Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Fool

It is no fun for "handler's" or marketers of secret sex slaves to have to deal with "an awakening".  The slaves become aware of all sorts of secret atrocities and blab, blab, blab.  This is embarrassing for the procurers of the services of the slave, as well. They were promised secrecy.  The exposure of clients ruins the business.  It is not funny anymore, to observe the slave, because she is aware now.  What was once funny is not anymore.  This can be so extreme that the mobsters warns the slave, "Cease and Desist!"  Thus taking the role of the victim.  There is that pattern, the victim and the perpetrator get mixed up!  The mobster feels as if she is a victim of her victim, thus to her victim is now a perpetrator, because her mouth is so big!  The mobster is a victim because of the exposure.

The Power of the Secret is what a certain religion banks on.  This is how I know that some in my world are in an awkward position.  They must continue to lie, even if it makes them looks likes asses.  Lying is their ethos.  Some in this world are lairs and are "in" on the secret, and others are the victims of the lying.  So if a victim of the lying knows the truth its a messed up.  The liars no longer have the status of knowing the truth because their lie is not believable to the victim.   They become the victims of their own lie.  So instead they try to make it out that their victim is the perpetrator because they are now exposed.

Oh?   That religion?  If you break the code of secrecy then you might well, as in mafia, be killed by other members of the group.  That is a sad commentary on an organization, that a death threat is how they guarantee cooperation.  (Not necessarily an adherence to a belief system.)

So these people have to keep lying even when the truth is obvious to all.  What was their status, no longer works, they are now "the Fool."

My mother said, "Always tell the truth, it is the easiest to remember."  Liars will trip up.  The biggest trip up, is a lack of response to an obvious challenge on a topic.

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