Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Monday, November 16, 2015

The Hot War

I recently read where Europeans visiting the United States find Americans to be very racist.  They said it is expressed in code.

I have an idea.  This idea comes from being a sex slave.  I was an innocent Union Gal and married a Confed.  My parents had already begun my secret sex slavery, (My father was of German descent).  My husband, I believe, sold me into prostitution and so did my first boyfriend after my divorce, and subsequently by people I know..  I believe that this was partly due to my political orientation.  The country is still very divided about the issue of slavery.  If one happens to marry into the opposing side you will be in trouble.  I was manipulated as a child to have multiple personalities.  This enabled people to control "me". I was put in porn in my other personalities.   I believe that I was channeling spirits. My drama came about because I believe in human rights.  I think the Holocaust was horrible.  I think all people deserve to be free.  Freedom is not defined as the right to enslave others.

 If you are in a family with different beliefs your children might be turned against you as well.  The Fourth Reich mind control experts will step in to condition them against you.

I watched the movie Bridge of Spies.  When I kept hearing the words "Cold War" I realized that I have been a player in a "Hot War".  There is a major human trafficking problem in this country, maybe the whole world.  It is controlled by secret societies.  These societies bully people into embracing racist ideals.  People are afraid as they don't want their family members turned into hypnotized sex slaves.  There are the know nothings and the evil doers.  This is not written in code it is spelled right out.  If this blog is a surprise to you then you are a know-nothing.  The people on the "in" are those who have agreed to partake in the enslavement of others.

The Movie Spectre sort of outlines this.  I believe that the story lines are far from fiction.  These secret thugs in the secret societies are the true terrorists in our world.

Thank, Jesus for helping me with this blog and my life.  

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