Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Am I a Whore?

What is a whore?

In the bible the references to whoredom  are about people who worship other gods than God.  This could be equated in modern times to the people who are so caught up in the brain damaging game of football.  Perhaps the collective consciousness of the USA worships football because they know that they too need a good bonk to the head.

I know that I have been treated as a whore and made to behave as a whore.  Am I a whore?  Lets ask God, "God do you think of your servant Amy as a whore?"  God:  "No, Amy people cannot make you into something that you are not.  What you are comes from the core of your being.  You have always been a loving person.  Love is a form of Grace."

What about Roadkill?  Neil Gaiman says in his book American Gods that in the USA whores are roadkill.  I love the part where Bilquis absorbs her john into her and kills him.  It is so like my life, with surreal magic and all."

God:  " No Amy, you know that you are not roadkill.  You are in fact my very special spirit, you are like me.  You have carried your crosses and always been open to communication with me.  You have shown me that you have a fine understanding about Mercy tempered with Justice.  You have done well to expose these so called humans for what they are.  Thanks, Amy"

"You are welcome, God, I am always ready for my next instructions."

Oh, by the way God, It appeared as though a man tried to attack me when I went on my walk this evening.  (this probably accounts for my aggression in the beginning of my blog.  I respond to aggression with literature and art.

How do you take it?

I'll have my coffee with honey this morning.

Question:  Does green mold spoil the coffee?

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The CIA Dudes Continue to Try to Manipulate

I just returned from my job in the little artsy shop.  There is a regular person, A. who comes in.  (a male in his  twenties)  I asked " Gee, D I have not seen A. for a long time."  The people who monitor my listening device think that since I asked about somebody, that I want to f. them.

He came in today and hung around.  He showed me pictures of his bed on facebook.  He said his guardian angel was the Virgin Mary, and that he heard from his spiritual advisers as he awoke(Like I do).  I am unsure if this kid was put under hypnosis so that he would say all these triggers or if he consciously did it.  My alter personality might f. anybody as she is psychologically a 6 year old little girl (who just witnessed her girlfriend be cut up in  a town in NH in the mid 1960's).  The interactions with A. were, once again, contrived.

Dear CIA dudes.  I am not interesting in f-ing A.  There is only one person on the entire planet that I am interested in (R.).  I am a world famous porn star.  I am not a nobody.  I am a sorceress.  Sorceress's cannot be tricked.

You are wasting your time playing these silly psychological games--I see through them.  Do you get that?  I see through it.  I see through it.  I see through it.  I suppose if I say that this is bullshit you might make me eat bullshit.  I am on to you. I am on to you. I am on to you.  You don't fool me.  You don't fool me.  You don't fool me.

I did tell A. that it is quite possible that he too is a sex slave.  A. is "stupid" or innocent and most often the innocents are the victims.  He asked about Greeks and I told him about "Greek boys".

I am Durga!

I will punish those who try to manipulate me through my sketch books. Before warned, Angels communicate with me and spirits, so you should know that I have this supernatural thing going on.

Who You Know

When I awoke, in my mystical reality, I saw the phosphenic image of the Grim Reaper.  We are friends.  He shows up when he wants to communicate something to me.  In my mystical reality, I am an immortal.  As an immortal, some try to prove me mortal.  How do they do that?  Use your morbid imagination.  No matter, Grim is my friend and we all are aware that it is "who you know."

Thanks Jesus, as my "number is not up" yet!

Friday, November 27, 2015

What is it about Empathy?

There are some people in my life and I imagine readily, in my children's lives that have no empathy.  What is empathy?  The ability to feel what another is feeling and go there mentally into another's shoes is what I think of when I try to define it.  Empathy is akin to compassion, which is "to suffer with."

Why would an Mk Utra, (or similar project) person have people in their lives with no empathy?  Could it be for study purposes?  How much can someone suffer under a person with out empathy before they lash out?  Could it be for financial reasons?   If a person has no empathy it is much easier to make them a sex slave handler.  Could it be for amusement for the CIA and the people on the "in-" in secret organizations?  "Ha! Ha! Ha!  Look at these people think that they are anonymous and all of us are getting our jollies watching them live there lives, while we create their reality.   They are so stupid!  Listen to the way he talks to her and she takes it!"

A few years back in 2012 I dated a few different guys and I realized that there was a game going on by the way that they mistreated me.  I said to some,  The Hitler jig  is up!  I am on to you.  They kept doing the jig...I was prostituted to a prominent judge and others...can't recall, I have realized so many johns from the experience of my "alter" personality.  We are a fourth generation CIA studied family.  Our relationships and our jobs are manipulated.  We are listened to and watched for the amusement of the elite.

I have not by any means crumbled under the weight of this very odd life.  It is so interesting as spirits and Angels fill me in on what has happened to me.

The Hitler jig is a little dance that Hitler did when he conquered Paris.  You cannot find it on Youtube anymore.   Must be people want to protect him from embarrassment. (that is the secret politics of the USA, we are allied with the Fourth Reich and the triple initial that shall not be named org.-oops I spilled the beans)   I am not part of that political group which is why I was made to be a sex slave.  I was an example as to what happens if you love humanity in all its colors and faiths.

The Test

I have been observed for many years.  My reality has been very manipulated.  CIA dudes tell people what to say to me hoping for a certain psychological reaction.  I have come through it, I don't know all the details but my spiritual friends help me when needed.

Lets think about the people who watched me "suffer".  They saw how men mistreated me doing all kinds of things to me (while I had the psychology of a six or seven year old) including bestiality, pornography, orgies, etc.  What went on in these observers and money makers minds?  "I better hate blacks and jews or I will end up like her?"  People seemed to think that what was going on was alright, as the CIA sanctioned it.  People found it amusing to what me suffer and not know it, raving about how stupid I was.

I was stupid?

Did it ever occur to these amused observers that perhaps something BIGGER was going on, as in on a spiritual level?

Please tell your CIA dudes to research my audio on July 16, 1987 and there are letters that I wrote about it to S.G.

I specifically had the impression that I was on a mission from God Almighty.  What might that mission be?  Perhaps you laughing, nonchalant, not get involved, not lift a finger to help are being tested.  Thus said, do you think that you have passed the test?

The news from above is, well, you have failed.  EPIC FAIL.

I am not Jesus, "Forgive them for they know not what they do".  That was another drama, entirely.  I am still in a Bugger's Muddle about the problem of the sunflower.

