Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Saint Michael the Arch Angel be our Protection

I have been guided to take a break from the local Roman Catholic Church.  In late August I went to confession and told about my experience with multiple personalities, prostitution and pornography.  I was told that since I had bipolar (In my world, otherwise known as bi-poison) I was to put all that right out of my mind.  Here, I came to him as a victim of Satan and the priest wants me to keep my mouth shut and keep taking it.  To keep my mouth shut and believe that this has not happened to me would be like lying down and opening my legs and saying..."Hey, this isn't real so keep putting it to me."  No, Father, I don't want to continue to be a secret sex slave, sorry.  Since I cannot agree to your plan of being silent regarding evil, I feel that it is inappropriate to partake in Mass.  I noticed that you forcefully pushed the host into my palm.  That is not good.

The Illuminati could be part of my drama and they are connected with the Church.  It's a white old man's world and priests are white old men, after all.  Far be it from me to think that I would find an ally in the official house of God....the official dwelling place of the White Old Man on a throne.  The Illuminati is connected with the other secret organizations, the Masons, the the Fourth Reich, the Bilgibergers.  It is a web of secret societies. Our Father in Heaven, I don't think these white old men are fractals of you.

Next, there was a woman, come up to ask me "Are you alright?" In a tone that said she did not think so.  She believes the white old man that told her that I am really confused (if I think that there are mind games and a secret prostitution ring going on) in this quaint little Finger Lakes area.  She is officially DUPED.  I used to be one of those types.  

Next, I befriended a woman who strangely dropped a tiny piece of plastic in my house.  I immediately got a headache which  did not go away until my angle Raphael told me to burn it in my burn pot outside.  That is really STRANGE!!!  I imagined it was a chemical weapons attack.  Perhaps I am wrong, but in my reality anything is possible.

This person looked through my art work and appeared convinced I was evil, as I have a wooden snake over an Egyptian Death mask of myself.  I have all kinds of art that would look scary to a conservative close minded person.  I have a Corsican sheep head on my wall, miniature owls, even little clay witches.  I am most certainly a shocking person.  I even tame demons..Like, St Francis and the wolf.  The Catholic church wants a flock of identical sheep.  Their minds cannot wrap around someone who is original and talks to spirits and angels who respond.  I am not interested in going there only to get negative vibes.

I did notice, that as Saint Michael's Church, their final quiet prayer is three hail Mary's  ...I always prayed to the prayer to St Michael which is against the Devil.  I would guess from my experience, being against the Devil is not their concern.  My Angel Raphael has advised me to stay away.

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