Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Friday, August 7, 2015

Demons, Hypnagogia, Jesus and Durga

On the fourth I had an appointment with my internist or GP.  We spoke of hypnagogia which is something that I enjoy.  These are dreams between the sleep and wake state where you know that what you experience is a dream.  I consider mine messages from God or my Angel.

When I was a patient in a state mental facility I  made friends with a Jehovah's witness (he was leaving the faith)  He explained to me about demons.  I really had never thought much about demons.  I documented in this blog several experiences with demons at the mental hospital.  When I was sick I identified with Kali and Durga.  I am a Christian, yet I find truth in other faiths.  I don't think it an evil habit.  Durga is the invincible demon slayer.  I find slaying demons to be impossible as they are immortal-they need to be instructed.  I think demons visit in the hypnagogia experiences as well as Angels.  I am not alone is this theory.

Durga is usually portrayed with a tiger.

My doctor shared  his dream.  It was creepy.  He was on his belly and some creature was pursuing him and he felt terror.  I bragged.  "My hypnagogia is all good.  I am constantly praying so its all positive, I have them consistently."  Mistake.  Never brag.  That night while falling asleep, I was not terrified but something was wrong.  I had the visions and as soon as they manifested an entity erased them with a pencil erasure( this is my half wake dream). I was a disappointed.  I mentioned that I have identified with Durga.  I consider myself more of a demon tamer than a demon slayer.  I learned recently that demons can only do what God has given permission for them to do.  I believe that the demon that my Doctor had (which he did not identify as a demon) entered me with the exam.  The Doctor pounded gently on my back as I have had a back ache.  Demons can transfer with physical contact.  I brought the demon home and he was very excited to let me know that my prayers did not prevent him from taking away my most pleasurable visions.   I can see demon's faces in my closed I vision.  They are not hostile toward me, nor are they affectionate.

This Doctor Poppet needs a haircut---It is a poppet of Dr. J.D. made several months ago.  The demon is a stand in.

I was told his name via my consciousness sharing with the Angel.  I drew his portrait in pastels and I was instructed that this demon. (A.) was to be put in the vortex that I shared the other day as a blog entry.  (a drawing from 2014.)  Demon A. is to be in charge of the situation where the people were put in the vortex.  Demons are militarily oriented, so I am finding out.(internet)  The Vortex is in an actual geographic location (Kershaw Park).  I was given instructions as the Vortex is invisible in my current dimension.  I was informed after the procedure that I did in the park, that Demon A. had left my consciousness dimension and gone to the Vortex. Some things must not be shared....the procedure..etc.  This is because, to be used again, there must not be negative energy directed toward me regarding it.

I have returned to work.  I have a job at a nice art gallery featuring 35 artists, a couple days a week.  I am also back to work with my Demon taming, as more have come along looking for an assignments!  These spirits can cause me some consternation when they appear.  Its all for the Lord Jesus Christ.  Recall, that demons can only do what the Lord God grants them permission to do.  I am on God's team.

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