Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The Rhinoceros had His Day Last Week.

The Rhino was the creature on October 27.  Here is an excerpt from my Journal.

and another

Last night I had a phosphenic image of the profile of the Rhino as I fell asleep, followed by an image of a jet in the sky.
I researched Rhinos, they are very interesting and some are endangered.  Prayers for you my powerful friend.  Thanks for your inspiration.

Friday, October 30, 2015

The Eagle the Bobcat and the Mink

This entry refers to topics repeated blogged about in the past.

I know society does not like to hear a victim screaming and whining day after day.  The interesting thing is that part of me does not consider myself so much of a victim, as that of a being who gathers qi from humans.  So if perhaps you have seen me on a porn video, I most likely have gathered your qi.  God surely had a plan when He put me through all this.  It has also been a good test.  It is a test for me, as I will not curse God and a test for the consumer of porn.

I have this fantasy that the government is constantly trying to lower my qi.  Is it the truth?  Perhaps.

Today I had fun with some creatures that I have been thinking about over the past few weeks.  They were finally painted.  I was lucky enough to see an eagle at the park.  The bobcat is a local stand-in for the tiger and then for some reason I chose the mink one day.  Each day in my journal I feature an animal of the day.  I study its Totem properties.  These are in fact fetishes also known as a talisman.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

My Third Eye

In my closed eye vision I am very fortunate to have "the Eye".  He appears in different sizes, shapes directions and appears as if he is alive.  I connect him to my Arch Angel Raphael.  I have this fantasy that somebody, presumably my imagined enemies wish to eliminate my ability to see My Eye.

How would they go about this?  By zeeming and bapping me.  I made those two words up a long time ago.  Last night I had many hypnic jerks in response to the zapping....or so I imagine.  The night before as I fell asleep I felt a strong vibration go through my head.  Presumably they think that a certain frequency can eliminate my ability to mentally perceive the Eye.

This is all Mystical realism.

Mein drittes Auge ist immer noch da.

This is how my angel showed me that there are some who wish to take my third eye away.  This phosphenic vision appeared as I awoke on the 26 th.

Thank-you friends in Heaven, who have webbed me in so well!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

What Does Hell Look Like?

A couple of years ago I told someone in a letter that "I am a sorceress."  I was not fully developed in my Sorceress abilities at the time.  I have had two years to grow and change and to be open to communication from my Angelic helper.  I am not welcome in church, now, so I know that I am getting closer to being fully realized as a sorceress.

If by chance you find the opportunity to mistreat me and take it,  I have a place called the Hell in my closet. (the Red Purse)....

This is the domain of a helper of mine.  (like in the old testament- God received help from Satan- The Book of Job).  If you mistreat me and my Angelic guide Raphael gives the okay a poppet of you might go there. Jesus can influence St. Raphael, so be sure to ask for help.

I am so excited to be an artist and to be able to work out my issues with poppets.  I might come home grumpy about my being secretly prostituted to somebody, and then I work it all out with my poppets and I am laughing and happy.

Don't forget the ancient Chinese principle of Microcosm equals Macrocosm!

I am sure that there are some who have thought that my experience of life has been quite hilarious.  Not really mentally ill and taking medication for it, being all into faith and not even realizing that I was a prostitute in another personality,  thinking that I am so smart when I was so very stupid.  Yes, I would imagine that many laughs were enjoyed.  You can tell the Devil all about it when he comes for you.  Sometimes during my poppetry he says to me "Ah, one of my own!"

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Why Do Some Mothers choose Evil

A mother is supposed to protect her cubs from the roving wolf.  Occasionally a mother will think it is advantageous to feed a cub to a wolf.  What is wrong with that mother?  Perhaps she was a victim of mind control in government project on mercilessness.  What is her judgment?  She must be held accountable for her evil actions.  After this mother's demise, is she calling out from hell to her progeny?  Perhaps she calls out to them to follow her footsteps.....perhaps she wants company in hell.  Perhaps she is a Circe guiding them to do evil.

If I hear your tones, I will block them out......I do not listen to such enticements...I was the cub fed to the wolf.
 This is the poppet of my mother, she is bound and gagged.  Nobody shall respond to her.

