Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mystic Realism: A Pocket is Created

I am writing in the genre of mystical realism, like Isabelle Allende.

I proclaimed the other day that I am in another dimension.   "Yeah, right you crazy lunatic."  You may choose to think that way if you wish.  But, I believe differently, and I shall express my views in the form of mystical realism.

In 2013 I had a list of peoples names and ways that I had died in my study.  This list was taken to the authorities and misread as a hit list that I had made against people. I was watched closely by mental health for a year and a half because of their false interpretation. I had about a dozen scenarios where in people chopped me up, drove over me with a car, etc.

Some might ask, "Amy, have people continued to kill you in your mind?"

 I believe that I was shot on labor day at the end of the Bluff while on a driving pilgrimage around Keuka lake, by a certain D.F. from my past.

One day I was driving to work and I had a  strange sensation as I passed a truck.  Less than a mile I struck a little bird with my car.  It was as if the little bird offered his life for me-it stood there without moving.  That was when the angel told me, "Amy, when someone strikes you or kills you in their reality, it creates a "pocket' in the matrix of reality.  The little bird went into the pocket to death, and you stayed back.

Yesterday, I was in my shop and a character came in who struck me as odd.  I told him the studio was in the back and he answered.  "Okay."  The way he said K, made  me stop and think. K.  I said to my boss that I was glad when he left as I expected him to draw a gun.  He was with woman but they acted as if they did not know each other, not leaving together.

When my shift ended at the shop I went to my car and saw the two of them sitting in a car together, I took a good look at them. I walked about 30 feet and I got in my car. My hand turned the ignition slower than normal.

In the world of clandestine crime, there are plenty of odd weapons that aren't guns.  There even are ray guns fired by radioactivity.

It is possible in my Allende mystical reality, that I was shot with some ammunition of some sort and this act caused my neurology to work slower, making the start of the car slower.  It is probably that there is a "pocket" waiting to be filled to cross to Hades.  Of course, as a non-violent follower of Jesus, I have no ability to put anyone in a pocket, nor would I want to.  I just pray a lot.

So remember, if you strike at me, you are creating a passageway for another crossover.
 "Amy, why would someone shoot at you?"  I have just realized that I was a prostitute and porn star in another "alter".  I have been mistreated for 40 years by people who call themselves family and mobsters.  Some might not want my story getting around.

I owe my mystical reality to the presence of God in my life--Thanks God, I could not do anything without you!

Mobster mind games score:

Mobsters: 3 points--I felt intimidated

Mystical Amy-  10 points--I continue

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