Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Saturday, July 9, 2016

Where Have all the Ants Gone?

Mission Control we have a problem.

This is planet earth North American continent, United States of America, State of New York, Yates county.  I have been to the Keuka Lake State park several times this summer and I have noticed a lack of the insect population.  No grasshoppers and no ants have been spotted.  I recall plenty of ants running across the beach as a child at our cottage.  I did not see any of the miniature variety in my kitchen this spring.

I recall a book, Silent Spring by Rachel Carson which documented a similar problem with birds.  I have a few ants in my home, thank goodness, they have not been all exterminated.

Ants are fast moving black creatures who are helper bees with the radio active world we live in.  What is causing their demise?  Are they hiding under ground?  Is it the lack of rain and snow this past year?  What can we do to help these industrious creatures?

I think that a strong possibility causing the problem is the vibrations from cellular and smart phones.

We all recall the food chain from high school biology.  We are all integrated, all species.  If anyone has any suggestions let me know.  If you are seeing plenty of ants, let me know as well, reassure me.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Today's Curse to the Dude I Passed While Leaving the Park

I went to the park today to discharge ions.  I often have good and evil presented to me.  I saw a girl who was about 20, and she and her boyfriend smiled friendly like. They even said,  "How are you?"  She looked like I did at 20, she could be my child.  GOOD.

I drove out of the park and passed a dude in a big tuck with motorcycle sunglasses. EVIL.   Immediately my eyes felt an itch.  You know who you are.  Within three months you will die from a painful slow death.  After death you will get what you deserve.  INFINITE NOTHINGNESS for Eternity.

I warned that if I continued to receive aggression I would retaliate.  The Blessed Virgin Mary has given me the okay to dole out curses.

DIE SOLDIER BOY, DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Horror Movies and Dolls

The horror genre of film likes to use dolls for terrorism.  Factory dolls are nothing compared to the chill factor of a home made poppet.  I had demons come to me in my closed eye vision. When they did, I would paint their portrait.  Then I realized that I must make poppets of them as well, to bring them to a  new dimension.  They all have names.  Demons are not all bad, they are little terrorists to route out the bad guys.  Bad guys are not a relative term in my drama.  I don't believe in moral relativism unless it suits me to understand my Lords purpose.

This little gal I bought and gave more expression to.

He has something going on that happened when I took his pic- not planned!

Voldee or Bust!!

Big Bad Wolf is my little buddie!!

Canandaigua's Indian Burial StoneHenge- Chosen Spot

Canandaigua's Stonehenge.

I have a Lady bug bracelet of seven lady bugs.  The red enamel paint popped off one.  We took a nuke hit here.  The perp is behind the  leaves on the bench with her cell phone.  That is how some attacks come about, through the phone.

56 pick up ssticks/Styx (silver and gold ingots- TRUST me) 78 lay them straight.  Then right side up as we love the young braves who died and a interred here.  This is a Holy Indian burial ground and I come here to meditate often.  

Remember man....You are Dust

Last night my angels awake me and sent me outside to stargaze and stargaze I did.  Some stars are really satellites.  I have the ability to give the zing with my Medusa Eyes.   "ZING!"

Some enemy poppets were thrown into the fiery furnace.  That was to fulfill scripture.  Tares into the fiery furnace.  Diablo led them in, and suffered a torching, but he is a good sport.  He asked to posed with his head in the hot box bowl of cherries.

The blue bottle has poppet ashes, Remember are dust.

Thank-you Jesus for your guidance in this Resurrrection Day Project

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Be Creative It is Good for the Brain

When one lives under clandestine nuclear attack it helps to change the containers that your food comes in.  Don't store things in plastic.  I got my groceries repackaged today and I feel better already.  Store your stuff in glass, crockery and boxes.

This is me holding a little cedar waxwing right before I gave birth to my Daughter, Natalie.  This is a little "I love St Francis" photo essay.

Brains fair better when under nuke attack with creative activity.  I covered this box with a shirt I got at a good will store.  Brains are a big ol' Nerve.  Don't lose your nerve, I have not lost mine.

I bought this flower power cover the thyroid with magic teal scarf today.  I am trying to burn through  my money, and then file for bankruptcy.   I will then tell the story of my sex slavery to the courts.  The Judges around here are corrupt, but I will appeal.   I have the Librium not ordered for me(found in my bedroom) and several memories of naked men.