This man, the wolf, I saw him in the grocery store yesterday.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Explanation Of the Holy Fly Family

I have been thinking all day about the Holy fly family.  As I was bathing my Arch  Angel Raphael came to me in my thoughts and consciousness.  He said, "Amy, you were a porn star and part of porn is humiliation.  People made you eat excrement and laughed for entertainment and it is on video.  You were hypnotized and don't remember.  I just wanted to let all the people who let you suffer and be mocked for all those years that we in the other world are with you.  Mary suffered with you and so did Saint Joseph.  We are all one with you."

"We wanted you to do that artistic expression of Holy flies.  Thanks so much!"

Thank-you Angel Raphael and all the Saints.

Imagine that, people knowing that evil was being done to me and no mortal lifted a finger to help.  How is that going to go down and Judgment Day?

The Lowly Fly's Request

Yesterday, while I was sitting a little fly landed on my leg and started a telepathic conversation with me.  I don't recall the details, but after the exchange his little tongue came out, as if to give me a kiss.  While falling asleep, he appeared to me in phosphenic imagery. " Amy", he said, "I want you to create a drama in which flies take the role of Mary, Joseph and Jesus."  I then recalled that I indeed, do have fly poppets, of myself and my friend, which could be used for such a photo essay.  We flies will play the role of Mary and Joseph.

Most people believe flies to be a terrible disease ridden pest.  I perceive them as vital helpers, transforming dead matter and cleaning up unwanted waste.  Flies are a vital part of the ecosystem, providing food for birds and other creatures, with their soft fleshy bodies.

I know that the request of the fly spirit seems sacrilegious.  St. Francis was a lover of all creatures and so am I.  It is still the month of October, October 4th is his feast day.  St. Francis also invented the Nativity scene.

I apologized to the fly for killing maggots in my trash can this summer with hot water.  He said, "Don't worry, it is part of the human psyche to be revolted by us, so I don't hold it against you."

While traveling in Assisi in 2004, I learned that the Franciscans liked to equate themselves with a worm, like St. Francis did.  A worm is lowly and humble, so is the fly.

Please don't be offended.  I know that there are many who  think in a less complex manner than myself and will try to tag me as Evil.  I look to all of creation for inspiration and assistance in my life's work, and if you cannot wrap your mind around my expressions, it is not me, it is you with the problem.

Saint Michael the Arch Angel be our Protection

I have been guided to take a break from the local Roman Catholic Church.  In late August I went to confession and told about my experience with multiple personalities, prostitution and pornography.  I was told that since I had bipolar (In my world, otherwise known as bi-poison) I was to put all that right out of my mind.  Here, I came to him as a victim of Satan and the priest wants me to keep my mouth shut and keep taking it.  To keep my mouth shut and believe that this has not happened to me would be like lying down and opening my legs and saying..."Hey, this isn't real so keep putting it to me."  No, Father, I don't want to continue to be a secret sex slave, sorry.  Since I cannot agree to your plan of being silent regarding evil, I feel that it is inappropriate to partake in Mass.  I noticed that you forcefully pushed the host into my palm.  That is not good.

The Illuminati could be part of my drama and they are connected with the Church.  It's a white old man's world and priests are white old men, after all.  Far be it from me to think that I would find an ally in the official house of God....the official dwelling place of the White Old Man on a throne.  The Illuminati is connected with the other secret organizations, the Masons, the the Fourth Reich, the Bilgibergers.  It is a web of secret societies. Our Father in Heaven, I don't think these white old men are fractals of you.

Next, there was a woman, come up to ask me "Are you alright?" In a tone that said she did not think so.  She believes the white old man that told her that I am really confused (if I think that there are mind games and a secret prostitution ring going on) in this quaint little Finger Lakes area.  She is officially DUPED.  I used to be one of those types.  

Next, I befriended a woman who strangely dropped a tiny piece of plastic in my house.  I immediately got a headache which  did not go away until my angle Raphael told me to burn it in my burn pot outside.  That is really STRANGE!!!  I imagined it was a chemical weapons attack.  Perhaps I am wrong, but in my reality anything is possible.

This person looked through my art work and appeared convinced I was evil, as I have a wooden snake over an Egyptian Death mask of myself.  I have all kinds of art that would look scary to a conservative close minded person.  I have a Corsican sheep head on my wall, miniature owls, even little clay witches.  I am most certainly a shocking person.  I even tame demons..Like, St Francis and the wolf.  The Catholic church wants a flock of identical sheep.  Their minds cannot wrap around someone who is original and talks to spirits and angels who respond.  I am not interested in going there only to get negative vibes.

