Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Maggie Does Not Live Here Anymore

About a week ago I lost my extra keys.  I had left them in my bag on my sun porch and in the morning they were not to be found.  This is not something to be taken lightly by someone with multiple personalities.

I believe that last night while I was asleep someone did come into my house in hopes of putting me into the "Maggie Mae" or "Marlene" personality.  I believe that their plan was to prove that even in my new life in Penn Yan, I am still owned and in chains.

Actually, through my spirituality, I have been freed.  I had a phosphenic vision while these people tried to put me in the personalities.  I have a sort of body guard spirit, and he is very powerful, and I saw him.  I am safe and can no longer be violated.

In other words  "Game Over!"

Friday, August 28, 2015

Blue Skies

My spirit helpers communicated that there was a big bad Kabbalah curse put on me.  The problem was that the issuers of the curse were in danger. (curses can rebound) I wish no one ill will.  I was guided on how to deflect this curse so that no pain came to anyone.  I know that I might sound "out there" to some.  Curses are real energy as are prayers.  I am posting this as people don't generally trust their telepathy and I would hate for someone to be verklempt over a curse when everything has been taken care of with angelic guidance.  (this curse had its origin with a certain C.)

Blue skies.

(I write blue skies as this was my morning phosphenic vision-- very optimistic)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Movie, Gothika and Demons

I use Netflix.  The next on the dock was The Alphabet Murders.  I received Gothika, a movie that I had not chosen.  I am curious to know if somebody is in my computer.  This Gothika is an example that confirms that suspicion.  I know I did not pick it out as I thought when I checked in last, great, The Alphabet Murders are next.

Actually, I found Gothika to be a really good movie.  I really enjoy Penelope Cruz and I appreciated the Halle Berry performance.  It is about a psychiatrist that becomes possessed and ends up as a patient in the hospital she works at.   The movie is good because it shows the doctor having to be in another role as a patient.  It also shows the reality of the spiritual. A spirit that seems evil is in actuality troubled and helps to solve the mystery.  So, who ever picked out the movie for me, thanks!

Luckily, I don't see myself as being a victim of an evil spirit.  The spirits that I have encountered in my reality are really okay.  Even the ones that I think....."wait...this one could be trouble," turn out to be open for negotiation.  Demons can only do what God allows.  I am close to God, so it works.

There are spirits and there are demons.  Demons are militarily oriented and they want assignments.  I don't perceive myself to be a low enough ranking being to deserve trouble from them.  I encounter them in my closed eye perception.  I create a portraits of them in pastels.

I won't share their names, as someone might try to summon them or try to influence them against me!  I know the crafty spell people are out there!  I would imagine, though, that they are loyal to me.

I would imagine that my reader does not want to know this.  This is only visible in the other dimension.  When you shop at thrift shops and garage sales, and antique stores, it is very possible that you are bringing home a little bugger.  I am usually alerted by something unusual that pops up.  I might start swearing, which is unusual.  Then I  close my eyes and look for the little guy to show himself.  Then he or she lets me know whats up.

A few years ago, when I sold my house I had to get rid of a lot of stuff.  Ever since I have lost my appetite for shopping.  I have become a cluttered minimalist.

In the movie Gothika it is a spirit or ghost that has the role of possessor of the main character.  It is a spirit that acts more like a demon.  Demon vs. spirit, I am not totally clear on the difference.  I guess a demon is a fallen angel type of creature and a spirit or ghost is from a deceased person.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Cemetery in the Forest

I stumbled upon a cemetery in the forest in a park.  There is a nice mansion, called Esperanza that is situated on the hillside above the lake.  There are 18 or so people who lived in the mansion that are buried up on a knoll in the woods.    Unfortunately vandals regularly desecrate their monuments.  What is it with people?  Why do they feel the need to destroy memorials of the dead?  How can they believe that their transgressions will go unpunished?  The descendants of the dead live nearby and are quite disappointed with the damage to the graves.

Does the name Rose refer to the flower or to the disposition of these people?  Perhaps they are waiting to rise.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Narrow is the Road


"Go two different ways and end up at the same spot."


