Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Just What Kind of Status are We Talking About?

What defines you?

Is it status, as in a high paying job and a lovely home?  Perhaps you have a kindle and a tablet and an Iphone and these things make you feel as if you are the cutting edge, high class, so to speak.

If money and the things you buy are what is most important to you then I would say that you are materialistic.  But, I am sure materialism is not the only thing that makes you special, different than others, ideas and viewpoints are also part of the collection of what makes you special.

For me, my career was robbed from me by "the organization" that made me ill with hallucinogens and speed.  People don't feel comfortable hiring someone who has a viewpoint that is out of the norm.  Because I know what has been done to me over the years, I present as a special problem.  I was made "less than" when I was created to be mentally ill by secret drug administration.  This "less than" treatment of me made it so that I was not really yearning for status.  I would not have minded "equal too" during the years that I believed I was a mental case.  I have had very nice homes with an eclectic style of hand me down furnishings but I never though, "wow, look at my things, haven't I achieved it?"

I grabbed onto religion to cope with the perception that I was a mental case.  I no longer believe myself to be a mental case.  Anyone who listened to my story might believe me to be a mental case, but I don't look to them to define myself.  My faith has materialized into an alternate reality which I find quite comforting.

In the Bible, people who had first hand knowledge of God were honored.  There is Abraham, and many other patriarchs, there is Samuel, "I am listening, God." There is Noah with the flood on its way.  There is Joseph and his dreams.  In the past, prior to humanity's enamoration with science and technology, if a person had a direct experience with God it was an accepted thing.  Now, its ok and cool in the bible, but if God is talking to a person, get the medication and shoot them with the "crazy bullet."  That is what I call it when someone attempts to convince me what I think is sick.  I get hit with the crazy bullet.  This can be as mild as, "are you alright? "

My Angel, Raphael says that they (the Angels) think that I am special because I am not status oriented.(sorry for the lack of modesty) As a doctor's daughter I recall being shy and embarrassed about having more than my friends.

There is a difference between "small people" as in Lilliputians and people of low status.  My analogy about Lilliputians -In a past blog- had to do with small people, as in they have no values.  They  might do anything for a dollar, including  selling their mother or girlfriend.  There are plenty of people with low economic social status who have really good values. There are plenty of those with nice things and no moral compass.

Blessed are the Meek for they Will Inherit the Earth.  We have yet to see that happen, but I have not given up hope.

Thanks, Jesus and my Angels for guiding me on this topic.

I was just making coffee and thought about the Alpha female in the wolf pack.  What does it take to be an Alpha Female in the human pack?  I am fascinated by the imagery of the Alpha role.  Must be why I call myslelf the Forest Queen!  In my world people have used mental trickery and secrecy to dominate me.  I must be rebelling by calling myself a queen.

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