I did notice, that as Saint Michael's Church, their final quiet prayer is three hail Mary's  ...I always prayed to the prayer to St Michael which is against the Devil.  I would guess from my experience, being against the Devil is not their concern.  My Angel Raphael has advised me to stay away.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Just What Kind of Status are We Talking About?

What defines you?

Is it status, as in a high paying job and a lovely home?  Perhaps you have a kindle and a tablet and an Iphone and these things make you feel as if you are the cutting edge, high class, so to speak.

If money and the things you buy are what is most important to you then I would say that you are materialistic.  But, I am sure materialism is not the only thing that makes you special, different than others, ideas and viewpoints are also part of the collection of what makes you special.

For me, my career was robbed from me by "the organization" that made me ill with hallucinogens and speed.  People don't feel comfortable hiring someone who has a viewpoint that is out of the norm.  Because I know what has been done to me over the years, I present as a special problem.  I was made "less than" when I was created to be mentally ill by secret drug administration.  This "less than" treatment of me made it so that I was not really yearning for status.  I would not have minded "equal too" during the years that I believed I was a mental case.  I have had very nice homes with an eclectic style of hand me down furnishings but I never though, "wow, look at my things, haven't I achieved it?"

I grabbed onto religion to cope with the perception that I was a mental case.  I no longer believe myself to be a mental case.  Anyone who listened to my story might believe me to be a mental case, but I don't look to them to define myself.  My faith has materialized into an alternate reality which I find quite comforting.

In the Bible, people who had first hand knowledge of God were honored.  There is Abraham, and many other patriarchs, there is Samuel, "I am listening, God." There is Noah with the flood on its way.  There is Joseph and his dreams.  In the past, prior to humanity's enamoration with science and technology, if a person had a direct experience with God it was an accepted thing.  Now, its ok and cool in the bible, but if God is talking to a person, get the medication and shoot them with the "crazy bullet."  That is what I call it when someone attempts to convince me what I think is sick.  I get hit with the crazy bullet.  This can be as mild as, "are you alright? "

My Angel, Raphael says that they (the Angels) think that I am special because I am not status oriented.(sorry for the lack of modesty) As a doctor's daughter I recall being shy and embarrassed about having more than my friends.

There is a difference between "small people" as in Lilliputians and people of low status.  My analogy about Lilliputians -In a past blog- had to do with small people, as in they have no values.  They  might do anything for a dollar, including  selling their mother or girlfriend.  There are plenty of people with low economic social status who have really good values. There are plenty of those with nice things and no moral compass.

Blessed are the Meek for they Will Inherit the Earth.  We have yet to see that happen, but I have not given up hope.

Thanks, Jesus and my Angels for guiding me on this topic.

I was just making coffee and thought about the Alpha female in the wolf pack.  What does it take to be an Alpha Female in the human pack?  I am fascinated by the imagery of the Alpha role.  Must be why I call myslelf the Forest Queen!  In my world people have used mental trickery and secrecy to dominate me.  I must be rebelling by calling myself a queen.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Dot Dash -Over and Out

A lot happened in 2013.  I took a trip to Salem Mass, by car.  I learned about Cotton Mather, the first man to create a "spin" on news.  He was the first man who learned to dishonestly form public opinion.(witch trials)

The December of 2012 I spoke a strange language while my mood was elevated.  In February of 2013 I thought that I was killed by strange vibrations and then entered the world of my own personal Purgatory.  At that time I started hearing telepathic communication.  I thought that it was high tech from another country.  I perceived myself to be a cyborg.  I even told my neighbor who was a lawyer.  (He panicked and got an order of protection)

I am not in receipt of an enemy country's communication.  I am not an enemy force.  I am guided by an Angel, Raphael, and spirits, saints and of course Jesus.  I know that many countries study telepathy, but my company is not from another country.  To believe such is to believe in the spirit of Cotton Mather and his inclinations.  The spirit of Cotton Mather is alive and well in the news media, and I imagine in communities and families.  He might be spinning a yarn about me.

I believe that there is a War of some sort--a continuation of the Civil War and World War II, going on in my dimension.  I only battle with my personal art, journaling and prayers- I do not act out.  I do not want to scare people.

