Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

It Will Be All Good

I believe I have been exploited in an alter personality.  While alive my father would say, "I play the German Lottery."  I believe that this might have been some kind of a code statement.  I think that there is a German aspect to my exploitation.  I became "ill" for the first time the morning after a visiting German friend of my sister's was in my home.  I believe that I was drugged to make me think that I had mental illness.  I was then medicated so that I would not have the mental capacity to figure out the game of multiple personalities that was being played.  I was even told by my in-laws that they thought I had a split personality.  I was not able to put two and two together due to my mind dulling neuroleptics.

Tell me, what was my father saying when he talked of playing the German Lottery?  Was my family making money via a porn money laundering scheme via Germany?  My sister, who has played a roll in this drama appears to not have a lot of money, other than her pet horse hobby.  Is there a jackpot awaiting my family in the case of my death?  Are there Swiss bank accounts in her name?  The German friend of my sister is a photographer.  Is he a pornographer?  Has he been marketing pornography that I starred in, in my alter?

I feel that I have won the game.  I know now that I was their victim and they know it.  I think that I should win the money as I figured it out and it was my person and body that was exploited.  I tried to play the German Lottery on-line.  It does not take my credit cards.  I want my house paid off and I want my family set for life.  These exploiters are in debt to me.(I thought maybe that the German lottery was rigged and they would pay me as it is only right.)

correction to cartoon: forced labour

Well, as a secret society they cannot come forward.  The US Government has most likely sanctioned my exploitation.  (research MK Ultra, project paper clip, project Monarch.)

My sister was instructed to try to get me to take more medicine so that I would no longer perceive the true reality.  I would imagine that the organizations involved do not like me.  I might even be on a list.

I am very happy.  I have no inclination to harm myself or others.  Its all good.  What is not all good yet, will be.  My children and I shall know freedom, freedom of debt, free to do what we like, etc.

I thank God for my faith.  I am very fortunate to have God's assistance.

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