are infected with the genes of the Killer Bees. "

Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Bee and the Snake

Last night the family was over and I showed them my bee poppet.  It is a poppet of me the queen bee.  After the family left I saw this:

They left this message art for me.  I look at snakes differently, usually as a symbol of life...I have one over my Egyptian death mask of myself that I made.  I don't perceive the devil to be an adversary of God.  I think of him as in the Book of Job.  The devil tricks the Native American Trickster hero. Jesus told Judas, "Do what you have to do," when he was betrayed.  Jesus was in charge. People who are Satanic are victims of the cosmic joke of Dualism.  There is no Dualism.  It is just God working things out with his children to teach them right from wrong.  But...since I was left with this art, most likely as a warning I will play out a drama.  I have said often that I am in a spirit war.  It is me against people who's spirits are corrupt.  With me are angels, saints and demons, jins, animal spirits and regular spirits.  I fear no evil.  But since this little installation was left for me to interpret, I will say that the snake represents the spirits who are misled and sort of stupid.  Sorry, snake, You know I love I once had a python named Apollo who I was close with.  Do you mind if I let you represent the liars, the misled and the stupid?  He replies "Go for it Amy!"

Into the Abyss

What?  That is my fox sox, I often have represented myself as a fox too!  That stupid, lying, misled snake just cannot get away from me, I think I see a family of foxes!  What will happen next to that poor snake?

Wait?  Is that Nagini?  Foxes, stop don't eat her!

Two Turtle Doves

On the evening of January 4 th, I imagined in my mystical realm to have been under attack.  Whores are "road kill" America, and many in the US feel that since I was forced in my retarded childish state of mind to be a sex worker actress that perhaps my life is worthless.  Neil Gaiman in his book American Gods explores this American attitude.  The KKK doesn't like me because of my big mouth.  They are big on secrecy and secret knowledge.  I am doing my best to expose this creepy organization.  The KKK likes money and power.  They kill to show off their power.  I don't die, but I am certainly helped by their efforts to get rid of me.

The morning of the January 5 th I awoke and was told that I was "the Angel of Death".  Wow!  That is a heavy load.  The reason that God made me the Angel of Death was that I needed to do some bad-ass poppet work.  I have been carrying this around inside me for several weeks now.  I don't want to be a character with such a title.  There are people who have done horrible things to me and as the Angel of Death I had to put out some nasty curses.  Death does not exist.  Spiritual death is a good it brings one closer to God.  Any actions that I undertook were with God's I imagine I was sending out "death to sin", new life in God curses.

I have said before that I imagine that people try to "OFF". me.  They are always unsuccessful in the physicality, but in the spiritual realm their attempts shoot me further into the Magical, Mystical, spiritual realm.  I cannot be killed, only advanced.  Thank-you to those who under the KKK who have tried to kill me.  I really wanted to get out of the "Angle of Death" mode.  Last night I advanced again.  I awoke in the night to a very scratchy feeling in my throat.  "I thought, I am dying".  The angels chimed in,"no you are not, just breath."  I am now a dove (one of a pair) with an Angel watching over us.

KKK?  Don't try to scheme who my dove partner is.  You usually are busy about that.

Being a dove is a very big responsibility.  It means that I have to be gentle and loving all the times.  "GOD HELP Me!"

Oh, My angels have a message.  "Hey, Guys, It is the 10 th hour!"

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Tiny Captives- Mothra

Yesterday, I watched the movie "Mothra" from 1961.  I really appreciated the movie.  While it comes across as sort of low budget, it amazed me with its creativity.  The story could be a parable about sex slaves.  People on a distant island are tiny due to bomb testing on their island.  Two little women are captured, enslaved and forced to be entertainers.  The little women are telepathic with their guardian spirit, Mothra, which hatches and sets out to rescue them.  I was interested in the Japanese theory about telepathy, that it is a certain frequency.  The moth hatches as a pupae or grub and swims through the ocean.  The humans, of course, are bent on destroying Mothra, rather than just giving back the little women showgirls.  Nothing stops Mothra, not heat guns or bombs.  The Mothra Moth is fun to watch, flying through the city blowing cars and trucks, destroying buildings with her windy wing strokes.

I just realized Mothra is a word similar to Mother.(as in Mother of God? Perhaps?)  The story includes some symbols, the main one is a cross and circle.  There are  some humans who are advocating to give back the tiny women and work to help them.

I had seen this as a teenager, before I knew about symbolism and veiled messages.  I had thought it was a corny B movie. I laughed about it. Seeing it forty years later, and after having been a captive in mind control, I have fresh eyes.

Why are Adults Behaving like Eighth Graders?

