Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

As My World Unfolds...

My spirits are guiding me and have told me some startling  news.  It seems that I have done bestial pornography.(horses, dogs).  I want to declare that in no way in my original baseline personality do I have such proclivities.  It is possible that I was quite suggestible in my "alter" personality.  I witnessed a gruesome event as a mk ultra type child, age 7 and the alter which was also inhabited by spirits, (for emotional blocking)...would have carried out requests as a little child would, eager to please.

I imagine from the qi point of view this was probably necessary as I needed to be connected to Animal spiritual qi.  But the intention of the exploiters was to laugh at me and humiliate me.  Intention means everything on Judgement Day.  Everyday is Judgement day to a timeless being like myself.

I don't look at pornography and have in my  entire life seen less that 15 minutes of it.  The people around me who exploited me are shadow spirits.  This has come to me as I work out the Poppet Karma book that I am creating.  It is possible that they have been put here to be put to the test.  A test, that as you can see, they have failed.

As I have written in my other blogs I see my world unfolding in a positive way despite that I have been abused.  abuse...use ab...Amy Brandlin....I guess they did.  What will be the cost to them in the spiritual dimension?  We shall see.  I guess, I shall see, as you people are not in my dimension and don't see what I see..

As a MK Ultra type program, I am a victim of the CIA.  There is no where but the spirit world for me to get help.  The world of Sorcery is my only avenue for help.  The government would only call me crazy.  I am not worried though.....I know the pattern of the stories of mankind.  I am a loving gentle spirit and like I have said I have been gravely mistreated.  The good news is that all of that was a test, a kind of judgement day test.  The angels and spirits see all and tell me so I know exactly who you are and what you have done and if I don't know today...we will get to you.

It is interesting that the finger lakes are like Gods fingers reaching down, or his finger tracks.  Then of course there is the Y shaped Lake that I live near.  This calls to mind, "Why, God?"

I ask God, Why?  He says, "You prayed for the Kingdom to come didn't you Amy?  Here is your answer.  Some need to be turned back to Trolls, some to gnomes, and elves and fairies and animal spirits.  This is the sorting process.  Thanks for your help, Amy."

A few days ago I wrote about Carkey the demon.  Even though demons hang around and might present options for a person, the ultimate choice to do evil is the person's not the demon's.  The demon is there to help the true nature of the person to show through.

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