Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Grimm Show had an Important Message

I watched the Grimm Television series last night.  The animal faces are a distracting tool.  The real message in that series is about racism.  There was a woman who found herself in the position of "patient".  This gave he enemies (who had infiltrated the medical system)  a great opportunity to abuse her or perhaps disable her as in give her a lobotomy.  She was told that her catscan showed something and the evil creatures were going to operate on her.

This is similar to my story.  The evil enemies of mine were in the court system and they kept me from my children for a whole year.  I still cannot go to my daughters house because I gave her a new pair of shoes that did not fit.  I was told that I was malicious when I gave her the shoes.  That was the charge.  The whole thing could have been dropped as I was never malicious when I broke the order.  I was reaching out with a peace offering gift.  I was attacked.

Yes, like my previous blog...when I was sent to the state hospital because I was interpreted by my enemies as being dangerous (sister-enemy).  I was dangerous to them because I was starting to figure out that I was a sex slave.  Best to shut that mind down with some chemical restraints.  I had to take the medicine or receive an order from the crooked court system that I must take more medicine in order to remain oblivious!  WE WANT TO FUCK YOU SOME MORE AMY, TAKE THESE PILLS...(GET THE CAMERA- THERE IS MORE MONEY TO BE MADE)--The Courts and Elmira State Hospital.

My dolls are art therapy in response to having been raped ten thousand times--rapes which were sanctioned by the US government.  When people are powerless, they resort to magical art forms to cope.  My doll expressions are in no way a plan of action.

You might ask, who are these so called enemies of yours?  Like the Grimm show, some are German, Fourth Reich, they were involved in the MK Ultra, project Paperclip project blue bird crap that the US government partook of in the '70' was then, in my case, assisted by the triple initial organization that shall not be named.  I love humanity, all colors.  I was made in my alter personalities to be the idiot for being someone who did not believe in racism.  Their imagination knew no bounds...I have had sex with dogs and horses etc. The CIA continues to manage my case.  There is also a Satanic flavor to our culture as well.  Satanic groups have attempted to corrupt me and have abused me.

The United States Government is an entity that has taken a sweet little six year old girl, stripped her, prostituted her, filmed her, tortured her (water boarded-it was a witness), sold her body for sex, chemical lobotomized her, punished her for her wit...there is more, I am sure.

I can use the same effect as the story Grimm, here we have a true nature coming through a poppet of a character in my drama.  I would bet that he is in my computer.

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