This fabric says "Life is just a bowl of cherries."  It is dedicated to the actors in the movie "Witches of Eastwick"  I recall the closing shot is a bowl of cherries that they munch on.

Be Forwarned

I just want to announce that from this day forward all acts of aggression toward me by perpetrators will be retaliated with a death curse.  YOU want me gone, do you?  I want you gone.  NO guns or nukes, just my pull with the powers that be....Kinda like David  and Goliath.  Amy is the feminine of the name David.  It means "Beloved."   I will use my connections with the Angels and Saints to get rid of you.  'Tis your choice.  Make the wrong choice, you will go.  Where to?  Endless Nothingness.

I will pray for you, my enemy, to leave..........

I will only use prayers, even though I am a stick and stone collector....

By the way 666 nut cases today I am 55.5 years old.....bwahahahahahah 555.  Now that is a little scary coming from me.  We all know the meaning of 5 is war.................... 

La La La La La

Do to do dooooo!

Its is me with my trumpet vine again.  Last  year I wore white for the event.  Today June 30 half way point to my said birthday I am wearing gold lace and blue linen skirt with gold leaves and my gold  home designed Jeannie pants (from a pattern on the web) .  Leather boots.   Leather and Lace.

The shot is from The Other Side of the Trellis.

I tooted doo too doodoo  but you can imagine Tral lallaalalalallaal like in "Who is afraid of the big bad wolf "and the Rosemary's baby music.  La la la la la laa....

Prayer for the Basket of Clouds

Basket full of clouds.
Susan B Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Amy Winehouse, Che Guevara, Marilyn Monroe and Michael Romanov are waiting for your prayers.  I will be praying the Rosary for them today, won't you join me?

Water into Wine, Charcoal and Cotton into Flesh and Blood!!!!

Let's bring back John Lennon and Welcome Malcolm to the Bed in

Bed-In with John Lennon
This is to bring him back.

John is close to my heart.  Once my daughter was walking and I thought she was John by her gate cadence.  Recall our Mantra:  Water to Wine, Charcoal and Cotton to Flesh and Blood.

I read Malcolm's Autobiography so I am familiar with him.  One of my favorite tunes is Let it Be by Paul Mc Cartney.  I always think of the words of the Mary quote, "Let it be done to me according to they word."

Tomorrow is here with The Answer.

Michael Jackson joins us as well.

Hawks and Doves

We are all familiar with the terms Hawks and Doves.  Hawks go to war, Doves want peace.  Doves radiate chi, Hawks suck in chi.  Chi is a pseudonym for life force energy, a form of radiation.  If a country in the Mideast is being bombed a chi sucker in the USA can feel it and draw the chi in.  Hawks like big engine vehicles, they get a fix from the combustion.  They need it.  That is why the USA does not want to comply with the standards set in place to save the Earth.  They don't care, they need their fix.  The chi suckers are never satisfied, they are going about trying to equilibriate their systems in an impossible manner.  They are the bullies of the world.  They like to watch humiliation porn.  That is their fix as well, the emotional pain of others.

I  believe it is possible for a chi sucker to become a radiator, but it takes a psychological jolt and lots of determination.  A Saint Paul experience would do the trick.  Oh, Jesus, we need your help down here!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Resurrection Magic

Tonight the gloaming was perfect.  Enroute to the end of the bluff I was behind a black mustang with a Marines sticker.   Probably CIA.  He turned into Esperanza then caught up with me as I was packing.  I knew my mission was a surgical strike.  My comrade told me that I did it perfectly.  The Devil's boys were stopped on the side of the road  on the way back and tried to radiate me in the  retina.  I had my sun visor down.  They are not powerful enough to derail this train.

 Every thing was laid out.  Shooting stars, candle some other meaningful items.  Candle was lit  and music was made with my Native American maraca.  First I went backward around the intersection, which when I was a child was a four way intersection.  It is now grown over in one avenue.  I held the basket and then after backwards three times unpacked everybody.  I had a living youth and myself as a youth poppet and a youth that had passed away and raccoon angel came along.  The shooting stars came down from heaven so that is why they are included.  I used to watch for shooting stars as a kid in the field.  It is all posted.  Must be what the Beatles song was about....."why don't we do it in the road.."  If doing it brings life to the dead, great!
I am told not to worry if it appears nothing happens, it will be hidden from me if it does, anyway.  That is okay I know what has to be done.  I am not working alone.