"Enter through the narrow gate.  For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction and many enter through it.  But small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads to life and only a few find it."  Matthew 7:13-14

I used to think that God was a sort of "Anything Goes" type of being.  I don't think so anymore.  From my experiences with the angelic dimension I find that they believe in propriety and rules.  For one thing, giving thanks and not taking people or events for granted is important.  Another is the ten commandments.  Honor thy father and mother, do not commit adultery...etc.  They realize that the society has muddled right and wrong but the standards still stand.  I certainly am not a person to tell others how to live.  Perhaps they are just living their destiny and there is nothing to be done but to wait.   There is always the eleventh hour.

Monday, August 24, 2015

FDR came to me in the Wee Hours of the Morning

Several days ago I had a phosphenic vision of FDR and a battle ship.  He does not want me posting so much information in my blog entries.  I thought I could get away with Venus but the consensus was to take it down.  What the heck?  I gotta listen to the Pres.

I was very thrilled to have his attention.  

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Hello folks,
I am going to take a  break from blogging, unless of course something imperative comes to mind.  I know that my story is difficult to comprehend, thanks for taking the time to read me.  If you like you can review old entries as some have been edited.


This is me Germany, with Maud.   1965

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Abramelin- Some Thoughts on Demons

The world renown Satanist, Aleister Crowley spent time near Loch Ness and his goal was to do the Abramelin Ritual.  This ritual is designed to tame demons to work for the light. It constitutes a six month ceremony.  He started it, but after he brought forth some powerful spirits he left the scene.  Ever since there has been some hauntings and weird stuff.  Crowley did not banish the spirits as is customary after a ritual, as he left it undone.  The haunted estate is called Boleskin.  People visit this site.

My family member headed to the north of Scotland in the 1980's.  I did not know much about "the Craft".  Perhaps she brought back one of those spirits.  She says none of her youthful interest in the Dark arts remains.  From what I gather, it is not an organization that you can just fail to renew your membership.

"Oh, coven leader, I have changed my world view, I am no longer interested in the secret organization."

"Well, you well know that there is no getting out of a commitment to our leader.  Death is the only way out."

Of course this conversation never happened.  I am engaging in fantasy.  She probably has never even heard of Boleskin or Abramelin. (The above that you can not get out is untrue.  A confession with a RC priest can break any commitment to S. or the D.)

It is interesting that according to the Abramelin ceremony, demons like to serve the light.  So if two people are in competition to get the service of a demon will the demon choose to serve the person with the brighter spirit light?  In 1979 I looked into the mirror in the bathroom and saw many, many demons.  I had just read The Exorcist.  I saw them with my third eye, or my consciousness.   Another time I saw one next to the trash can in the middle of the night (in the mid-nineties.)  I researched demons and I found out that they only do what God allows them to do.  I am curious about all aspects of reality and faith.  The word demon makes most people shudder.  I don't shudder.  I think of them like I think about a pit-bull terrier or a rottweiler.  They are, however, much smarter than dogs.

The above photo is a little demonic, but also similar to a Centaur.  I must have looked at it and summoned my next BF.  This was from 2009, I think.

This is me handling the family bull terrier in Germany, "64.  Looks like we are both puppies.  Incidently General Patton had a bull terrier named Willie.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Materialism and Consciousness

I have watched scientific videos about Materialism and Quantum Mechanics.  If I am comprehending correctly in the study of the behavior of our most small particles it is the observer who has an effect on reality.

I find this so comforting, that Idealism is more real than Materialism.

I that this fact helps to support my world of consciousness.  I believe that I have a mental sharing with another dimension.  The most recent manifestation of this was December of 2012 and then February.  I started seeing shapes in my closed I vision.  I also experienced angelic communications.

In the United States our philosophy of education is one of separate compartments.  We educate ourselves and become experts on a specific topic.  I believe  Einstein was one who had the gift to see how the different subjects are interconnected.  The Russian culture also tries to integrate the categories of knowledge.  An expert in one topic will not be able to see the forest through the trees.

Psychiatry and Physics, for instance, might go well together when people try to define reality for patients.

The people of our society, like myself, if not in conformity with all others, will be diagnoses as sick, wrong, broken.  Quite to the contrary, we might be gifted.  Medicating us might not be the best approach.  I take my medications, but I long for the day when a doctor will take me off.