The sunflower is a Jew-German issue.  The Germans planted sunflowers on the graves of their soldiers while the Jews were not able to bury their dead and they were in mass graves.  The problem is about forgiveness and if it is even possible in situations where there is not remorse.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Manchurian Candidates in my World

Do any other families have the problem of "a Manchurian Candidate?"  In my world, on Easter Sunday last year I had the distinct feeling that there would be an attempt on my life by a family  member.  This actually is not a preposterous idea.  My family has connections with a certain triple initial clandestine organization.  I have been quite vocal about their presence.  The punishment for such behavior, especially by a focus entity is death.  They continue to concoct ways in which to be rid of me.  I have a personal mythology which ensures my survival of these attempts but they fail to understand.  "It does not make sense" to them that perhaps I am an immortal being.

I love my children, but is has been revealed to me that they are not in control of their own minds.  I watched Mocking Jay I last night and they mistakenly identified this type of treatment as "New frontier."  That is propaganda.  Mind control was perfected even before the 1960' Nazi scientists who came to America for asylum.  The USA brought them in as they wanted to be on the cutting edge of mind control.
This is evidenced by the movie "the Manchurian Candidate."  The movie was most certainly not fictional with its baseline premise.  I would suppose "Throw Mama from the Train."  has a basis in reality too!!

Movies are way more than entertainment.  They are a vehicle of communication in a society where people are afraid to speak.

Do they celebrate Thanksgiving in Manchuria?  No matter, I have plenty to be thankful for.

Here, this is me interpreting the Manchurian Candidate.  Anyone in my family can play this role as we are a fourth generation MKUltra (type) family.  I cannot be prompted to kill as I play with dolls instead.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

As My World Unfolds...

My spirits are guiding me and have told me some startling  news.  It seems that I have done bestial pornography.(horses, dogs).  I want to declare that in no way in my original baseline personality do I have such proclivities.  It is possible that I was quite suggestible in my "alter" personality.  I witnessed a gruesome event as a mk ultra type child, age 7 and the alter which was also inhabited by spirits, (for emotional blocking)...would have carried out requests as a little child would, eager to please.

I imagine from the qi point of view this was probably necessary as I needed to be connected to Animal spiritual qi.  But the intention of the exploiters was to laugh at me and humiliate me.  Intention means everything on Judgement Day.  Everyday is Judgement day to a timeless being like myself.

I don't look at pornography and have in my  entire life seen less that 15 minutes of it.  The people around me who exploited me are shadow spirits.  This has come to me as I work out the Poppet Karma book that I am creating.  It is possible that they have been put here to be put to the test.  A test, that as you can see, they have failed.

As I have written in my other blogs I see my world unfolding in a positive way despite that I have been abused.  abuse...use ab...Amy Brandlin....I guess they did.  What will be the cost to them in the spiritual dimension?  We shall see.  I guess, I shall see, as you people are not in my dimension and don't see what I see..

As a MK Ultra type program, I am a victim of the CIA.  There is no where but the spirit world for me to get help.  The world of Sorcery is my only avenue for help.  The government would only call me crazy.  I am not worried though.....I know the pattern of the stories of mankind.  I am a loving gentle spirit and like I have said I have been gravely mistreated.  The good news is that all of that was a test, a kind of judgement day test.  The angels and spirits see all and tell me so I know exactly who you are and what you have done and if I don't know today...we will get to you.

It is interesting that the finger lakes are like Gods fingers reaching down, or his finger tracks.  Then of course there is the Y shaped Lake that I live near.  This calls to mind, "Why, God?"

I ask God, Why?  He says, "You prayed for the Kingdom to come didn't you Amy?  Here is your answer.  Some need to be turned back to Trolls, some to gnomes, and elves and fairies and animal spirits.  This is the sorting process.  Thanks for your help, Amy."

A few days ago I wrote about Carkey the demon.  Even though demons hang around and might present options for a person, the ultimate choice to do evil is the person's not the demon's.  The demon is there to help the true nature of the person to show through.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Art Therapy

My art therapy is so much fun.  I can be so bad and it is all fine and safe.  I am just playing with sorcery poppets.  I was thinking as I go through working out poppet issues I must be hitting on archetypes.  Suppose it is macrocosm=microcosm.  In my little world I am carrying out judgement on the whole world based on each archetype's crimes.  I dwell in another I carry my work with me to the world where the angels and saints dwell.  My little angel children have never betrayed me.  They have helped bring people to judgement.  I do it all with my spirit poppets.  I think that it is getting past the eleventh hour.  Nobody has apologized t me.  The abuse of me is acclimated as normal in peoples minds as it is perceived as activities of war...World war III, the Hot War.  People no longer recognize evil.  It is important for me to temper my justice with mercy of course.

Thank -you St Jude for the inspiration on these poppet punishment dramas.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Big Boys want Me Shut Up

My spiritual guides just told me something that does not come to much as a surprise.  I have a psych appointment with my counselor this morning.  The Big Boys in the Secret organization want me hospitalized and chemically lobotomized.  It seems that they don't like me talking about what has been happening in my world.  So, If I don't write for a while that is why.  The Big Boys want me shut up.

I create art in my own journal in my own home and it is nobody's business.  I am a non violent person.  The reason why that I am so nonviolent is that I play with my dolls and work it all out with them.

I believe that Art Therapy is not illegal, in fact it is quite an honored profession.  I am a trained artist and a trained I consider myself an art therapist, in a fashion.

Art is violent at times, look a Django Unchained, did they force hospitalize Quentin Tarrantino?

I know that acting out is totally wrong.  I disturb no one in the physicallity.  I have been grievously violated by people and I am going to payback in my own personal journal in my own home.  My journal has a preface that tells all that my poppetry is in no way a plan for actions in my life.  STAY OUT OF MY JOURNAL and quit sneaking in my home.

And further more...My poppets are a form of religious expression.  I am working on a Judgment day interpretation.  Even though my family poisoned me to look as if I am mentally ill, I still have freedom of worship rights.

Today's Mystical Phosphenic Vision

This morning my phosphenic vision was a planar depiction of a portrait of an elephant.  Next frame a planar man looking upwards.  Third was vague..a planar man face forward towards me.  These visions come nearly every morning.  I perceive them to be messages from God or my Angel Raphael.

Elephant’s medicine includes strength, royalty, connection to ancient wisdom, removal of obstacles and barriers, confidence, patience, using education opportunities, commitment, gentleness, communicating in relationships, discernment, intelligence, compassion. If this is your animal guide, these virtues are a part of your natural character. By applying them in your life soul evolution is accomplished.

