Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Friday, November 6, 2015

Cosmic Synchronicity

Spoiler alert for the new James  Bond movie!

Today, my Angel guided me to think about persons in my life, which, I hate to say, to me, seem, well, like, impossible causes.  I made poppets of the twelve apostles last spring.   It was easy to search through and find Thaddeus or St. Jude.  He was a double cousin of Jesus.  We did some photo shoots and then decided we would go out.  I will admit that I have been waiting for the movie, Spectre to come out.  Today was opening night in the USA.  I put St. Jude in my pocket and off we went.  While sitting in the theater, I could feel his presence in the seat next to me.  I am able to use imagery to feel his company.  He is so sweet, he held my hand and kissed it!  He advised me to write this blog now while my ideas are buzzing in my mind.  (When you are interacting with people from another dimension, a poppet helps to make the experience concrete.)  The picture below is myself and my friend, St. Jude, the patron saint of impossible causes!

This is must be shared as I have such a surreal reality.

Firstly, I am a famous person in on line in pornography.  I get looks that confirms what I know and have known for two years.  I am a trafficked person, as none of the pornography is with my consent, I have an "alter" personality or two.  I have not been aware that I had a thirty year porn career.

In the movie Spectre we have a secret organization which spies on people and the organization is into human trafficking.  I believe my computer is spied on...when it was cleaned up there were a dozen or so entities in my computer.  I have fire wall now.  I also believe that I have a body bug which tracks me.  People know things that they would only know if I was listened too.  I believe that I am and have been spied on by the secret organization with of course --the governments consent.

The movie refers to "the Pale King" leader of spectre.  This is a veiled reference to the white supremacist organizations--KKK and or Fourth Reich.  One of the locations in the plot is "the American" a hotel.  The American white supremacists who traffic people-is what is being said.  I believe these two organizations are working together in my drama.

In the movie Spectre the main story line is James Bond and his adoptive brother.  The adoptive brother sabotages his life, (with the secret org).  I don't believe that my sister and I are blood relation.   I believe it quite possible that she has, with prostituting and porning me, etc, messed up things in my life.  Christopher Waltz is playing the role of my sister.

In my surreal world, I don't die.  If you have read back entries in my blog- you shall see that I have been told by my angel that there are some who would like to get rid of me -but it does not happen.  That is a theme of James, he is always in these life threatening positions but comes out fine, without even a bruise.  He is invincible!  I am invincible!  Ich bin unbesiegbar!

It is nice that  in Spectre, is that James is merciful in the end and does not kill his nefarious brother!  M- announces he is off to jail.

Madelene, the female protagonist has the slope of my nose and high cheekbones, we could be mother and daughter.....or........SISTERS!

I love the day of the dead celebrations so the beginning was a thrill.  The first line of the movie is "The dead are alive"  This can be interpreted in two ways....The living among us, some are really dead..or the spirits who have passed are still with us, in fact.

I can only imagine this in my surreal reality!  Thanks to all the 007 team for telling my story..kinda!  Must be Cosmic Synchonicity!!!

Or perhaps a case of Art imitating Life.

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