I believe in Human Rights but I am unsure as to how human is defined.  I have been told this is a Fairy tale world.  Many gnomes, fairies and trolls appear as human.  I know it sounds crazy...all of this.  But, I don't believe myself to be crazy.  You can call me crazy, but be assured I won't be listening, I have more interesting spirits to listen to.

On my forehead I have a mole over one brown and an dash (scar) over the other.  I am a dash.

Thank- you, Jesus for inspiring this blog while I was meditating this morning.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Moral Compass...How Does it Come About?

If children grow up around criminality and criminals are who they identify with how can they be expected to have a moral compass?  They will not have a moral compass and will not know right from wrong.

The true identities of people around me were hidden from me as I was the focus of their crimes.  They put me into another personality and abused me with prostitution and pornography.   I was surrounded by criminals and did not know it.  I thought people who were evil were good.  I luckily have a moral compass, and know right from wrong.  Others are not so lucky.

I have a merciful heart and am able to understand how people around me, especially the young, grew up confused.  There might be a monetary incentive for them to continue with the charade.  For forty years I was abused.  I would image there is some money that has been made.  People are very sick when it comes to money.

Is there a way to make oneself loving and forgiving if people would prefer the presence of money over my presence?

Luckily I am in a different dimension and am surrounded by a loving Angel and saints and of course my children and their families.

Thank-you Jesus for helping me to figure out my life.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hello Roseanne!

I had the strangest dream.  Roseanne Barr visited me and was trying to get me to admit that I was a pedophile.  I denied it and did not send back the yarn that by sending back would be an admission. (dreams- perhaps it is a way of saying that if there are stories out there then- they are yarns) I researched Roseanne and found out that she is into Kabballah.  I don't know much about that ancient Jewish magic but a girl in the mental hospital in 2013 suggested I research it. According to Wiki Rosaeanne also had incest issues with her parents in the past.  She was estranged from family for years.  I was never a consumer of her comedy so it is odd that I should dream of her.

There is a character named "Marco" from Europe who is a magician with illusion and photography.  My sister had named her cat Marco.  Is there a connection?

Thanks, Lord Jesus and arch Angel Raphael for your guidance and protection.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

I Took on the Powers and Principalities in Fifth Grade

When Einstein came to USA the thing he was surprised about was how race conscious Americans were.  He was dismayed by the hatred.  I just read an article that said that when foreigners come to America, today, what strikes them is how racist Americans are.  They report that the racism is in code.  Nobody outwardly admits what they feel, they say it in code.

When I was in fifth grade I criticized the KKK to a classmate  who told me it was local.  I married a friend of his.  I married a Confed, although I was a Union Gal.  I favor freedom for all and human rights, despite the color of ones skin.

I believe that I was made an example of.  I was turned into a secret sex slave and my mind was manipulated with drugs and hypnosis.  I was created to be a multiple personality entity.  I won't go into the gruesome details of how that was done in the mid sixties.  I believe that the government has been part of the process over the years.

I am Dumb-f&%k.  My angel told me that a former lover of mine made videos of me and gave me that title.

My Angel told me the other morning to "Put on the Armour of God"  Ephesians 6, 10-18.  It tells how we are in a spiritual war.    There is some sort of Judgement coming, if it has not already happened.

signing off--

Monday, October 19, 2015

Me and my Buddy Gulliver

My mother loved the book "Gullivers Travels"  I used to look at the picture of huge Gulliver tied down by all those little people.

I wonder if Gulliver lived today would they "get it all on video?"  Another question, would Gulliver care?

That brings me to my reality.  A former lover of mine most likely "Got it all on video."

Am I ashamed?  Should I be?  One time we were in my back yard in a little guest house and when we came out the neighbors were standing at the fence.  I thought then, (I am not a pornography consumer)  Oh well, everybody does it.  So we were watched.  No biggy.  Oh wait, biggy, that is Gulliver.  Me and Gulliver have something in common.  I have never read Gulliver"s travels.  Does he have an angel guiding him?

Do I feel betrayed by the little person who feigned friendship to get it all on video?   I have a theory about people and it might run contrary to Biblical teaching.  I feel that people are ringing in on a vibration and that is what makes them jerks.  I would suggest that the listen to 432 hz music, perhaps they will break out of what is the cause, also meditation and prayers.