Here we have the oldest ceramic figure in the world. In some respects she might be the prototype poppet.  Welcome to my world Venus!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

One Thing that will Cost you on the Day of Reckoning

My Angel friend said that somebody from my past is planning on giving me a call for the purpose of giving me a "reality check."  My reality is different than you folk's reality and you darn well know it.  This story is also an Illuminati reality game show.  Many have bets on my demise.  My demise is not in the cards.  I love the people in my past, even though many have needed a poppet Karma lesson.  If you are foolish enough to attempt to create in me self doubt it will cost you on the day of reckoning.  That would make me sad.  Please don't contact me unless it is to say, "Amy I am fascinated by your world and want to know more, teach me."

My Angels Tell Me

This morning, while working on poppets my Angels gave me strong advice.  "Don't go anywhere in your car today.  The police will stop you and whatever you do they will arrest you."  Today is a special day.   It is the anniversary of JFK's assassination.  The people in the secret organization with a repeating letter like to think history repeats itself.  (I believe in human rights for all, and not the right to keep another as a slave. I am a target.) So....The police are in the pocket of that organization.  They want to make history repeat itself and they want to target me.

This is the spirit poppet of JFK.  Hello, Mr. President, thanks for coming to help me!

My drivers license in the eighties was jfk 9 63 and I thought it was a funny coincidence.  It most certainly was not.  Nov means 9.  I was a target of the triple initial organization then and I am now.  It is a cosmic contest about love, hate, dominance and human rights.  I believe that quite to the contrary of repeating itself, history completes itself....and then God's Kingdom comes.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Be Who You Are

Be who you are was said as someone left the shop, reading of a kitschy memory board.  Who am I?  There are some who would like to believe that the entertaining spirits who inhabited me while I was a porn star and prostitute are me.  They would like to believe that that is the real me.  They say that because they don't believe in spirits.  They believe that the porn antics are a facet of me.  The real me.  I will say the spirit that inhabited me was excited about qi.  Like I have said I draw in qi.  I am like a character in a Star Trek movie.  I might look hot an excited with a celestial being occupying me because of the intake of qi.  I am not like others around me.  I am an immortal.  I am a timeless immortal.  When I am on camera and you watch me I draw in your qi in the here and now.  Even though the act might have been years ago, as a timeless being, I just keep drawing qi..your qi.....I draw it in as you get aroused.  Please keep watching....I, the real getting stronger and stronger.

Perhaps I am a Temple Prostitute and the world is my Temple through the internet.

Bridge to Kaptan Kirk....seems that people can't take their eyes off Amy....we have a problem.

Friday, November 20, 2015

A Lesson in Chi

I don't know if people recall my past blogs.  I wrote one in which I explained the my rude boyfriend's behavior was okay, as he lived near the lake and rode bike in the forest.  He gathered up a special kind of qi or chi which I, in effect, harvested from him- when we had sex..

Next, in my blog, I told of a boyfriend of six weeks who worked at a Holy site on the weekends for over five years.  I had a great sexual experience as I harvested his qi that he had absorbed.  It was quite powerful medicine.

My sister told me several months ago, "you are so Judgmental."  I thought it odd.  My Maggie "alter" tells me infact, that I am Judge-mental.  She tells me I had a judge-(in code-said by Sis).  You see several years ago I made a comment in court about Karma.  I was accused of threatening the judge.  I later wrote a blog that the judge knew nothing of the meaning of the word Karma.  Seems he got wind of that blog entry and set out to teach me a lesson about Karma.  Apparently he came to my apartment.  Oh, Mr. Judge, thank-you so much.  The qi you gave me was very powerful.  You see, people come to you with their emotions at a height.  It is all routine for you and you are calm.  Because of that their qi flows to you like water down the drain.  I don't have specific recollections of our encounter, but the thought of it gets me going, which means that government and the people encounter qi is most powerful.  You would not have sensed any loss, but I most certainly benefited.  He is very powerful, that power just mosied right on over to me.

Now, sister, was that Judgemental comment to amuse the people in my computer?  Or perhaps you were giving me a hint so I would realize the truth of my life story.? (that I had f*&cked the Judge?)

Wham Bam thank-you Sam!  (uncle Sam)

If nobody believes me, I have identifying info such as a mole.

"Abe, is it true you were a judge at one time, as well as president?  I was a bride in a fraudulent wedding.  I go by The Forest Queen or The Bride."  

Thursday, November 19, 2015

What Matters, an Exploration in Moral Relativism

I have an Aryan cousin.  He wrote me on facebook yesterday to  remind me to look to my doctor to tell me who I am.  I don't believe that I was too harsh when I told him that my "Illness" was a manufactured entity.  Manufactured by those who have enslaved me for forty some years.  I look to my spirit world for reflection of who I am.  A mental passage to this world was created by those who enslaved me.  For that, I am eternally grateful.  This is truly a case of moral relativism. Moral relativism is the belief that right an wrong are truly vague, when a case is looked at from different perspectives.  This has caused me to ponder Moral Relativism.  The true determinant of moral culpability is Intention.  Was the intent of my persecutors to create a mental channel in me which would fortify my mind?  Was their intent to create in me the ability of mental telepathy?  Was their intention for me to know the true state of  souls?  Was their intent to create in me a connection to God which would identify who was a shadow person or a troll?  Was their intent to send me to another dimension?

Most certainly it was not.  These "characters" in my life unintentionally have made my life most magic, rather than tragic and most amazingly funny and entertaining.  This was not the intention of the Secret Organization.  Because it was not their(members) intention they do not  most certainly get spiritual credit.  What is Spiritual Credit?  It is a sort of positive Karmic balance.  My Angelic friends tell me who is what and what sort of state of grace the person is in.

My mother advised me, "Amy, mind over matter."  In my dimension that is most certainly true.  Mind over Matter?  What sort of matter are we talking about?  Matter is the stuff around you.  For me it is my dimension that matters.  What matters to me is my assignment given me by our Lord.  That is, presently to work out matters with my poppetry.

No, Christian, cuz, actually, you, no longer matter.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Channeling or Multiple Personalities?

Because I was groomed to be a multiple-personality entity my mental electronic circuitry is different from most.  The Fourth Reich experts believe that the essential happening is a splitting of one person into two or three, but still the same person.  This is wrong.  The person shuts down their essential goes to sleep.  There are angels and saints around us.  When they see a person shutting down, they come to the rescue and the individual becomes a conduit for their spiritual entities.

I am so thankful I was created to have multiple personalities.  The action by my so called "enemies" actually opened communication for me with the spirit world.  When I was first given a hallucinogen it opened the conduits for Jikonsahseh to come to me and open my consciousness to her vibration.  This is a wonderful culmination of events and vibrations.  I can now communicate with spirits and Angels and God.  What more could a person ask for?

