Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

The State of New York

This morning, my angel spoke to me.  He said, "Amy, the State of New York people are planning to come to your house and demand to see your art work.  They want to use the art that keeps you from acting out as a reason to say that you are dangerous."

I told the psychiatrist at Elmira in 2013, who is in charge of dissociative disorders that I had multiple personalities and he did not even agree to check me out.  Why?  He was under the direction of the CIA and they wanted me to continue to be a sex slave for the entertainment of the wealthy elite and other Satanic types.  These government employees colluded in my Sex Slavery.   I told him in the hallway when he asked what was the event that caused it.  I said, they cut up my friend.

I am not dangerous.  The CIA and the KKK and the Fourth Reich and Satanic Covens?  They are dangerous.  I am just a little girl working out my anger and frustration, pretending that I am a sorceress.  I am not the dangerous one.

I have no intention of ever purchasing any weapons.  I am fully award that every move I make is tracked and recorded, so there is absolutely no reason to try to hurt any one in the physical world.  I have a mystical surreal reality in which I perceive myself as immortal.  If I were to ever commit a crime as an immortal being I would be jailed for eternity.  That is not something I will allow.  I love my freedom.  I have full comprehension of consequences.

I am not a mentally ill person, (with exception of the former multiple personalities)  My diagnosis was contrived by those around me to have me be dumbed down.  (They did not want me to figure out my life drama)

My dolls are art therapy in response to having been raped ten thousand times--rapes which were sanctioned by the US government.  When people are powerless, they resort to magical art forms to cope.  My doll expressions are in no way a plan of action.

I am a trained artist.  I was raised in an artistic household.  My mother showed me how to make dolls.  My doll making is baseline normal for me.  I made dolls for my daughter, I have made dolls for my grand-daughters, I am a doll maker by trade.  I am not a crazy nut in a psychological horror movie.  I am free to express my world through my dolls...That's what Americans always talk about, "freedom".  Am I a free American too?

"No Amy, are a sex slave and you are not allowed to make dolls."

My doll art is strictly for my own pleasure and I share with no one.  If you have hacked my computer you are only getting half the lacks narrative....please don't judge my art from a computer hack.  It is parody and it is quite funny.

Dear State of New York, The movie Secret Window had the message that I would be a dangerous psychokiller.  Johnny Depp was wrong.  That movie was pure propaganda.  Johnny Depp is wrong.  Johnny Depp is wrong,  Johnny Depp was wrong.  I repeated it to form a psychological imprint.  I learned that from my owners (as a sex slave.)

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