Mobster Mind Game score

Man who was my lover is a schmuck and "got it all on video."   5 points

I relate to Gulliver...a captive by little people.....10 points

I gotta get Gullivers Travels from the library!!  (I just read a synopsis and there is a vortex in the story!)--Apparently Gulliver eventually becomes disgusted with humans including his own family.

Shame?  I am ashamed that I was medicated to the point of not being able to judge the character of my partner.  I am ashamed of humanity that the greater portion of people in the world have a price and can be bought..

Saturday, October 17, 2015

I Dreamt Last Night

As I was falling asleep last night my angel mentioned a certain attorney with the initials of CP wanted to come after me with charges of liable.  The mk ultra (or similar project) went to him and said, "No, Amy really did not know that she had another personality until 2013 and then the awareness was not solid in her consciousness.  She is an experimental government project and we do not want you going after her.  It would draw too much attention and it would be hard to mirror to her that she is crazy."  (I was made into a prostitute and porn star when I was in a childlike trusting personality)

Maybe this was just a dream, but I never think of CP.  He was a few years ahead of me in high school.  I think that he was a German student.

I know that I was not going to post ----my angel wants to prove something, I guess.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Put on the Armor of God

I will not be blogging for a while.  Don't worry, I am very much alive and well.  I am very thankful for my spirit advisers.  They advise not to broadcast, unless it were in code!  :-)  I have a Halloween project I am going to make.  My love to those who care about me!

This morning's phosphenic image was that of a helmet.  My Angel spoke to me while I was awakening as said, "Put on the armor of God."  That is Ephesians 6, 10-18.

Here is a good analysis.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

How to love a Traitor

My Ex-husband used to say, "Let the Games Begin!"  I think after we divorced he believed that pay back was due to me.  He even cursed me, "May you never find true love!"  I think that the games he was referring to were Mobster Mind Games. I believe that seeking revenge against a woman is a sign of cowardice and insecurity.

I have spoken about G. and how I feel he was paid by the mobsters in my reality to treat me in a certain way.  Today, while at work and the shop was quiet I was instructed to look up G on the computer to draw his face.  I did not find his face but, his deceased brother's face did come up in the search.  I started praying and his brother started talking to me.  He said, to be more loving, that the injuries to me have made me stronger and that I am in a good place.  We discussed how G treated me, insulting me in public more than once, treating me as if I were good for nothing but a sexual liaison.

 A. said G. was a mercenary soldier hired by my X and his organization to mistreat me.  He has a social neediness that I have observed which might make him easy prey.

Somehow, I was able to see through to the good person buried beneath the maltreatment.  I am a General in these "games".  I have many spirits that have come to talk to me and be my helpers.  I worry that G. is in a trance, unable to think for himself.  God please help G.

I have a belief that my reads are actually much higher and that the blogger his showing a one when the read is 1000.  This is mainly because I have such an interesting story...

When a Compliment is an Insult

I dated G. the Centaur for 5 years on an off.  I believe him now to be under the employ of my enemies.   Enemies which wished to prove that my essential nature is that of a Whore.  G. was paid to date me and mistreat me by the organization that is connected with an Mk Ultra/Project Monarch type program.

One night he visited and he said " you are so sexy."  He kept repeating it.  He had never mentioned any other of my attributes.  What are my attributes other than sex appeal?  I am funny and smart.  I am an artist and an very compassionate nurse.  I am a woman of faith who embraces the world of the unseen.  I am a grandmother and mother and I dote on my children.  When I think "who am I? Sex object comes in last."

So G., apparently you saw me different than I see myself.  The way you saw me did not create in me a new image of who I am.  Your lack of appreciation of me does not make me different person.  G, and others I have dated do not create me.  You are not gods who can mold me into a bimbo.

"You are so sexy" was another way of saying, "you have nothing going for you except your sexuality."

G. the Centaur

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dad wants to Help Me

Yesterday I sketched some British generals from WWII.  Today I was walking along the outlet saying a rosary and My father's spirit came to me and said, "I want to help you."  I had to check with Arch Angel Raphael, he said "yes, Amy, if he wants to help that is fine."
I had figured that since people have witnessed behavior that is not my own personality, perhaps he had been hypnotized by the military to treat me in certain ways.  When I was in emotional overdrive  in 2013 I considered him sort of a Manchurian candidate.  So he might not be himself at all times as I  have been not myself at all times.

