Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Friday, November 13, 2015

Cowboys and Indiangirls

I am very excited about my art work.  I spend a lot of time working out these scenes.  I consider them Karmic equalizer artistic expression.  They are sort of the opposite of propaganda.

I worked  for a long time yesterday morning.  Here we have a little 10 year old cowboy.  The girl next to him is me.  While as an adult I am his mother, in the timeless realm we are sister and brother.  I am the Indian- this poppet has been modeled after me at about 11.  I had a vision and experienced a communication with a Native American female spirit and she adopted me this past weekend.  She is Seneca.  Seneca women are tough.  She made me agree to take her advice as part of the deal in the adoption.

A month ago the Roman Catholic Church made their nurse ask me condescendingly as if I was crazy, if I was "alright"  The priest in confession told me to just put my subjugation by Satanists-"right out of my mind..."  I am not keen on being silent about sex slavery.  He subsequently pushed the Eucharist into my hand.  Alright....I am not a pristine and quiet conforming little I went on my merry way...taking Mary and Jesus with me.

So anyway, I have always had an affinity with the Native Americans.  I like their philosophy about sharing, sometimes they appear  much more christian than christians do.  (Please note- St Martin of Tours of Yesterdays feast day was not baptized at the time of sharing his cloak) and behaved very generously as much as any Christians.  The modern culture likes to point out the Martin was a soldier and his feast day falls on Veterans day.  I will point out that Nov 11 is treaty day in Canandaigua...(Pickering treaty- you are welcome to research) So his feast day falls on the generous celebration of the Haudenosaunee....So Martin's unbaptized Saintliness falls on another special day.---I got off on a tangent...but not really.

The little cowboy and the little Indian girl are off on an adventure.  I am still working out the details--as in setting, etc.
The saint is St. Sebastian.....

St. Sebastian has a tendency to be celebrated in S and M circles, a kind of homoerotic art interpretation(he is stuck with arrows).  St Sebastian does not appreciate it.

This is my mother and a single male friend of hers- this is in the mid to late nineteen eighties. He was a business man at a local factory.  Oh look they are in a purse....Lets play cowboys and indian girls!
Do you happen to recall that my mother sold me to her male friend in the 1970's?

This is why no placemats are woven and why my house is cluttered.  I get so much fun and satisfaction from my spiritual art work.  Oh, St. Sebastian has a shadow figure.  The cowboy and indian girl are hunting him down.  I have discovered in my realm that for every saintly person or icon that I admire, I find a shadow version of them in my personal world.  It is very interesting.  I have a shadow, it is incorporated into me. 

If you are on the "ins" with the psychologists of the government and fourth Reich, they would tell you that I am reverting to my childhood personality while playing with my dolls.  I say, could be or perhaps I am channeling spirits with poppets.     

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