Consciousness has power..prayers and curses too.  Some times I come into my home and I get the feeling that someone has been in my house.  It is not just snooping that I sense. I can put my hand on an object in my house and close my eyes.  I can see gray thatch and then these mean words come into my mind......such as if somebody left a curse.  In a world where I cannot trust anybody anything is possible.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Fiction and Spiritualism

I have a theory.  My theory states:  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FICTION.  Humans are connected in a spiritual or mental grid which is called the Collective Consciousness.  When a writer "thinks up" a story, she or he is merely channeling a story from the spirit world.  The story is dictated to the writer.  The writer may have her or his own style but the story is not her own in the genre of fiction.  Spirits live in a different dimension and they have their stories, just as I have shared mine. The spirits want to tell what happened to them. Sometimes a writer convolutes a story for effect as the  spirit does not have complete control.

I have shared in my blog that I perceive myself to be a little different than the average human.  I know it is arrogant to have such a whacked theory.  I think I am immortal.  I believe people have tried to" off "me several times and I time loop out of it.  The whole story behind the Harry Potter series is about death.  I guess, since I am able to time loop out of death I am connected to Lord Voldemort in a spiritual way.  The writer had to create suspense and make the one who can do, or wants to do what I do as Evil.  I am the mother of the little boy with glasses, but at the same time I am a Lord Voldemort.  Now, wait just a minute here, didn't I say that there is no fiction?  What of the spirit of Lord Voldemort? Who is he and is he real?

It has been revealed to me that Lord Voldemort is in actuality a famous spirit named Balthazaar. This was told to me by my Angel. When I was searching on You tube I came upon a person who had the theory that actors actually channel spirits when they act out a story.  They are able to empty themselves of the self and allow another spirit to take over.  Is this true of  all acting?  Probably not every character.  It is though, an interesting theory that interfaces with my theory that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FICTION.  The actor who played Voldemort channeled Bathazaar's energy.  I don't see channeling as evil.  It might go against the bible, but I believe it is part of the human story and plan.

I have been watching videos about the quantum theory of reality.  Anything is possible with multi-dimensions.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

No, No, No, How do you like it?

Back in the early nineties some times I would get paranoid and think people were talking about me.  I had a brother in law who had a little crush on me.  I was kind to him as I knew how it  felt to care for someone that you are not supposed to.  I was misunderstood, as his wife and I spoke (my husband's sister)  She said, "It takes two."  I was already enamored with my husbands brother or my pediatrician at that time.  I see now, retrospectively how shallow I was.  This guy, that guy...all the while a married woman.  I must have been hungry for love.

What is interesting is the conversation he (J) and I had.    He said to me, "Amy, I don't know who you can trust."  I said "not even my father?  Surely, I can trust him."  He repeated, "I don't know who you can trust....but you got me!"

Who you can trust?  Surely, the government?  Surely mental health professionals? Surely the CIA?  Surely the organized crime in the neighborhood? friends?  priests?  No, No, NO!!!!  How do you like it?  How do you like it?

I trust God.....

 J. and his wife were in a business partnership with my husband and I on the family dairy farm for a few years.  We were raising our families in fairly close proximity.  I found J. to be fun.  He had a nice smile and had a good measure of self confidence.

J.  used to sing a tune around me, "More, more, more, how do you like it?"  It is a song by a porn star.  I was a porn star in an alter personality and knew nothing of it my regular personality.  My alter personality was engineered by the people closest to me.  People I loved blatantly exploited me behind my conscious mind.

They cannot confess to me, as it is against the secret organization's charter.  My dear friend Jeff was tone of the few human people who told me the truth over all these years.  Thank-you!

J. died in 1995.  Suicide, so they said. First he shot himself in the head and partially missed.  I visited him in the hospital with my husband.  His last words to me were, "Taking your medicine?"  I don't think that he thought I could handle full mental capacity.  Full mental capacity meant I would figure things out.

This Blog entry is Dedicated to Jeff S.

Dear Jeff, I can still hear your voice.  You are a very, very, good friend and I failed to appreciate you while you were alive.    I can see you in the other dimension.  Thanks for your help!

Friday, August 14, 2015

The Wish Bone Tree

Photos are open for artistic and political interpretations.  This is me in the underwear and Siss in the Scottish kilt.   The setting is in Germany, mid 1960's.  The tree is a wishbone.  We look like we are soldiers.  There seems to be a competition going on.  I have blogged previously that I don't believe myself to be a biological member of the family.  We might be representing something larger than our meager two little girl lives.

The question is "What is this all about?"