I admit to being cruel, describing the collective American psyche as being at the level of an eighth grader, perhaps at about  fourteen years old.  When I make such an insulting statement my mind wanders to think of what exactly is causing this disruption in mental and emotional maturity.  There are several things.  The culture has a fixation on youth.  Youth rules.  Why should inexperience and non accomplishment rule the day?  Perhaps there is a captivation with potential.  When a person is fourteen or fifteen they are on the brink of adulthood and sexual maturity so at this point in life "All things are possible."  It is only at this time in life that such magic exists.

A person who is fourteen or fifteen is generally impulse driven.  It is a time in life where there is not fear of death and people take more risks. Impulse can be translated to taking what one wants, regardless of others.

The media is supposed to be presented at a fourth grade level.  So news is simplified for simplified minds.  It reports but it rarely goes into the causes regarding issues.  We hear everyday about the Isis calamities.  Has anybody interviewed an Isis leader to as ask why they hate Americans?  They might say, "Your culture is infiltrated with the hateful KKK." The mainstream news is not going to share that.  The KKK is a home grown terrorist organization that used to dress up in hoods and white gowns.  Now they mostly talk in code.

We are in a Capitalist nation.  Capitalism is driven by purchasing which is driven by psychological manipulative presentations.  These ads are directed to the immature mind, the impulse mind. Materialism is a shallow experience of life, it is not what the companies tell you. (Excessive materialism will make you lacking in other personality attributes, such as compassion and empathy.)   So, we have advertising and news directed at the middle school age mind or less.  If a person is talked to like a child, they will behave and think like a child as that is what is expected of them.  They might even regress to a middle school mindset.  The government in the 1940's discussed and planned how to control the thinking of the masses.  This was demonstrated clearly with McCarthyism.

Mental Eighth graders?  I forgive you, as it is obvious to me that you are a victim of MIND CONTROL.

The news and  advertisements are Capitalist propaganda which as stunted your mental and emotional growth.  

State of the Union critique

Obama: "We are the most powerful nation on earth!"  This statement is in poor taste.  Powerful in what way?  Powerful in that we do what ever the heck we want to who ever we want and get away with it? Powerful in that we are able to tells lies to manipulate the truth and the  minds of the American and world populace?

If we are so powerful, why the need to brag?  Perhaps we are trying to convince people and the world?  Is the world arena a football game?  If so yes the Americans have a cerebral challenge due to impact, and they are so powerful in that they plow headlong into anything they choose.

I think boasting about "power" is at the psychological level of a middle school boy's mind.  I say lets send all middle schoolers to college, skipping high school, as these people fail to grow after that...they have reached their maximum potential.

I think boasting about "power" is arrogant-reminds me of the Emperor who had no clothes.

Perhaps the boast is a cover for the lack of power we feel, as in our debtors and the Hot War.

The state of the Union is non existent in this KKK Kountry.  There is no union in politics, it is total discord and fighting...except when the 8th grade boys(mental age of average white male American) are watching and discussing porn.

Blech!  as Lucy's says.

Amy says:  Is there another way that we (or any nation) can think about ourselves?  Is our reality really just a quest for power and domination?  Was that not Hiltler's dream?

I love you President Obama, even if you are not the most powerful person on earth.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Me and Mary Magdalen

Mary Magdalen is one of my favorite saints.  I used to think that I was an incarnation of her, as my name is Amy Maria and Amy stems from amour which is defined as sexual love.  I've had these visions where I perceive myself to be on a mission from God.

My spirit angels say that I am not the Magdalen.  She is called "the apostle to the apostles."  She delivered the news about Jesus's resurrection to the apostles and Jesus met with her first in the garden after he came back from the dead.  Some say that she was a prostitute and some say that she was not.  She had seven demons driven out of her by Jesus.  There was a lot of hype about her being Jesus's lover(-Dan Brown).  My angels and saints say that she was not, in fact.

They have her skull on display in France.

I know that I have been porned and prostituted in different retarded personalities. (These entities are not me).  So, that does not make me a whore.  If I thought I were a whore I would cling to Mary Magdalen for support because she is the archetype of whore in the collective consciousness.  I believe that my baseline personality is not whore like at all.  The true meaning of "whore" is to value something above God.  I don't value anything over God.  I AM IN NO WAY, SHAPE OR FORM A 'WHORE."  Sorry to disappoint any who wish me to be shamed or suicidal because of the way I have been treated by others.

When I was seventeen or so, I watched The Young and the Restless. I recall being touched by the story when the main man in the story fell in love with a woman who was a prostitute.  I rescued her.  This is a similar story line as the movie Pretty Woman.  I think a man is most like Jesus when he can see beyond  a woman's history and  value her as a person who is many faceted, not just a groin.  It takes a man who is sure of himself to be able to do that.

Men who hate "whores"  are weak and insecure.

