Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Remember those Dog Whistles?

Does anybody recall the dog whistles?  They sound with a tone inaudible to humans, yet very irritable to dogs.  I believe it is entirely possible such a technique is used with me.  Sometimes I will find myself a little irritable for no reason.  My episode of emotional outrage in 2013 might have been exacerbated by tones sent through my Iphone.  I am told that the iphone could very easily emit inaudible irritating tones even while one is not talking on the phone.  My Angel advises against upgrading to an Iphone.

Why would anyone want to make me excited and irritable?  Well, there is a secret nefarious organization that has been abusing me.  Many years ago I was manipulated to have multiple personalities.  I am porned and prostituted in these other personalities.  I know now that the whole "mental illness" line of of thinking in my life is a sham.  This secret organization which has support from the government (AEB MK ultra and project monarch) wants me to think that I am crazy so that they can continue to abuse me.  I say "game over"  they say-"you are a slave, who are you to say "game over"?  People try to mirror to me that I am insane when if fact, I am not.  I have a unique reality where in God and angels and saints comfort me with their advice and friendship.  The modern culture does not want to validate such an experience.  The modern culture believes that spiritual experience is not real.  That is the same occult organization that wants to shut me up by increasing psychotropic medication.

"Take more meds, and spread your legs!"  Is the goal of the secret nefarious Mob.

I do take my medications.  When someones brain has been on medication for 30 years it does not fair well with out.  I am so very happy to know the truth!  You cannot imagine how it feels to be lied to for years and be the subject of an evil secret.  There was a suspicion that something was going on yet I knew not what.

I asked my mother at the time of her death "What is it, in our family?"  She refused to tell.  She tells of it clearly in this sketch.  I am the unconscious dancer being carried off.

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