Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Friday, December 4, 2015

How I was Made to Have Multiple Personalities

I have mentioned that I am part of a program similar to mk ultra.  When I was six years old my family and I went on a trip to New Hampshire to visit friends who had a cabin in the woods.  We went for a walk to a nearby berg or hamlet which had a butcher shop.  We entered the butcher shop and my friend from home was there.  She and I had just completed first grade together.  Her name was Sally, Sherrie- something like that.  We were told that there was something fun in store.  There were a couple other men there as well.  The men proceeded to lay Sally on the table and they told me to turn on the switch which activated the blade. I watched as my friend was cut in half while alive.  I believe that the men might have been CIA dudes.  Sally was cut up an bagged in a big plastic bag.  Sally came to the event planned for her sacrifice in a white dress with red polka-dots.    I believe that my father put her inside a refrigerator which was sunk in the lake.  We could always see the fridge tied closed, when the water was clear.
Thank-you Neil Gaiman, for the imagery of the refrigerator with a dead body.  It jogged my memory.

The CIA dudes put me through this to create in me a multiple personalities.  After the horrific action the family friend showed me a newt, a red salamander.  This was specific ..for me to feel whole when I was supine, as in when, as a sex slave, I performed.  This woman happened to be a child psychologist.  When I reached puberty people who were close to my family and wanted, with their permission to enslave me knew the secret words...something like this   "want to go for a walk and cut up your friend?"  I would then, in  a psychological panic return to the mind set of a six year old girl.

All the times that I have been raped I have had the mind of a six year old child.

In my "alter" personalities I am no different than a retarded person.  I am frozen at that age.  If you watch the porn of me, in actuality, you are contributing to child abuse as an active viewer you are guilty of viewing child porn.  When I worked for ARC the psychologists decided if people were sexually consenting.  I can assure you that the personalities that occupy my mind when I am in the six year old state are in no way sexually consenting.  That means, all you dudes and gals who took advantage of me?  RAPE.  You are  rapists- plain and simple

My therapist looks remarkably like the little girl that was sacrificed.  I imagine that it could have been arranged that way.  She is remarkable stupid.  "You mean you are angry that you were a sex slave?" (As if I enjoyed my body being robbed from my mind)  It may look like that, but that is a person with a six year old brain doing the acts instructed of her.  NO!  I AM NOT HAPPY THAT I WAS ENSLAVED.

I have been taught by God, to always be able to change perspectives.  When I realize that I am God's special agent, well, then, the situation is more tolerable.  I can visualize where this whole situation can be very helpful when God makes his list and checks it twice.

We always think of some sort of psychopath when sick things happen..  The Mk Ultra program was nourished by the work of the Nazi's in World War II.  I am grateful that we did not eat her....sweet little Sally.

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