Sis would say, "It means nothing, take more medication."  Waiting for me to pull the wishbone and lose.  My medications are fine, artists think like that.   MKULTRA, Project Monarch Victims also see into photos for the secret hidden meanings as much in their lives is kept secret from them.   When your reality is cloaked in secrecy you never are quite sure what is real.  Ever since I have found my Angel, I have had more confidence.  Faith is more than solace, it is a pathway to truth.  Please note how tight lipped Siss was even at age  8 or 9.  I think that we have a standoff!

The wishbone game is played with the breast bone of a chicken or other fowl.  After it dries two people each grab a fork.  The idea is to let the other do the pulling.  The winner is the one that gets the long part, the base of the y which stays with the  fork which is not pulled.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

First Time for a Witch's Daughter

When I was about fourteen, my mother asked me if I would like to visit my sister at college in Syracuse.  I said "sure."  If I was rational, I would have said, "Geeze, we don't get along too well, I think not."  I agreed and my mother sent me on my way.
Mom said, "Oh, Amy, You are going to stay with Emil.  He will pick you up from the bus station."  Emil was a fifty-some year old dude with lecherous eyes."  I said "sure".  What I should have said was, "Geeze, Mom, the way Emil looks at me makes me feel uncomfortable.  I am scared to stay at his house."  Once again, I was not too smart. Emil was a family friend from the lake cottage experience.  He was a guidance counselor in Syracuse, Ny.

I believe that my mother sent me off to Emil's with the specific purpose of being drugged and raped by him.  My mother might have been a witch.  Witches do things like that to their least favored children.  I never realized what happened until I thought it through a few years ago.  A fourteen year old spending the night at the house of a lecherous old man?  Sounds a little fishy to me.  My mother was probably paid.  This might have been my first oblivious trick.  About this time she told me that I was a Lolita.  I was confused as I knew not any men.  There were memory drugs on the market and I have a multiple personality thing going on.  He might have had the magick words.

My mother never like organized religion.  She told me that she did not care what happened to herself after death.  She thought heaven would be a bore....every body being nicey nice.  I asked her on her death bed to please tell me what is going on.  I knew that there was an undercurrent of knowledge that I was not in on.  She said, "NO!"

I have had a vision of what her spirit is doing right now.  She is alone in her garden, weeding and sketching flowers.  There is a wall with a closed door and she waits for company.  She does not know how long she waits, it feels like a half an hour.  It is not really a half an hour.  There is no time in that dimension.  She is in a time bubble.  She waits endlessly.  She knows this not.  She is oblivious.  Just like I was oblivious to being raped by Emil.

Here I am about fourteen.  I look stoned.  Somebody must have slipped me something the night before

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

It Will Be All Good

I believe I have been exploited in an alter personality.  While alive my father would say, "I play the German Lottery."  I believe that this might have been some kind of a code statement.  I think that there is a German aspect to my exploitation.  I became "ill" for the first time the morning after a visiting German friend of my sister's was in my home.  I believe that I was drugged to make me think that I had mental illness.  I was then medicated so that I would not have the mental capacity to figure out the game of multiple personalities that was being played.  I was even told by my in-laws that they thought I had a split personality.  I was not able to put two and two together due to my mind dulling neuroleptics.

Tell me, what was my father saying when he talked of playing the German Lottery?  Was my family making money via a porn money laundering scheme via Germany?  My sister, who has played a roll in this drama appears to not have a lot of money, other than her pet horse hobby.  Is there a jackpot awaiting my family in the case of my death?  Are there Swiss bank accounts in her name?  The German friend of my sister is a photographer.  Is he a pornographer?  Has he been marketing pornography that I starred in, in my alter?

I feel that I have won the game.  I know now that I was their victim and they know it.  I think that I should win the money as I figured it out and it was my person and body that was exploited.  I tried to play the German Lottery on-line.  It does not take my credit cards.  I want my house paid off and I want my family set for life.  These exploiters are in debt to me.(I thought maybe that the German lottery was rigged and they would pay me as it is only right.)

correction to cartoon: forced labour

Well, as a secret society they cannot come forward.  The US Government has most likely sanctioned my exploitation.  (research MK Ultra, project paper clip, project Monarch.)

My sister was instructed to try to get me to take more medicine so that I would no longer perceive the true reality.  I would imagine that the organizations involved do not like me.  I might even be on a list.

I am very happy.  I have no inclination to harm myself or others.  Its all good.  What is not all good yet, will be.  My children and I shall know freedom, freedom of debt, free to do what we like, etc.

