Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Spin

In 2013, a couple of psychologist type dudes interviewed me and said I was not competent to be a witness of myself to be on trial.  I had left art at somebodies house and my children had orders of protection against me (totally unnecessary)  My daughter in law got this really strange idea that I would sacrifice her pets.  (perhaps because I had visited Salem Mass. a few weeks priors.)  I have no I idea what made her think something so absolutely against my nature.

I had a list in my house where I had written down all the times that people had tried to kill me.  In my fantastic reality I am immortal.  I thought that the government had radiated me, (radio or microwaves), I had  been stabbed as a little girl by my girlfriend and had shape shifted with a deer, my professor had run me down while I was running outside along the road and my former boyfriend had chopped me up..and it goes on.  The list was not that detailed.  So the gang comes into my home to get my dog after I was locked up while being on trial- a trial which in the neighboring county had deemed me incapable of being in.  The gang finds my list and decides that I was a perpetrator, planning out multiple murders.  No-It is a hit by list not a hit list.  So the murder victim was made to be  the perpetrator.  They had no right to take my paper with the list on it.  They had no search warrant.  The gang twisted my written words and used them against me.  Nobody believed that it was a hit- by list.  I was kept under close watch for an addition half a year after the year was up.  The plan with the government watch is to psych arrest someone if they don't show for an appointment.  I was considered dangerous.  I was only dangerous by misinterpretation and by the "SPIN."  They spun a tale of non-reality.......lies...perhaps the S. cult is involved.

So...if you wonder about the previous blog, you can see where I am coming from.  There has been a lot of shit thrown at me.....garbage.  I am being stalked by people who would steal a piece of paper and whip up a story which results in a two month committal in a criminal psyche hospital and a year and a half of monitoring.

I do photo Karma essays with my poppets.  I will admit that some are violent.  I express my issues with the photo essays.  I fully believe that my Karma poppets work out my issues.  I am like a child working out her issues with her toys.  My photo essays in my personal journal are in no way a plan of action to be violent in the real world.  The action of the toy poppets makes any action in the real world unnecessary.  I have a fantastic belief that I am immortal.  I fully comprehend consequences and I have no desire to spend any of my immortal time in jail.  I also believe that I have a body bug and tracking device in my person.  There is no sneaking in the world of Amy.   I am a trained artist.  My work is my Karma Art.  I work all issues through my art.  I have no desire or plan to ever hurt anybody in the physical world.  In my imagination, I am able to execute justice.  It is all in my imagination.  My imagination is powerful in that it makes free from anger at people who have hurt me.  The people who have done me wrong are above the law as the CIA is behind my troubles.  The only justice that will ever happen is what I execute against my little dollies.  I am coping with my strange reality of having been a covert sex slave with the making of poppets and poppet drama.  Thank-you God for helping me and guiding me to this avenue of expression.  My thinking is at baseline.  I have had these ideas on an off for over two years.

It is exciting to be in the reality that I am in.  Amazing things happen.  Were I to be well medicated so that I could not think then the handlers would be back at it, waking me in the night with a moniker to make me spread my legs.  I am excited to see what fun is around the corner, now that I consider myself free.

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