I chatted with him as I walked back and said my prayers.  He kept telling me names of certain people and saying such as, "He is a puke."  In life he used to describe people he did not like as "pukes."
He also suggested that I go to one of his friends who is a neurologist regarding how I communicate with the other world.  Arch Angel Raphael said, "no, Amy, the government and nefarious secret organizations with repeating initials would pressure her to give a report that would paint you as ill, so it would be a waste of time."

As I approached my home he said "Marshall"  in reference to American Generals.  I am not that versed myself in Generals of World War II, with the exception of the outstanding ones like Patton or MacArthur.  I looked up "Marshall" when I got home and sure enough he was a famous general that I had not heard of.

Fred (Dad)likes to watch news, so I put it on for him. Dad died a year ago.

I sketched Marshall and others.  When I sketch, I "draw" as in draw the spirits to me.

Monday, October 12, 2015

"L" Versus She-wolf Anima

While bathing, tonight, my Arch Angel Raphael told me this.

There is a certain "L." in my world that I believe believes my true nature is to be a whore.  He facilitated the multiple personality scenario for years all while my baseline personality knew nothing, happily raising my family.  I therapist in 1990 said he and I were in competition.  I divorced "L" in '04.

I had a relationship with "G." since 2010, and it was on again off again.  Each time it was on again I was demoted till 2014 I would be just a booty call every so often.  This was "G." and I loved him and resented being treated in this way.  This drama was scripted so that I would be proven to be a whore by nature.  I have never aspired to be a sex worker and I resent not being appreciated for my mind by men.  Men are by nature competitive and they would rather appreciate a woman for her body than for her mind.  They want to think of themselves as superior mentally and to interact with a woman for her mind might be threatening.  I know it was very threatening for "L".

"G." was probably on the mobster payroll.  I broke it off with "G".

I play with my poppet toys.  This is "L" with the Alpha she wolf, my anima.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Mystic Realism: A Pocket is Created

I am writing in the genre of mystical realism, like Isabelle Allende.

I proclaimed the other day that I am in another dimension.   "Yeah, right you crazy lunatic."  You may choose to think that way if you wish.  But, I believe differently, and I shall express my views in the form of mystical realism.

In 2013 I had a list of peoples names and ways that I had died in my study.  This list was taken to the authorities and misread as a hit list that I had made against people. I was watched closely by mental health for a year and a half because of their false interpretation. I had about a dozen scenarios where in people chopped me up, drove over me with a car, etc.

Some might ask, "Amy, have people continued to kill you in your mind?"

 I believe that I was shot on labor day at the end of the Bluff while on a driving pilgrimage around Keuka lake, by a certain D.F. from my past.

One day I was driving to work and I had a  strange sensation as I passed a truck.  Less than a mile I struck a little bird with my car.  It was as if the little bird offered his life for me-it stood there without moving.  That was when the angel told me, "Amy, when someone strikes you or kills you in their reality, it creates a "pocket' in the matrix of reality.  The little bird went into the pocket to death, and you stayed back.

Yesterday, I was in my shop and a character came in who struck me as odd.  I told him the studio was in the back and he answered.  "Okay."  The way he said K, made  me stop and think. K.  I said to my boss that I was glad when he left as I expected him to draw a gun.  He was with woman but they acted as if they did not know each other, not leaving together.

When my shift ended at the shop I went to my car and saw the two of them sitting in a car together, I took a good look at them. I walked about 30 feet and I got in my car. My hand turned the ignition slower than normal.

In the world of clandestine crime, there are plenty of odd weapons that aren't guns.  There even are ray guns fired by radioactivity.

It is possible in my Allende mystical reality, that I was shot with some ammunition of some sort and this act caused my neurology to work slower, making the start of the car slower.  It is probably that there is a "pocket" waiting to be filled to cross to Hades.  Of course, as a non-violent follower of Jesus, I have no ability to put anyone in a pocket, nor would I want to.  I just pray a lot.

So remember, if you strike at me, you are creating a passageway for another crossover.
 "Amy, why would someone shoot at you?"  I have just realized that I was a prostitute and porn star in another "alter".  I have been mistreated for 40 years by people who call themselves family and mobsters.  Some might not want my story getting around.