I would ask, if I could for my children to be full of grace and their families as well.  (All my children, the ones I know and love and the ones I have yet to meet.)

If I prayed to God and said," I want to hear your voice clearly, know truth, and be friends with angels and saints and spirits in a concrete way, to keep me company."
and He responded, "You can Amy, without tasting death, but it will cost you."

"How so?"

Everyone you love will betray you.  None of your earthly friendships will be sincere.  You will be laughed at and made to eat excrement.  You will be made to have sex with strangers and it will be video taped.  Your lovers will mistreat you and sell you and porn you.  Your eggs will be stolen and sold.  No one will have the courage to face you as their crimes against you will be so severe.  This is the price to keep company with me- and my friends in Heaven.

You may think that these things are very severe to go through, but actually, there is a hidden purpose behind all these despicable acts that you will be manipulated to do.  They will especially want you to look stupid as your Papa was a brilliant man.

Jesus, I accept the assignment.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

What Happens to Students with a Liberal Agenda

Who have we here?  "Tis Cynthia the Mood Goddess.   What's up?"
  Amy, I have come to report to you more of what goes on in the Hot War.


"When girls from Liberal families, who have been taught about tolerance and justice and love, come to college and write their essay assignments they are scrutinized by people in the Secret Organization.  (This can be academic staff.) These young women and sometimes men are befriended by a person from the Secret Organization.  They go out and get drunk or get slipped a memory drug, a Ruffy.  Next they are photographed in compromising positions and acts.  A few days later they are shown the pictures and told if they do not cooperate their parents will be shown the pictures or they will meet with an unfortunate accident.  From there these women are prostituted and porned, turned into sex slaves.  It is the Satanic KKK/ Fourth Reich's plan of  action to terrorize  intimidate the offspring of the folks with a tolerant Liberal agenda.  They say, "We will show you what is Liberal.""

They are looking for pimps.  They like to find people with high moral values that they can corrupt.

As you can see, this news story came to me from a spirit.  She is a Goddess from old.

She says, that the Roman Catholic Church is complicit because they don't care about "Liberal women" who would get an abortion.  The Conservative faction is supported by the Roman Catholic Church and they see nothing wrong with bullying and enslaving those who are not pro-life.  

The Hot War goes on....did I hear one of my words go "bang Bang?"  My mother used to call me "bullet mouth."   I  told my sister years ago the only bullets that I shoot are words.

Lay Down Little Lamb and Take it.

Interestingly, last night my son suggested that I remain Roman Catholic.  I smiled and the topic of conversation drifted.  I believe that the Roman Catholic is complicit in human trafficking.  When, and only when, this issue is exposed and I get a formal apology from the Pope, will I practice my faith with the Roman Catholics.  I have plenty of spiritual assistance from genuine authentic spirit people in my world.   I have no interest in being with the bunch of racist phony balonies in this community.

No, my son Benjamin, the Roman Catholic church feeds its family the pre-crucified host and then expects the lambs to lay down and take it.  I have taken enough in my life, thank-you.  This lamb is a Corsican sheep and it has horns.

This local church is extremely rude.  The sent a nun into my home and she left a chemical weapon.   How rude can you get?  I will not have anything to do with people like that.

Monday, November 16, 2015

The Hot War

I recently read where Europeans visiting the United States find Americans to be very racist.  They said it is expressed in code.

I have an idea.  This idea comes from being a sex slave.  I was an innocent Union Gal and married a Confed.  My parents had already begun my secret sex slavery, (My father was of German descent).  My husband, I believe, sold me into prostitution and so did my first boyfriend after my divorce, and subsequently by people I know..  I believe that this was partly due to my political orientation.  The country is still very divided about the issue of slavery.  If one happens to marry into the opposing side you will be in trouble.  I was manipulated as a child to have multiple personalities.  This enabled people to control "me". I was put in porn in my other personalities.   I believe that I was channeling spirits. My drama came about because I believe in human rights.  I think the Holocaust was horrible.  I think all people deserve to be free.  Freedom is not defined as the right to enslave others.

 If you are in a family with different beliefs your children might be turned against you as well.  The Fourth Reich mind control experts will step in to condition them against you.

I watched the movie Bridge of Spies.  When I kept hearing the words "Cold War" I realized that I have been a player in a "Hot War".  There is a major human trafficking problem in this country, maybe the whole world.  It is controlled by secret societies.  These societies bully people into embracing racist ideals.  People are afraid as they don't want their family members turned into hypnotized sex slaves.  There are the know nothings and the evil doers.  This is not written in code it is spelled right out.  If this blog is a surprise to you then you are a know-nothing.  The people on the "in" are those who have agreed to partake in the enslavement of others.

The Movie Spectre sort of outlines this.  I believe that the story lines are far from fiction.  These secret thugs in the secret societies are the true terrorists in our world.

Thank, Jesus for helping me with this blog and my life.  

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Invisible Vibes May Be Your Problem

Did you know that the government has the capability to bombard communities or individuals with radio type waves that stimulate the brain?  The stimulation would mimic a "manic" episode.  It could also cause people to act out like in a riot situation.

In my history I have become what is called by some in my family as "speeded up" .  I have thought that perhaps I was slipped speed when this happens.  I know now that this same type of bombardment of radio waves - that you cannot detect- could cause the same type of moods and fast behavior.   I do not have mental illness.  I am a former sex slave that they (secret org) wants to silence.

There are people who have trained me in "alter" personalities to be a sex slave.  They really want me to have a chemical lobotomy so that I don't believe that this was done to me.  This is accomplished with high doses of neuroleptics.  (Such as the year 2014).

I would suppose that there are some in this secret society( which is supported by the CIA,) that might try the bombardment technique on me.  I always suspect something if I start to be fast.

I made a Faraday hat out of screen and it seems to help.  I have a body bug and a tracking device in me, so they would certainly know where to aim.

My government case worker told me, "you will act out."  She knew that the radio vibes were in store for me.

I suppose if the US Government likes trouble in the Mideast they could cause Isil like behavior with the right frequency.  War means business.

I am so excited, I started the poppet of George Washington today.

Friday, November 13, 2015

I Needed to be Taught a Lesson

Most of my life has been lessons given to me by "The Nefarious Organization."  I have had a body bug and also I have spoken to people around me.  My brother in law once said, "YOU have got to watch what you say.

I said that I did not like porn,  I was made a porn star in another personality.