I am very happy.  I love my two children and their families.  I enjoy working, at a Art Studio and with my spirit work.  I really enjoy sharing my creative writing here on this blog.

The Book of Tobit

The book of Tobit is my favorite bible story.  It is sad to say it is not in all Christian Denomination's bibles.

One reason I like it because it is the one story in the whole bible which mentions a dog.  I had a dog named Toby and dogs have been important to me on my journey throughout my life.

I like it because it is a happily ever after love story, where demons are triumphed over.  Arc Angel Raphael chases Asmodeus out of town and strangles him.

It is a story about the power of prayer.  The newly weds pray together.

Arc Angel Raphael, (a close friend of mine) is an angel walking among people, as his family is mentioned.

It is a story of the healing of a man who was blinded by bird poop.  Arc Angel Raphael uses fish parts when healing Tobias's father Tobit and when Tobias helps drive out the demon.  Arc Angel Raphael is the patron saint of doctors and nurses (I am a Registered nurse).  Thus, it is a story of healing.

It is a story about economic justice.  Tobias asked how much he is to pay his fellow traveler and he is told to pay him as he is paid.

"Prayer with fasting and alms with uprightness are better than riches with iniquity."  XI The Revelation 12:8

If anyone else has noticed anything cool about the book of Tobit, please comment.

Oh- I researched.....It also tells that God rewards the Just and punishes the wicked.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Dear S.G.

Dear S.G.

I was manipulated to believe that I was "crazy" many years ago as you know.  I am not crazy.  I will never believe that again about myself.  I am sane in a uniquely beautiful way.  I have said that the drama that has unfolded with my sexuality is actually a test, (of others, not me).  I am in telepathic communication with spirits.  They tell me that you, S.G. passed the test.  This is reassuring, that perhaps the light in your eyes, was your own, and it is a divine light.

addendum:  I just spoke with a lady in Guatemala City (she was with Time Warner cable) cool.

Happy Birthday to You!

This is the birthday of the woman who introduced me to my EX husband.  Happy Birthday!  I have a gift for you.  I am re-gifting it back to you.

I did not get the meaning of the rabbit ornament when I got it from her.  I was confused with getting a rabbit at Christmas.  See the rabbit's butt in the air?  The rabbit symbolized me as the family's sex slave.  I am not a rabbit anymore, am I?  Now the image of the rabbit goes to you, (as a Birthday gift.) MA and perhaps you are the rabbit now?  I hope your sex life is good!

This is me, I am the fox!

No hidden messages with me, I am forth coming with truth.  Of course this is just child's  play with toys.  I have no intention of stalking YOU.  I have no intention of creating a multiple million dollar business about your crotch either, for that matter.  I am a princess.  I don't need to abuse others to feel that I am worthwhile.  I am of the character of those who relish the act of  guiding and protecting.

Have you ever seen the movie "The Gift?"

A New Favorite of Mine

In the morning between awake and asleep I usually get a message. Yesterday it was this video blog's title that came to mind.  My spirit angel advisers want me to watch him every day so I thought I would share with you, my readers.

This is Ralph Smart.  I really think that he has it together.

To All Consumers of Mental Health Services

If you believe in human rights and are not a racist KKK member and reside in USA and are a consumer of mental health services it is very likely that you are a covert (hidden) sex slave.  You may be porned on the dark web by the KKK.  It matters not your age or looks.  There is pornography of all types.  Your mind can be manipulated with covert hypnosis and your memories can be erased with drugs.  This is going on while your mental health provider is aware and is protecting the KKK.

Your awareness will be dulled by the psych drugs so that you cannot put the picture of your true reality together.  DO NOT TRUST YOUR MENTAL HEALTH PROVIDER.  Recall Willowbrook and the sexual abuse of the mentally ill ?  It is now main stream within the value set of the KKK.

It is the Hot War and it effects you too.  You are a captive.  This knowledge will set you free...

The Hot War is actually over...this is deconstruction.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Hot War is Over

Oh!  Now, I get it.  Not only did my ex curse me at the time of my divorce that I may never find love, he said, "Let the games begin!"

Which meant," we in the KKK are going to manipulate your reality ..we will listen in and we we will be in Kahootz with any other secret spy organizations......and be behind your romantic relationships, spy and film what you do for our entertainment."

I was sufficiently medicated not to be able to connect the dots to the meaning of what he said for many years.  I was a fabricated bipolar person.  If I flirted with someone then my ex would hear and was right ready with a dose of LSD or mushrooms.  So they had this half brain dead retarded multi-personality chic to make lots of money off.  The whole world laughed and was quite entertained for many years.

I just thought I would let all the players know.  THIS WAS NO GAME.