I thank God for my faith.  I am very fortunate to have God's assistance.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What is the Meaning of Freedom?

Some  people believe that since I have been a victim of hypnosis and multiple personalities that I can be easily manipulated.  Take for instance the fact that I share on my blog.  That opens the gates for those who think I can be manipulated as they see certain "trigger" words that can cause a reaction in my thought processes.  One noted from yesterday is "free".  I had blogged weeks ago that I was turned on by my partner being "free."  The truth sets one free, not medication to prevent the truth from showing through.  I am not "free" if I can be easily manipulated by the word "free."

The use of the opposite term to identify something is typical of the military and the media.  "freedom fighters" used for soldiers who terrify civilians.  My sister wanting me to be "free" by taking more retardation rendering pills is an example of this on the personal level. Recall "The personal is the political." Carol Hanisch.

Is she thinking this?  "Lets stop her from being aware of the truth then she will be free for us to exploit.  When she spreads her legs for us to porn and prostitute we are free to make money and her mind is free from rational judgement."

My definition of FREE is different from this.  I am shackled when I am unaware of what others do to me.

The truth has set me quite free to be finally happy.  Don't attempt to take that from me.

If this blog entry seems unusual please research MK Ultra and Project Monarch.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Please Don't Retard Me Ever Again!

I recently had contact with a certain family member.  She believes that it would be in my best interest to be medicated at a higher level so I would be freed from thoughts of my past.  Maybe she would enjoy it if I were to repeat the mistakes of the past.

I wrote recently that I have never been happier in my life.  Although I was enslaved in another personality, now that I am aware of the truth I am free.  I enjoy telling my story.  I am a writer and a story teller.  My story telling frees me.  Thanks to all who take the time to read.

I would find it dangerous to be medicated out of my awareness.  I might end up on my back with someone who is not worthy of me.  This has happened in the past when I am medicated too heavily.  I might forget or disbelieve that I am a multiple personality person and thereby allow that game to continue.  The medication creates a form of mental retardation.

I believe myself to be a victim of secret organized crime.   I have read and heard videos that the CIA is actually in kahootz in situations like mine.  That would explain the behavior of my therapists and Doctors while I was with the state.  If this sounds strange to you research MK Ultra, Project paperclip, Project Bluebird, Project Monarch.

No, I don't need more medication.  I am on a reasonable dose and I can still think.  Please don't take that away from me.
Here is a worst case scenario:

The Tale of the Bellicose Liar

A few years ago I did this graphic novel entry.  It is about my relationship with the person I refer to as the Centaur.  I named him the Bellicose Liar for this expression.  I did not know what Bellicose meant. It means warlike.  The name just popped in my mind.  There is a Spirit  War going on.  It takes place in the media and in your community.  It takes place internationally and on the extreme personal level. " The personal is the political."- Carol Hanisch.

I am a Christian and the Bellicose Liar is not.

Thank God that I have stories to share.  Some would want me to be so medicated that I would be in oblivion as to my history.  "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."   George Santayana.
Because I was so medicated, I actually resurrected the "friendship" for anther six months.  I am still medicated but I hope that I know better than to reach out to him again.  I saw him on and off for 5 years.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Graphic Novel Interpretation of Insanity

I have spoken about what happened to me in 2013.  I hope that my stories have not reached a saturation point!  Today I will post my experiences  of  2012-13 interpreted through graphic novel style.
In December 2012 I became sick at my son's birthday party, December 6 and by the December 8 I was picked up.  This is the episode where I spoke a different language.  This could have been a form of possession or perhaps "tongues."  I had my Steiff animals with me and was picked up in the intersection.  I perceived myself to be undoing "the racist curse of Canandaigua."

February 7, 2013, I perceived myself to be in receipt of radioactivity.  This was when I first experienced shared consciousness.  The voice sounded like my male friend G.  The angel was interpreting him so that I would trust him.  He guided me on what to do to handle the government attack.    I cut off my hair to change my frequency.  I felt as if I died on February 6th and that everything post that date was purgatory. ( I feel now that at times I am in Nirvana.)  The Angels and spirits began to speak to me through figurines.  (A yay and a nay-  up and down, side to side).  I also saw people stretch which could be a different dimension.

