Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Where Have All The Blogs Gone?

I took down several of my blog entries.  My sister called me.   She was afraid that I was going to rape her horses. She did not exactly say that though, she said that because I thought that people had forced me to be bestial, that she was afraid for her horses..(I, a victim, am actually a potential perp---is what she was saying. ) This was because I had shared that I was hypnotized in my six or seven year old personality to do bestial things. (She was implying that I enjoyed such horrific acts.) She does not recall subjecting me to such torture.  I suggested that she too might have multiple personalities in the MK ultra type drama that our family has been put through.  She was doing the typical psychological torture...making me the victim the perpetrator.

She said, "I would hate to have you lose your house."  this can be decoded.  I am going to get an order from a judge and lock you up for a long time so that you cannot make your house payments.  She works in the court system and has "ins" with the judges.  So she is warning me.  Shut up or you will be put away.  There was one court instance in my past wherein a DA kept saying...K?  Ok? emphasis on K.

She said, "well, two years ago you left art installations at peoples houses."  She wants me to be arrested.  This is why she called the art I left at peoples houses "installations."  She wanted to validate it.  She thought that she could mentally manipulate me to leave art at peoples houses, there by causing an arrest and a psyche evaluation, hospitalization, increased medication............then guess what?  BE STUPID AGAIN.  LAY ON MY BACK IN OBLIVION IN A DIFFERENT PERSONALITY AND TAKE IT FOR ANOTHER TEN YEARS and not expose nefarious activities. (She says she lives a quiet life and is not doing anything like that).   I already said that game was over. It is up to you the reader, am I victim of porn and prostitution (with men I can recall)? or not.

 GAME OVER!  KKK, are you listening?  I am no longer your sex slave.  That organization is extremely violent and arrogant.  They are not going to accept me, a slave, telling them what.  Well, you have never dealt with a being such as me.

So, I did not want the police at my door telling me that people don't approve of my thoughts and ideas and that people think I am dangerous.  I am not dangerous.  I am a sorceress, since most people don't believe in such things....I am harmless.  I am a harmless little girl playing with dolls and using her imagination.  I keep all my work within the realm of my imagination.  Is imagination allowed in America today?  It is a unique activity that perhaps none other than children participate in.  I do see spirits in my world, is that allowed?  Mediums communicate with spirits...I am a medium. Oh but, people labeled me crazy, so I cannot be a medium.

I am not bipolar, that was a ruse created by my family to discredit me.  I was poisoned multiple times.  I do take my medication however, as my mind is used to it. I will not take more medication as it will allow me to be raped.  (I have poor judgment on too much medicine, even discounting the multiple personalities.)

So this is my story.  I went to Salem in 2013 and learned about Cotton Mather and the "spin".  The "spin" has been used against me for a long time.  I have no interest in bestiality.  It sickens me and I don't even look at pornography.  I am continually being victimized by people who want to put a  spin on me. The spin takes a situation and turns it 180-360 degrees and makes it something entirely the opposite by manipulating facts and playing on peoples emotions.

In June of 2013 a paper was found in my home in which I had put the names of those who had attempted to take my life.  My family, with out a search warrant seized the list and interpreted it as a hit list.  Here, I was a victim, luckily,(thanks to my strange reality, ineffective) of multiple attempts at my life. I listed it and was then interpreted to be a perpetrator.  They thought I was going to make an attempt on these people on the list.  My rights were violated.  This paper was part of the reasoning behind having the court ordered medical care.  This was all based on a misunderstanding of my personal writing and a violation of my constitutional right to privacy.  Oh?  Is there a pattern? The victim is made to look like the perpetrator, again!

In 2013 the story was, "she is gonna get a gun!"  I did not know all the stories about my personalities then, but even so, I was never going to get a gun.  I hate guns and I believe in effecting my world through my  mind, not through physical violence.  My beliefs were never considered when the hysteria went around that I would "get a gun."  It was total bullshit.  Total bullshit that locked me up for two months and kept me under close watch with court orders for a year and a half.  It was a spin that gave my "enemies" power.  Oh here's one- In 2013 a family member was afraid that I would sacrifice her pets.  I love animals.  Yes, I had been to Salem Mass., but that visit did not turn me into someone who would sacrifice an animal.  TOTAL KKK BULLSHIT--I would suppose.

. " Well, Amy they had to paint a picture of you being very dangerous, the animal fear added to the "she's gonna get a gun," so that the judge had enough to send you to the violent offenders psych hospital.  That way you would be heavily medicated and be a more cooperative sex slave when you were finished with the hospitalization.  They want you on your back with your legs spread and the money coming in."

I do express my anger and frustration through my poppets.  That is the expression.  It goes no further than that --magically playing with dolls. I believe that the poppet action effectively acts as a preventative for any action in the real world.

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