Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Poppet Mercy

My poppet world is not pretty.  I have been given information about people in relation to myself and have been responsible for exacting justice.  I only have my magical world of poppetry to work out my problems.  The justice system in my physical world is corrupt.  The bald Eagle I saw three weeks ago let me know this too.  He turned his back to me.  The government (CIA) was behind the organizations that abused me.  If I were to attempt to get help against the people who prostituted and porned me in a different personality they would just tell me that it is "bipolar" and nothing that I know to be true is true.  Like the women of old, when there is no help  in the society for the oppressed they then turn to magic.  So, my angels and saints and God help me as my magic is spiritual.  I live in the middle of a spirit war, as people are angry that I know too much.  They wish for my demise.  In my mystical, magical poppet world, I was made the Antipope the other day.  I actually have the keys to the Kingdom.

When I exact justice, sometimes I am left with a poppet corpse.  The poppet corpse must be mercifully taken care of, as it still houses the person's spirit.  My next step is to look carefully at the poppet and its life and see just what creature comes to mind.  The spirits that advise me tell me what kind of creature to make the person into for their next life......their next eternal life.

Luckily, as a child I was not indoctrinated into any specific faith.  This gave my consciousness the ability to realize that there is some truth to all the different faiths.  Reincarnation to an animal is not a vicious sentence, no, in fact, it is quite merciful.

"Amy, how can you possibly  be a part of such a grand worldwide event, such a Judgment Day?"

There is a Chinese Philosophy that says that Microcosm=Macrocosm.  The small individual world is the same as the worldwide picture.

Jesus says that since so many people that I have loved have mistreated  me, that he wants me at his left side at the my magical, mystical world, of course.  Thanks to all who helped me earn such merit.

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