This is according to the spirits and angels that I communicate with.  IT WAS THE HOT WAR. A war of sexual psychological international intrigue.  It was a secret WW3.  A thermonuclear reaction could be compared to my heat.....traversing across the globe in pornography (done without my knowledge of course).  It's all about psychology?  Or maybe "consciousness" would be more true.


Now it is the time of Reconstruction.

What animal or fairy creature will you be?  It remains to be seen, it is the 9th Hour so things can still change.

This is J.L and J.L  they are eternal fairies.  This final.

Beautiful, Long, Flowing Hair

You will have to bear with me...I am so expressive today!

Yesterday, while working in the shop/gallery that I work in, a woman came in that I had met in 2013.  She ran the shop at that time.  Her hair is gorgeous, a reddish blond, long and flowy.  While I looked at her she stroked her hair three times indifferent areas.

I get it now.  She was telling me something.  Perhaps she said, "Look at my hair.  You are no goddess, or Forest Queen, your hair is limp and ugly.  I female archetype must have long thick hair.  It is legend."

I prayed, "God, will you eventually give me beautiful hair like hers?  Like mine was when I was 15?"  He said " Yes, Amy., but think about the meaning of hair."

It sounds like heir.

Nuns chop theirs off, like I did in 2004 when I hung out with the Franciscans at De La Verna.  Short hair is symbolic with dedication to God.

Oh, then, I had a thought, mine is thin because of my medicine.

"think some more, Amy.  What drives everything?"  Oh yeah, the flow of qi.  God went on.  Your work as a Spiritual Sorceress is what is most important to you and us.  Long flowing hair equates with vanity.  Your qi is not centered on vanity, it is centered on growing your spirit.  Your qi is way-laid to your brain and your emotional center.  You are mastering your emotions, feelings and intellect,  your qi has no time to linger at your hair roots.  This is not the time to gaze in the mirror admiring your hair.  You have bigger goals than that.

God, Thanks for letting me know that I can still be an important woman without having long flowing locks and thanks for reminding me of what is truly important!

The Plank

My previous Boyfriend, B. and I are responsible for "The Plank."  "Twas really odd, but I could only reach a climax by making my body straight and stiff, (perhaps as in dead :-))  There were hidden cameras in my bedroom and it was noticed that I was a plank in bed.  So when people did the plank pose for fun, it was a mockery of me, the Secret Sex Slave,of the Galen's Gang.

Perhaps I invented the plank so that I could hit someone over the head with it!!!! BONK  *Joke*  but really..Sex as a weapon is nothing new!  See me coming?  I see you going!  Its fun!! Right Brian?  It's fun...I can hear your voice saying "fun!"

I was just washing my hair---and thinking.  A person's shoulders are wider than their feet., so I don't interpret myself a a plank, but rather a club."  BAM! BAM1!" which incidentally are my initials.  This is just fun with words...I am for the most part non-violent.  I save my violent urges for my poppets, that way I can be the Naked Dove in public.....Oh wait that is a brewery.. was I the inspiration for their name?  My father did not want to stay long when we visited in 2014.

What ever--If I say to you the plank is not a plank it is a club it is my way of saying that I have the power, now, as knowledge is power.  My words will hit you, if you are an enslaver, like a club.  Your power is you secret knowledge of me which is no longer secret.  I does not mean that I will come after you with a club.  That is your own strange paranoid imagination.

Mr White Face Hornet and the Bumble bee

Sometimes I hear in my mind, "she hasn't figured that out."  My angelic spirits do not tell me everything at once.  They guard my consciousness.  To know all a once would be overwhelming.

Today I returned to a Bee project.  I am making a bee poppet of G.  My angels told me last night.  "Amy, you can never see G. again."  I asked "why is that?"  They said,  "He mistreated you way worse than you realize and he can never admit that to you.  Any interaction with him would be fraudulent, because of that. You would look like a dupe.  The Forest Queen cannot be a dupe."

Then this morning while working on a bee poppet of him they reminded me of something that had been hinted to me about a month ago.  Over the years my friend G. has been in contact with my X.  My X husband was in on G and my friendship.  G. was a KKK prop.used to mistreat me in the attempt to break my spirit.

That is sad, as I so enjoyed hearing him speak Ukrainian.

My Ex is a White ass hornet and G. is a Bumble bee.


Hornet:  "George, we need to pay that bitch back.  She said I was boring."

Bee: "What's in it for me?"

Hornet: "We will pay you and you will get the satisfaction of Youporn, revenge porn.  She has been a secret sex slave for 30 years but that is not enough revenge....I want to see her suffer and we all want to laugh at her, laugh at her crotch especially.  That is the only way we can feel good about ourselves."

Bee;  "Count me in, this will be fun."

Clearer picture.

Do you recall, I know how to make a hornet and bee sting go away.  I just surrender to the pain.  Surrendering is an interesting concept.

I think these dudes are just big endophalluses!