I said I thought sex and love went together.  I was in a relationship with a "prop" who made it clear that he only wanted me for sex and did not love me.

I believe in human rights so I was denied my basic human rights.

I said porn was humiliation and it was wrong.  I was put into an alter personality and someone who I "loved" gave me a golden shower in a men's bathroom.

I said that I did not like surrogate parenting or egg donation.  My eggs were harvested and I have children out there that I have yet to meet.

If there is a man out there that I admire or love the Organization will get to them and pay them to do something evil to me.

Why?  The man I married, I did not love enough for the organization's liking.  Now the man I married married me knowing that he could make good money from selling my body, as I had "alters".  He had the bible to back him up as there is a passage that says that the wife's body is the husband's and the husbands is the wife's.  I did not love this member of the organization like I should have.  I deserved to be taught a lesson....a lesson like in fifth grade.  I have been a secret sex slave for 40 years and I am the one that needs to be taught a lesson?  Am I cogitating that correctly?

God, you chose the right spirit for this undertaking.  Thanks God for giving me the gentle spirit which can work through all her issues with poppetry.

Readers?  Tell your daughter that if a boyfriend ever begs her never to leave like the wind.  If you are a Union Gal, make sure you aren't marrying a Confed!

"Amy!  I am sure that you already know this, but Secret Occult Groups don't need a reason to abuse someone.  They just do it because they can and for the money".--Arch Angel Raphael.

Cowboys and Indiangirls

I am very excited about my art work.  I spend a lot of time working out these scenes.  I consider them Karmic equalizer artistic expression.  They are sort of the opposite of propaganda.

I worked  for a long time yesterday morning.  Here we have a little 10 year old cowboy.  The girl next to him is me.  While as an adult I am his mother, in the timeless realm we are sister and brother.  I am the Indian- this poppet has been modeled after me at about 11.  I had a vision and experienced a communication with a Native American female spirit and she adopted me this past weekend.  She is Seneca.  Seneca women are tough.  She made me agree to take her advice as part of the deal in the adoption.

A month ago the Roman Catholic Church made their nurse ask me condescendingly as if I was crazy, if I was "alright"  The priest in confession told me to just put my subjugation by Satanists-"right out of my mind..."  I am not keen on being silent about sex slavery.  He subsequently pushed the Eucharist into my hand.  Alright....I am not a pristine and quiet conforming little I went on my merry way...taking Mary and Jesus with me.

So anyway, I have always had an affinity with the Native Americans.  I like their philosophy about sharing, sometimes they appear  much more christian than christians do.  (Please note- St Martin of Tours of Yesterdays feast day was not baptized at the time of sharing his cloak) and behaved very generously as much as any Christians.  The modern culture likes to point out the Martin was a soldier and his feast day falls on Veterans day.  I will point out that Nov 11 is treaty day in Canandaigua...(Pickering treaty- you are welcome to research) So his feast day falls on the generous celebration of the Haudenosaunee....So Martin's unbaptized Saintliness falls on another special day.---I got off on a tangent...but not really.

The little cowboy and the little Indian girl are off on an adventure.  I am still working out the details--as in setting, etc.
The saint is St. Sebastian.....

St. Sebastian has a tendency to be celebrated in S and M circles, a kind of homoerotic art interpretation(he is stuck with arrows).  St Sebastian does not appreciate it.

This is my mother and a single male friend of hers- this is in the mid to late nineteen eighties. He was a business man at a local factory.  Oh look they are in a purse....Lets play cowboys and indian girls!
Do you happen to recall that my mother sold me to her male friend in the 1970's?

This is why no placemats are woven and why my house is cluttered.  I get so much fun and satisfaction from my spiritual art work.  Oh, St. Sebastian has a shadow figure.  The cowboy and indian girl are hunting him down.  I have discovered in my realm that for every saintly person or icon that I admire, I find a shadow version of them in my personal world.  It is very interesting.  I have a shadow, it is incorporated into me. 

If you are on the "ins" with the psychologists of the government and fourth Reich, they would tell you that I am reverting to my childhood personality while playing with my dolls.  I say, could be or perhaps I am channeling spirits with poppets.     

Thursday, November 12, 2015

A Desire for Segregation

A person close to me stated, "races live happier apart."  He was not relating his desire for humanity, more of a fact from the observation of behavior of humans.  I have white skin, but my soul is a different ethnicity.  I only say this because I appreciate all nationality's cuisine.  I listen to different types of music.  I feel love for all people regardless of their skin tone.  I don't have "white pride."  I have white shame.

I propose another form of separation.  That is that Satanic secretive abusive people need segregation.  I say this as a person who has forty plus year experience with their antics.(I was porned and prostituted in an alter personality)  I won't say I was their victim as I am nobody's victim.  God works good for those who love Him.  Perhaps part of the spirit war I am waging in my mind and through my poppetry has to do with some sort of segregation of the diabolical powers and principalities. It is a form of exorcism.

 I am Durga, after all.  The mistreatment by the Satanists has provided me with the justification and motivation to do my life's calling... my spiritual mission.

It is a grand my mind that is.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Message from Beyond

I was falling asleep and a spirit from my past came to advise me.  This specific spirit was married to someone in my family who was part of my exploitation.  He explained that some witches like to do word jumbles, anagrams.  This particular witch has thought of initials are AMB...or A BM.  This further is extrapolated to "laid waste to"  as in to utterly destroy. (get it- bm is waste) She uses this little game to encourage her in her competition with me.

I say my initials are "BAM!"  Like in a graphic novel.  (get it-as in "BAM" you've been socked)

This all in fun, of course.  I have no enemies, there is no such thing as secret covens, it's all in my crazy head.
Good night J. and thanks!  I love my spirit friends so much!  Life is Good.

Do You Know How to Recognize a Certain Type of Witch?

This is just a quickie!

Not all witches fall under the "meany" category- but many do.

How to recognize a witch in your life.  I admit that I am a sorceress.  We are not the same a witches.  Witches are bitches.  It is true.  This bitch as meant as someone who is mean for no apparent reason or who is bossy to their mate.  Men can be witches too.  I have read where warlocks are not male witches, they are witches thrown out of the coven.  So if while you are just mosy-ing around friends and family you notice somebody being bossy or mean for no reason, it would be wise to think that they are probably witches.

I am a sorceress, I work with Karma.  I focus my karmic retributions with my poppets in order to help the spiritual beings who appear as human to progress in their spiritual growth.  I am kind, generous and loving--even to those that I know mean to do me harm.

