Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Friday, November 20, 2015

A Lesson in Chi

I don't know if people recall my past blogs.  I wrote one in which I explained the my rude boyfriend's behavior was okay, as he lived near the lake and rode bike in the forest.  He gathered up a special kind of qi or chi which I, in effect, harvested from him- when we had sex..

Next, in my blog, I told of a boyfriend of six weeks who worked at a Holy site on the weekends for over five years.  I had a great sexual experience as I harvested his qi that he had absorbed.  It was quite powerful medicine.

My sister told me several months ago, "you are so Judgmental."  I thought it odd.  My Maggie "alter" tells me infact, that I am Judge-mental.  She tells me I had a judge-(in code-said by Sis).  You see several years ago I made a comment in court about Karma.  I was accused of threatening the judge.  I later wrote a blog that the judge knew nothing of the meaning of the word Karma.  Seems he got wind of that blog entry and set out to teach me a lesson about Karma.  Apparently he came to my apartment.  Oh, Mr. Judge, thank-you so much.  The qi you gave me was very powerful.  You see, people come to you with their emotions at a height.  It is all routine for you and you are calm.  Because of that their qi flows to you like water down the drain.  I don't have specific recollections of our encounter, but the thought of it gets me going, which means that government and the people encounter qi is most powerful.  You would not have sensed any loss, but I most certainly benefited.  He is very powerful, that power just mosied right on over to me.

Now, sister, was that Judgemental comment to amuse the people in my computer?  Or perhaps you were giving me a hint so I would realize the truth of my life story.? (that I had f*&cked the Judge?)

Wham Bam thank-you Sam!  (uncle Sam)

If nobody believes me, I have identifying info such as a mole.

"Abe, is it true you were a judge at one time, as well as president?  I was a bride in a fraudulent wedding.  I go by The Forest Queen or The Bride."  

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