I prayed  and then went forward around the intersection, four times for the Blessed Mother, after I packed everyone up.

Thanks for reading.  This is a Y shaped lake, so it is very significant.  It is God's bluff point.  People thought he was bluffing when he said Ten Commandments and promised a Resurrection.  We are going to call  the bluff.  Repeat after me "Water into Wine, Charcoal and Cotton into Flesh and Blood" We can do it!!!

Lets all Respond

I am watching "Repulsion".  Roman Polanski's response to Hitchcock's "Psycho."  Nice work.   My world is a reality Internet response to "Rosemary's Baby."  Cool, huh?

After the Gloaming

I have a different reality.   I cannot be killed.  This got me to be thinking, what if I could bring back somebody else from the dead?  Could God work through me to bring others back to life?  My father died in 9/29 so tonight 6/29 I am going to try to bring back my mother and a few others using the poppets and a magical wand I found in the dirt outside of the mental hospital in 2013.  It has a blue turquoise stone from an earring given to me by the Italian guy when I was in France in 2006.  I don't know if I am capable, but I thought that I would try and see what happens.  I will post photos after the gloaming tonight.  I would imagine that they would wake up in the morning and be in the house or the hotel room where they died.  I am going to attempt to resurrect Thomas Merton and Jini Lash (Fiennes)  I have read their books so I am familiar with their thoughts. My mom is not a red head but this poppet became her because of the expression, reminded me of her.  I don't know J.L's proper hair color.  Jesus did water into wine, that was his gig.  My attempt is charcoal and cotton into flesh and blood.  I could use your mental help.  Please repeat as often as you can water into wine charcoal and cotton into flesh and blood.  If we all focus our mental energies (like witches in a coven according to Rosemary's baby, we can all accomplish this)  I don't know how many rotations of the earth it would take, we shall see.

Lockets, medals and Charms

Locket and charms

Never under estimate the power of a medal, charm or locket.

Precious Bears

Here are my precious little bears.

This photo was taken at a summer picnic in June of 1984.  I cut it out and put it in a locket.  My son and I are separated due to the War, World War III, all about me and mine.

The big bear I have had since I was 4 years old.  The tan bear was given to me in Italy by a nice Italian man and the little white bear I have had since I was about 8 or 9.  Family of bears.

Ode to the East

Thomas Merton and Confucius  my Ode to the Eastern world.  (A start, anyway)

The first spirit doll that spoke to me was Jennifer Lash and she used this little Asian girl.  Jennifer was interested in Buddhism during her life.

Raccoon Angel Makeover

My Raccoon Angel came down with rabies and had to be shot, by my son Benjamin.  He was reincarnated into a boy raccoon.  My son is keeping him as a pet. His name is Jimmy Crack Corn.  He is a rescue the raccoon spirit endeavor.

We don't keep him on a leash, he is free to come and go as he pleases. This came about because my son had a Raccoon hat as a little boy.  He was Daniel Boone for Halloween.  He does and did not ever kill any bears.  In fact, he was dubbed "Ben the Bear" as a baby by his Uncle John Knopf.

The first book I ever read aloud to the class in first Grade was Little Bear.


I would imagine that Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B Anthony would have been killed by the CIA if it had been around back then.  They took out Che Guevara.  Big money does not like it  when the common man is empowered.   The big money people create panic words like communism and socialism.  They just kill anybody in their way.  I want my porn money so they try to kill me.  Simple as that.

I believe my money is tied up in a Ponzie scheme of some sort.  People thinking I am  just a fuckpuppet to cash in on......My story is a little more than that, Diablo, isn't it?

The Redcoats are Coming!

I think it is so cool that the movie Spectre was dedicated to me.  Thanks so much!  I love 007 and the theme of  James Bond.  I should watch Octopussy.

The Redcoats are coming!!!!!! The Redcoats are coming!!!!.  In tenth grade my father suggested that I do my book report for Social Studies from the British point of view in regards to the Revolutionary War.  I only read half the book but I did get a 75 percent for the grade.  I wish I had read it, I guess that is another regret.  75 per cent is a passing mark.

Never too late to finish that book!

I called my son.  He cannot talk to me...KKK dictates.  I know that he loves me.