I owe my mystical reality to the presence of God in my life--Thanks God, I could not do anything without you!

Mobster mind games score:

Mobsters: 3 points--I felt intimidated

Mystical Amy-  10 points--I continue

Friday, October 9, 2015

I Live in a Different Dimension

I live in a different dimension than the rest of you.  I have yet to meet someone who is actually where I am at.  I have been here for years, advancing along the way.  In 2013, February 6, I awoke and an angel told me.  You died Amy and you are in purgatory.  "Dying," does not mean the same to me as it does to the rest of you. I had experienced some sort of "attack" which could have been radioactive or microwaves or some other secret military tool. (I have mentioned MK Ultra and Project Monarch).

I am not just a crazy girl who "hears voices"  You are welcome to believe that as it makes no difference what you believe about me to me.  I have been told that I cannot rely on mirroring from you to define me.  I look to the Angels, Saints and Spirits to mirror to me who I am and to guide me.  My voices are shared consciousness.  I have thoughts that are communications....I can't help you if that bothers you.  You don't have to take upon yourself to try to diminish me because of your own lack of understanding.  If you are severely self important, you might feel a need to fix me.  I am unfixable.  I consider my state of mind a gift from God and an accomplishment.  I am not if my world bothers you, stay away from me.  You can fantasize that you are "more together " than me, or that you are superior in some way.....but you most certainly are not.

My closed eye vision is an eye which varies in size and position.   With the closed eye imagery God and my angel communicate with me.  These images are luminous phosphenic shapes...often of animals.  This started in February of 2013 after I "died".

The past 30 years which created this "story" that I have mental illness is a contrived history.  I get "manic" when somebody puts speed in my food supply.  If I were to get manic tomorrow, I would not say, "Oh look, I am crazy." I would say, "Oh, look somebody sneaked into my house using my stolen key and poisoned my food with speed."  (or mushrooms for that matter.)

I believe that there is an organized crime element to my drama.  Organized crime is real.  Just because I think it does not make it imaginary.  Just because you have not heard of it does not mean it does not exist.  People who live in the fakality of there is no organized crime are most likely the secret victim of it.  Many thanks to a girl at work many years ago that told me that there are sex slaves who have no inkling that they are being treated secretly in evil ways by their partner.

Thanks so much Lord Jesus Christ!

St. Joseph: "Intervention"

This morning I awoke and I had this thought which I attribute to Saint Joseph, that there are some in my life who call themselves family, who might feel an "intervention" is needed to set my mind straight.  It seems that they don't approve of my activities as a medium. (I communicate with spirits)  I am not allowed that title, as I have been awarded the title of mentally ill by those who have given me drugs to make me appear as if I am ill.  (case in point, German man in my house the night before my first episode or "trip" and a husband that did not love me.)

For my younger readers, an "intervention"  is when you are stormed by a group of people and told that you need help.  It is a massive mirroring technique to break the person's confidence.  Mirroring is when people reflect back to you who you are, and for me is mainly false, as others do not have my experience with God.

If you abandon a family member for months on end, God might provide the family, if you are a person of faith.  Some people might disapprove as the motive for abandoning might be to break the person's spirit.  Mine is not broken and I attribute this to my communication with spirits and saints.  They are my saviors. Scrying is a term relating to the use of the crystal ball. I scry into my carpet.  This is perfectly acceptable for a medium to do.

I realize that there are people connected to me in the past that have participated in my secret sex slavery and want me shut up.  To do this they might try to organize an "intervention".  An intervention might be appropriate for bad behavior, but certainly not for eccentric ideas.  My children have authority to talk to my providers.  An intervention would therefore be unnecessary and would be viewed as intimidation.

I am hurting nobody, I never use names in my personal life expose'.  I am not violent.  My only weapons are prayers.  These are coping mechanisms to help with my truth.  I will never again believe myself to have mental illness.  I have been a victim.  If this viewpoint of mine bothers you, I ask why?  Are you a perpetrator?  Do you belong to a secret organization?

I believe, if an intervention were to take place, the main purpose would be for my "owners" to get me back on my back, not believing what I know is true.


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mobster Game Score for Last Evening

I was at my sons house.  He attempted to forshadow that I would get "speeded up" (given speed on the sly?)  I explained that I am protected. He announced that I was beginning to be speeded up and pointed his finger at me like his father used to.  I left a message on his phone about unconditional love and the forgiveness I have for him.