My mother was a witch.  Whenever we visited all we heard was complaints and ordering directed at my father.  This might have  been a psychological ploy by the mind controlling mk ultra type my case though.

Another true sign is if they hope people will die so they can get an inheritance-and they come right out and say it!  with no shame!

They Guide and Protect Me

Here is a great story idea....a psychological thriller.

A person is born of famous parents, clandestine as it is the outcome of an illicit affair.  The baby is then taken to another country and adopted.  The parents never tell the child who she is.  All the characters in this little girl then woman's life are play actors.  The people that the government allows to be near this famous progeny are paid to treat her in a certain way.  Military psychologists plot and plan all her relationships.  Her whole life really is a stage.

The angels in heaven watch all this and wait.  Eventually they come to her aid.  They guide and protect her and lead her in artistic ways to express what she feels as she awakens to reality.  After 54 years it has come to her consciousness that something is going on.  She reaches out to the Angels and they say.."Fear not, we are here."

"Nice blog Amy- but the glue is dry on the poppet.....get your camera.."

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

The Look in Your Eyes

Eye contact is a way of communication.  Eyes are the window to the soul.  If someone is in love or lust and they gaze at their lover their eyes send a message. I have partaken in looks of longing desire a few times in my life.  If someone is angry, their eyes send a message.  I saw a person from my past a few weeks ago in the grocery story.  My eyes gave him a look.  The look was steely cold, almost dead.   Now that I know what exactly has been in my past. (porned and prostituted in a different personality)  when I look at old photographs of people that I took, I see in their eyes a sort of cocky "Boy have-we have put one over on you!"- look.

One time when I was about 13, a girlfriend gave me the evil eye.  My father did the same in the early nineties while he was playing a gig in his band.  One can really see the dark energy emerging from the left eye. The Mal Oyo is palpable.  Some say the mal oyo is the eye of desire, desire so much as to be a sick desire.  Perhaps the desire is to have evil befall the person in receipt.

Yesterday a woman came in to the shop I work at, and she said, "you look so familiar!"  She was not the least familiar to me.  She recognized me from the work that the spirits I channeled did.  I gently redirected the conversation.  At the end of our talk, she gave me a knowing look.  She had remembered where she knew me from.  I admit to a transient cowardice. The next time someone knows me from somewhere I will tell them.  "I am a recovering sex slave and you have seen me in porn.

I will share, my poppets?  When they are created it is very important that I put the spiritual energy of that person from the eyes into the poppet. (this can be done from a photo)  I look to the poppets eyes when I have a question and they will give me a yay or nay. The spirit of the poppet is empowered by their presence in my consciousness.

Oh!   I forgot, I am crazy!  Crazy people don't have the perceptions of what humans have evolved for thousands of years to communicate!  Even though my mental illness was faked with hallucinogens and speed, I don't know what eye messages mean.  This crazy sorceress is making the clothing of the president today so be sure to check out my other blog...amesascribbles...Education in creativity.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Playing with Dolls

I wish I could share with you my photo essays which deal with exocising poppets of their evil natures.  The truth is there are some who wish I would.  I would not be classified as an artist, no, I would be classified as a dangerous crazy person.  (This happened in 2013- I put some dolls next to a toy tiger and ketchup and was considered quite dangerous.  It  must be forboden to express rage with dolls, unless you are under the age of ten)  There are conservative men in the judicial system with ties to the secret organizations that exploited me for 40 years.  They are eager to shut me up.

If I were to post any doll art that might be questionable the police might come to my door with an order to take me away to a hospital for the criminally insane.

All because I get great therapy from playing with toys.

(I am only a "crazy person" because people slipped me speed and hallucinogens in order to make me a better more drugged and obedient secret sex slave)  So art by me is craziness, not art.

I could say, "It is my faith!  I am a sorceress!  "No Lady, you're a nut case.  Get in the white van."

The Real Reason Women Cannot be Priests

The real reason that women cannot be priests is "the Ole Boy Network".  The hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church is webbed into the Illuminati.  The Illuminati actively enslaves mostly women and children of all different cultures all over the world.  If women were priests they would come to this knowledge, through the confessional and just by being in the hierarchy.  Women in power would not tolerate the secrecy of this trafficking of women and children.  It would come to light all over the world that in addition to transferring pedophile priests and tolerating the exploitation of children on the small scale, that the church is colluding with a billion dollar human trafficking scheme with the Illuminati.  Just like my case, the trafficking is covert, in all walks of life with husbands and buddies betraying wives and children, mostly for domination and entertainment.

Women are by their very nature more compassionate and if they were allowed to be high priestesses in the Roman Catholic Church the collusion with the Illuminati human trafficking would be exposed and it would destroy the church.

They are the true terrorists in the world.   This caption is "Lets trash the Holy Family, Christians love to take it."  Every human family is a fractal of the holy family.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Amazing Thing about a Lucid Dreamer

I am so blessed.  It began in February of 2013 but did not become regular until perhaps May of this year.  While I am awaking and in between levels of consciousness I receive a vision, otherwise known to non-believers as a lucid dream.  I am very accustomed to being very alert while in between levels of consciousness.

Why would that make any difference to you, Amy?

Well, for years and years I would go between channeling spirits and being my normal self and not know that anything happened.  This heightened awareness has been gifted to me as a safety net.  If  nefarious people desire to put me into a channeling situation, otherwise known as an "alter" personality they would be taking a very big risk.  This heightened awareness while being in between levels of consciousness is not a good guarantee that I would be a reliable multi-personality sex slave.  (Which is my history)


1. A woman (the prey) who gets slipped a drugged drink (by the predator) and is either raped or sexually harassed. A target of an attack.   
Thanks to all my spiritual helpers, animal and angelic, saintly and not so saintly!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Power of a Name

Some one may ask, "How can you prove that you were mistreated in and "alter" personality.  It is just theories you have.  You have no proof."

I have had breakthroughs.  When one is in another personality channeling a different spirit the baseline spirit goes to sleep.  I had what I thought were strange erotic but non erotic dreams.  While sleeping I would break through the "alter".  When I did this I saw naked men's bodies and heard their voices talking.  I hesitate to say who they were, (I have about four or five of these non-dreams).  I don't want to say who they are because they gave assistance to me.(or at least 2 did)  I believe that they spoke my name "Amy", and this action brought my sleeping Amy personality into wakefulness.  When I saw their naked bodies, I thought "I am sleeping with so and so".  Next, I would fall back to sleep.  When I awoke later, at the time I thought it was a dream.  I know now that it was not a dream.  I only thought it was a dream as it occurred when my baseline personality was drowsy.

