Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Friday, October 9, 2015

St. Joseph: "Intervention"

This morning I awoke and I had this thought which I attribute to Saint Joseph, that there are some in my life who call themselves family, who might feel an "intervention" is needed to set my mind straight.  It seems that they don't approve of my activities as a medium. (I communicate with spirits)  I am not allowed that title, as I have been awarded the title of mentally ill by those who have given me drugs to make me appear as if I am ill.  (case in point, German man in my house the night before my first episode or "trip" and a husband that did not love me.)

For my younger readers, an "intervention"  is when you are stormed by a group of people and told that you need help.  It is a massive mirroring technique to break the person's confidence.  Mirroring is when people reflect back to you who you are, and for me is mainly false, as others do not have my experience with God.

If you abandon a family member for months on end, God might provide the family, if you are a person of faith.  Some people might disapprove as the motive for abandoning might be to break the person's spirit.  Mine is not broken and I attribute this to my communication with spirits and saints.  They are my saviors. Scrying is a term relating to the use of the crystal ball. I scry into my carpet.  This is perfectly acceptable for a medium to do.

I realize that there are people connected to me in the past that have participated in my secret sex slavery and want me shut up.  To do this they might try to organize an "intervention".  An intervention might be appropriate for bad behavior, but certainly not for eccentric ideas.  My children have authority to talk to my providers.  An intervention would therefore be unnecessary and would be viewed as intimidation.

I am hurting nobody, I never use names in my personal life expose'.  I am not violent.  My only weapons are prayers.  These are coping mechanisms to help with my truth.  I will never again believe myself to have mental illness.  I have been a victim.  If this viewpoint of mine bothers you, I ask why?  Are you a perpetrator?  Do you belong to a secret organization?

I believe, if an intervention were to take place, the main purpose would be for my "owners" to get me back on my back, not believing what I know is true.


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