The German/KKK mob who control my family:  they got me upset.  5 points

Me:  The unconditional love message to my son. 10 points.

They think that they can make my mood accelerated in order to get me believing that I am crazy and increase my meds so I no longer believe that I am their prey....and I become stupid to their shinanigans.  (Porn and prostituting me)

"Own it" my son, we are playing Mobster Mind games!

If you follow my blog you would know that I have been part of an MkUltra type experiment.  I have been porned and prostituted in a different personality for many years.  I am breaking out of the situation with the help of spirits and angels.  The German/KKK Mobsters, which include my sister have been playing mental tricks on the whole family.  They still think that they can in some way crucify me.  The other day my son validated me so last night he had to retract it by mirroring me as crazy.  I am not influenced by false mirroring. He was trying to create a projected scenario of me behaving crazy-like.

This is all training for me.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Rosary...Activity for a feast day.

I have prayed the Rosary since the late 1980's(before my conversion to RC).  I have never made one though...until today.  Today is the feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary.  I took a break from journaling, meditation, cooking and poppet making to start my very first rosary.  I am using coral beads and gold tone wire.

Yesterday, I was searching for the plier set.  Today I finally found them.  A nice man in Canandaigua who owns a jewelry store gave me a tutorial last week.

Promises to those who recite the rosary.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Hello, My Friend St. Joseph

When I was a young teenager, I fell for a Catholic youth name Joe.  I obsessed about him for several years.  So much that when I met the man who would be my husband, I had not much in my heart to give.  (A broken heart is blind and empty).

I eventually realized this Joseph fellow was not who I thought he was.

Last night I sat on my bed and looked at the rug.  A little face came through in the pattern and started talking to me.  He said his name was in St Joseph, Mary's husband.  He gave me a pep talk and much encouragement.

You see, it was the vibration of "Joseph" that I was enamored with on a spiritual level when I was a teen, not the guy with the toothy phony grin......

The real Joseph is by my side.  I love St. Joseph.  Thank-you for coming to me.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

One Centimeter of Black Plastic

Four feet stood in the living room.  A small piece of black material floated to the floor.  It looked shiny.  thought: "I will have to see what that was a little later."

I sat in the car while scripture about the Kingdom of God coming was read to me.

I went back into the house and was immediately plagued by a head ache.  I tried ice packs.

I went to bed with the head ache, a few hours later.  My Angel told me, "Go down and get that little piece of black plastic (about 1 cm) and put it into an envelope and take it to your burn pot in the back yard and set it on fire."  "Thanks!"

This was done and a "Pop" sound was heard.

I went back to bed and the headache went away.  I felt fine in the morning.  I received a phone call, "How are you feeling?"  "I am fine, thanks."

Trolls come in all shapes, colors, sizes and religions.  Chemical weapons come in all shapes, sizes, colors and states.

Score:  One point to the opposition,  I quote myself "They could never get to you!"  (spoken to the other two feet in the living room a few weeks ago.)

Two Points to me and my Angel.  He directed me to safety.

When Cinderella identifies a troll it is serious. (spiritually)

 This is actually a very exciting occurrence as it makes it clear to me that I am not imagining things.  Whooot!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Evil, That does not Make Sense or Cents

Some might say, "She is in the hands of the evil one.  That is not an angel guiding her."  I have been in the hands of the evil one since September of 1975 when my mother sold me to her friend.  They used hypnosis and medication/drugs.  This type of evil doing has gone on for 40 years.  So the entity or being that has help me realize that I have been abused and break free is Evil?  I am supposed to be enslaved by evil people and then when I figure it out it was an evil presence in my life that helped me?  That does not make sense.  I firmly believe that the entity that guides good.  For example, he has prevented me from acting out toward any of those that I know have done me wrong.  I am solving my problems through poppetry, sketches and rosaries.  If that turned out to be evil, I would be very surprised.

Thank-you Guardian Angel, on your Feast Day.

post script. "Amy, that is a horrible reality to believe.  Put it out of your mind."

My response--"I am sure you mean well, but doing such puts me at the mercy of the pornographers and pimps in my life...I would much rather accept the truth, and avoid them... it is so empowering."