If you mistreated me by sleeping with me without my baseline personality's permission (as in rape), know that there is a chance I have an idea who you are.  If you were kind enough to use my name, I am very thankful.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Cosmic Synchronicity

Spoiler alert for the new James  Bond movie!

Today, my Angel guided me to think about persons in my life, which, I hate to say, to me, seem, well, like, impossible causes.  I made poppets of the twelve apostles last spring.   It was easy to search through and find Thaddeus or St. Jude.  He was a double cousin of Jesus.  We did some photo shoots and then decided we would go out.  I will admit that I have been waiting for the movie, Spectre to come out.  Today was opening night in the USA.  I put St. Jude in my pocket and off we went.  While sitting in the theater, I could feel his presence in the seat next to me.  I am able to use imagery to feel his company.  He is so sweet, he held my hand and kissed it!  He advised me to write this blog now while my ideas are buzzing in my mind.  (When you are interacting with people from another dimension, a poppet helps to make the experience concrete.)  The picture below is myself and my friend, St. Jude, the patron saint of impossible causes!

This is must be shared as I have such a surreal reality.

Firstly, I am a famous person in on line in pornography.  I get looks that confirms what I know and have known for two years.  I am a trafficked person, as none of the pornography is with my consent, I have an "alter" personality or two.  I have not been aware that I had a thirty year porn career.

In the movie Spectre we have a secret organization which spies on people and the organization is into human trafficking.  I believe my computer is spied on...when it was cleaned up there were a dozen or so entities in my computer.  I have fire wall now.  I also believe that I have a body bug which tracks me.  People know things that they would only know if I was listened too.  I believe that I am and have been spied on by the secret organization with of course --the governments consent.

The movie refers to "the Pale King" leader of spectre.  This is a veiled reference to the white supremacist organizations--KKK and or Fourth Reich.  One of the locations in the plot is "the American" a hotel.  The American white supremacists who traffic people-is what is being said.  I believe these two organizations are working together in my drama.

In the movie Spectre the main story line is James Bond and his adoptive brother.  The adoptive brother sabotages his life, (with the secret org).  I don't believe that my sister and I are blood relation.   I believe it quite possible that she has, with prostituting and porning me, etc, messed up things in my life.  Christopher Waltz is playing the role of my sister.

In my surreal world, I don't die.  If you have read back entries in my blog- you shall see that I have been told by my angel that there are some who would like to get rid of me -but it does not happen.  That is a theme of James, he is always in these life threatening positions but comes out fine, without even a bruise.  He is invincible!  I am invincible!  Ich bin unbesiegbar!

It is nice that  in Spectre, is that James is merciful in the end and does not kill his nefarious brother!  M- announces he is off to jail.

Madelene, the female protagonist has the slope of my nose and high cheekbones, we could be mother and daughter.....or........SISTERS!

I love the day of the dead celebrations so the beginning was a thrill.  The first line of the movie is "The dead are alive"  This can be interpreted in two ways....The living among us, some are really dead..or the spirits who have passed are still with us, in fact.

I can only imagine this in my surreal reality!  Thanks to all the 007 team for telling my story..kinda!  Must be Cosmic Synchonicity!!!

Or perhaps a case of Art imitating Life.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

A Poppet Remedy

I have said, "I am a sorceress."  I noticed a pattern of causality while in the hospital in 2013.  I would stare at leaves on the trees out the window and they routinely would accelerate their movement.  I showed my grand-daughter a few months ago and she had the same effect.

I am a poppet maker.  Why all the poppets of of the deceased and Saints and family members?  What is the purpose of the poppets?  I think things through and plan, with the help of the saints and angels.  I then work out issues that I might have with people.  This is great therapy.  It is my photos, my own personal journal, my own world.  But, I said that I am a sorceress.  Can my actions with the poppets change my world, or any other person's for that matter?  I talk with spirits and they guide me.  Spirits know so much, so I follow their suggestions.  What plan does God have?  What effect can a Laurentian drama have?

To enter the Kingdom one must become like a little child.  I play with my poppets, I am like a little child.  I long for the Kingdom.  A world where family is treacherous needs a remedy.  A poppet remedy.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Just What is it about Hearing Voices

Hearing voices, channeling, hallucinating, multiple personalities, guidance by spirits and angels.  It is a little confusing.  What I have figured out with the help from my angels is that its really all about frequencies.  I have read on the internet that it is very hard to tell if someone has multiple personalities or if he or she is channeling spirits. There is no way to prove either, I guess.

I believe myself to have multiple personalities that is defined by channeling spirits.  While I was unaware in my baseline personality, I was channeling spirits which came to my aide.  They came to my aide because I could not handle what was being done to me by people who I love.  I believe that I became a porn star and a prostitute while channeling spirits.

Not mentioned above is high tech frequency voice instillation into people's minds.  That is done by the CIA and other government agencies.  They are able to instill instability into people's moods and alter their mind.  If you are hearing a voice you must figure out if it is heavenly or government in origin.  If spirits can come in on a frequency so can a government agent who wants to create a reality in which to study.  It is possible to think that your own mind is thinking something, when in fact it is a government powered frequency thought interjected into your mind.

In 2013 prior to my escalation of mood I was under the impression that two separate entities were battling for control of my mind.  I had the perception on February 6, 2013 that I was under attack by some sort of radiation or microwave.  I dreamt that I had died and was spoken to in the morning hour consciousness. During the night I felt as if my legs and arms were going all over the place, like an atom.  It was at this time that I started to see figures in my closed eye vision, including the EYE.  I think I entered into a different dimension.  I have never felt that any of my messages were from the CIA or other nefarious entity since the event in Feb 2013.

I heard a voice in the living room in 2013 after my hospitalization.  It sounded like my sister. Usually,  I don't hear voices, I have a shared consciousness experiences. I am very thankful for the spirits and Angels who communicate with me and keep me company all the while guiding and protecting me.

Hallucination is a word to lower the status of the person who is experiencing it.  If you are labeled with this term please be sure to correct them.  It is a vision  or it may be confusion.  Perhaps it is an instillation by the government people who secretly study American citizens.  Never allow the word hallucination to be used when somebody describes your experience.

Channeling is when a spirit takes over your mind and  body and your own personality goes dormant. This is also known as possession.

If you are a person who is plagued by voices, as they nag and pester, you might have a demon on your back.

It is up to you how you perceive your experience with voices, you can look to the medical community and think that something is wrong with yourself.  That is their goal.  The medical community thrives on people having things wrong with them.  If you don't accept that approach, like me, you can think of yourself as having received a gift.  The medical community will still think that something is wrong with you.  They have to fix people, make them like everybody else.  The exception in the population is the defect.

