Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Just What is it about Hearing Voices

Hearing voices, channeling, hallucinating, multiple personalities, guidance by spirits and angels.  It is a little confusing.  What I have figured out with the help from my angels is that its really all about frequencies.  I have read on the internet that it is very hard to tell if someone has multiple personalities or if he or she is channeling spirits. There is no way to prove either, I guess.

I believe myself to have multiple personalities that is defined by channeling spirits.  While I was unaware in my baseline personality, I was channeling spirits which came to my aide.  They came to my aide because I could not handle what was being done to me by people who I love.  I believe that I became a porn star and a prostitute while channeling spirits.

Not mentioned above is high tech frequency voice instillation into people's minds.  That is done by the CIA and other government agencies.  They are able to instill instability into people's moods and alter their mind.  If you are hearing a voice you must figure out if it is heavenly or government in origin.  If spirits can come in on a frequency so can a government agent who wants to create a reality in which to study.  It is possible to think that your own mind is thinking something, when in fact it is a government powered frequency thought interjected into your mind.

In 2013 prior to my escalation of mood I was under the impression that two separate entities were battling for control of my mind.  I had the perception on February 6, 2013 that I was under attack by some sort of radiation or microwave.  I dreamt that I had died and was spoken to in the morning hour consciousness. During the night I felt as if my legs and arms were going all over the place, like an atom.  It was at this time that I started to see figures in my closed eye vision, including the EYE.  I think I entered into a different dimension.  I have never felt that any of my messages were from the CIA or other nefarious entity since the event in Feb 2013.

I heard a voice in the living room in 2013 after my hospitalization.  It sounded like my sister. Usually,  I don't hear voices, I have a shared consciousness experiences. I am very thankful for the spirits and Angels who communicate with me and keep me company all the while guiding and protecting me.

Hallucination is a word to lower the status of the person who is experiencing it.  If you are labeled with this term please be sure to correct them.  It is a vision  or it may be confusion.  Perhaps it is an instillation by the government people who secretly study American citizens.  Never allow the word hallucination to be used when somebody describes your experience.

Channeling is when a spirit takes over your mind and  body and your own personality goes dormant. This is also known as possession.

If you are a person who is plagued by voices, as they nag and pester, you might have a demon on your back.

It is up to you how you perceive your experience with voices, you can look to the medical community and think that something is wrong with yourself.  That is their goal.  The medical community thrives on people having things wrong with them.  If you don't accept that approach, like me, you can think of yourself as having received a gift.  The medical community will still think that something is wrong with you.  They have to fix people, make them like everybody else.  The exception in the population is the defect.

What do you think Arch Angel Raphael, is this ready to publish?  He wants me to say that it is quite hypocritical for people to clutch a bible and then deny the typical bible experience(hearing God's voice) credit in this world.

"I am listening Lord"

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