What do you think Arch Angel Raphael, is this ready to publish?  He wants me to say that it is quite hypocritical for people to clutch a bible and then deny the typical bible experience(hearing God's voice) credit in this world.

"I am listening Lord"

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Who is Amy? Don't Ask Lisa

The real me (Amy,) the one who does not partake in porn in anyway and who does not sell herself, has been bothered all day by these words from my sister Lisa.  "You are so judgmental!"    That was the reason she gave me for never wanting to get together,( prior to my full revelation as to her role in my drama. ) In the 1980's and 90's I was judgmental about mothers who did not breastfeed.  I don't recall being a very judgmental person.  Perhaps I was judgmental about people who had 6 to 8 cats and dogs as pets.  I hate big trucks, I might have turned up my nose about a purchase of theirs.  I was the one who had experienced feelings for other men while married.  I was always hesitant to judge people on matters of the heart.

In my poppetry, which truly reveals my nature, I always defer judgment to Arch Angel Raphael.  I am glad that God sent me Arch Angel Raphael.  He has taught me about demons.  In the story of Tobit in the bible he is pro-economic justice.  I am a nurse and Raphael is a healer, with the fish gall in the bible story.  If I have a poppet who represents someone who has done me wrong, I don't just willy nilly stick pins in it.  I ask, "Raphael, what do we do with this person?"  I let Raphael do the judging.  After all, he knows way more than me.  I even ask him when to post my blog entries.

My sister did not want to be seen in public with me.  She knew what I did not know then, that is that I am a porn star on the dark internet...(Revenge Porn)  She did not want to put forward to the public that she approved of my activities in another personality, while in truth, she was quite involved with the porn and prostitution drama.

She might have been fearful of being judged, if people knew her role in the exploitation of me.  This is all fantastic supposition.  I know nothing other than what my angelic guide tells me.  This is an entry of mystical surrealism.  It does explain, though, why as sisters we have never spent time together.

I pray for my sister, as I fear that she is under some kind of foreign mind game spell.  I wish for her to be able to recognize her own thoughts vs. those thoughts that are artificially implanted.  In 2013 I had the feeling that I was under mind control.  I would imagine I am not the only player in this game with such a reality..  I have read that people can be radioed thoughts and not even realize that it an intrusion. Here is a site that sells protection.

My phospenic image this morning was that of a white glowey alien, like in the movie, coming out of a body.  This does not refer to me.  I communicate with the Angels and spirits, they are "the other".  When one is inhabited by an alien they are  not aware of it.

Update footnote; "You are so judgmental "  was a joke as Sis had sold me to a judge to teach me a Karmic Lesson.  It is quite ironic as the encounter with the Judge increased my chi, fourfold or more.  

Monday, November 2, 2015

Spiritual Poppetry at Work

 I had a brother-in-law who once told me, "Your problem is your mother."

Today I set about making a Goddess dress for Juno.  Many years ago my mother gave a book to me "Goddesses in Every Woman."  My mother is named June and she was born in June.  My mother was a great cook and loved to make beautiful surroundings.  I figured, "well, my mother must be Juno, she is the goddess of home and hearth and motherhood."  As I was creating the lovely dress for the Goddess Juno she started to tell me what was up with my mother. I know now that my mother June had sold me to her male friend and was up to other sorts of shenanigans with creating multiple personalities in me and working with government agents to try to make me into something contrary to my nature. She moved on to the other world in December of 2001.  The Shadow of Juno was responsible for the problems I had with June.

"Well, Juno, what were you up to with my mother June?  Is she a fractal of you?"
She responded, "Amy, you are named Amy Maria.  I saw my chance.  I sent my shadow nature to your mother.  Whenever she saw you she seethed with envy.  She became very dark and willing to hurt you, behind your back.  I was glad at first that she was like that.  Since you are a Maria and she was a June it was my chance for revenge.  I especially attacked your virtue because the Virgin Maria is so virtuous."

Me:  "Why did you want revenge?"

" I was Queen of the Gods for thousands of years. I helped the humans with their family life.  People came to me with their needs.  All of the sudden, Maria and her Son Jesus took over.  My temples were changed to Christian churches.  My era was over because of Christianity, I could not help my anger".

"Well, Juno, what do we do now with the poppet spirit of June?  If your spirit possessed her, it is hard to hold her accountable.  I will ask Arch Angel Raphael. "

He says to ask June--

 --She responds that she is sorry for the way she treated me."

I forgive her.

My mother has a tradition  of always being photographed cooking up some delicious feast. (The Goddess Juno has the darker hair.)
Ephesians 6:12

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Maria Goretti's Example

Maria Goretti

Tis the Year of Mercy starting December 8, 2015.

The Saint Maria Goretti is a friend of mine.  She forgave her attacker and longed for him to be in Heaven with her.  Anyone who reads my blog knows that I have come to the realization that I was manipulated to have several personalities.  In these other personalities I have been raped, prostituted and porned.  I know that people have done this to me as I have recovered memories.  They know that I know what their shinanigans were and still would be if I were not protected by my Angel Raphael, Jesus and the saints.  The saints are all about forgiveness and guidance to people who have been mistreated.  My Angel Raphael guides me in my poppet work.  He and Jesus do not bestow forgiveness on all that have done me wrong.  (I work this out with my poppets- as therapy)  I cannot be labeled as judgmental, as I always look to my  Angel for guidance. Arch Angel Raphael makes the decisions.

There is no forgiveness as long as there is secrecy.  The actions against me have all been in secret.  The perpetrators must acknowledge their guilt in order to be forgiven.  There is no mercy granted without contrition in my poppet drama.  This does not exactly agree with Maria- but lets say that there were 3,000 men with knives who torn her to shreds continually for 40 years, and did this secretly while she was in another personality.  The 3,000 men would be unknown to her, how could she forgive them without even knowing their names?  I know some names, but they do not know that I know.  I don't want anonymous rapists in my poppet Heaven with me and neither does Jesus.

The poppets in my magical world who go to Hell are of a certain vibration.  I recently read some of Lord Dowding's work and he explains that Hell might not be as it has been portrayed, with fire and pain.  It might just be a lack of bliss (my thought).

Dear little Angel,
There are many ways to molest people in this modern world.  I ask you and yours to help me and my family be free from hi-tech mental harassment.  We can all work together towards a peaceful world.  Take you horn and announce the coming of the Kingdom. In Jesus name -Amen