So here are the sketches.  The first is all together and following are close ups.  Thanks for reading!
Click on photos to read better.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Part 2-- Hypnagogia, Demons and Light beings

 It was explained to me that I had to do some good works to get my visions back. This is similar to penance.  I had some ideas and yesterday I put one into practice.  Now, last night, I had not yet done any reparations for bragging about my visions.  I saw something I had not seen before.  T'was a creature.  I was not frightened by this phosphenic hypnagogic vision.  He/she seemed to manning a desk of some sort.  I got the impression that it was documented that I was being corrected.  This creature is a Light being.  This is created from positive energy.

Being corrected sounds unlike an encounter with God in my previous experiences in life.  I was instructed that it was good that I was being punished as when I delegate demons to certain situations, I am punishing. I need to have experienced disappointment/frustration as well.

   I do everything through my art.  I would never hurt anyone.  My poppets and demon delegation is for education.  I personally believe that I had trouble with demons in 2013, (as when I spoke a unknown foreign language for three days).  Demons only do as God permits them.  I believe that what I do is similar to exorcism.  It comes about through my actions through my art.  Nobody has anything to fear from me.  I am a Peace Worker.  I must put this disclaimer in as there  are those who would like to paint a picture of me with a violent nature.  I do not have a violent nature.

Don't think though, that if you pray a lot, that you can get away with bragging.  Bragging is a sign of a lack of humility.  Humility is part of the Christian persona.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Demons, Hypnagogia, Jesus and Durga

On the fourth I had an appointment with my internist or GP.  We spoke of hypnagogia which is something that I enjoy.  These are dreams between the sleep and wake state where you know that what you experience is a dream.  I consider mine messages from God or my Angel.

When I was a patient in a state mental facility I  made friends with a Jehovah's witness (he was leaving the faith)  He explained to me about demons.  I really had never thought much about demons.  I documented in this blog several experiences with demons at the mental hospital.  When I was sick I identified with Kali and Durga.  I am a Christian, yet I find truth in other faiths.  I don't think it an evil habit.  Durga is the invincible demon slayer.  I find slaying demons to be impossible as they are immortal-they need to be instructed.  I think demons visit in the hypnagogia experiences as well as Angels.  I am not alone is this theory.

Durga is usually portrayed with a tiger.

My doctor shared  his dream.  It was creepy.  He was on his belly and some creature was pursuing him and he felt terror.  I bragged.  "My hypnagogia is all good.  I am constantly praying so its all positive, I have them consistently."  Mistake.  Never brag.  That night while falling asleep, I was not terrified but something was wrong.  I had the visions and as soon as they manifested an entity erased them with a pencil erasure( this is my half wake dream). I was a disappointed.  I mentioned that I have identified with Durga.  I consider myself more of a demon tamer than a demon slayer.  I learned recently that demons can only do what God has given permission for them to do.  I believe that the demon that my Doctor had (which he did not identify as a demon) entered me with the exam.  The Doctor pounded gently on my back as I have had a back ache.  Demons can transfer with physical contact.  I brought the demon home and he was very excited to let me know that my prayers did not prevent him from taking away my most pleasurable visions.   I can see demon's faces in my closed I vision.  They are not hostile toward me, nor are they affectionate.

This Doctor Poppet needs a haircut---It is a poppet of Dr. J.D. made several months ago.  The demon is a stand in.

I was told his name via my consciousness sharing with the Angel.  I drew his portrait in pastels and I was instructed that this demon. (A.) was to be put in the vortex that I shared the other day as a blog entry.  (a drawing from 2014.)  Demon A. is to be in charge of the situation where the people were put in the vortex.  Demons are militarily oriented, so I am finding out.(internet)  The Vortex is in an actual geographic location (Kershaw Park).  I was given instructions as the Vortex is invisible in my current dimension.  I was informed after the procedure that I did in the park, that Demon A. had left my consciousness dimension and gone to the Vortex. Some things must not be shared....the procedure..etc.  This is because, to be used again, there must not be negative energy directed toward me regarding it.

I have returned to work.  I have a job at a nice art gallery featuring 35 artists, a couple days a week.  I am also back to work with my Demon taming, as more have come along looking for an assignments!  These spirits can cause me some consternation when they appear.  Its all for the Lord Jesus Christ.  Recall, that demons can only do what the Lord God grants them permission to do.  I am on God's team.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sermon on the Washington St. 2014

While living on Washington St.  in 2013-14 I continued to perceive that my mind was detrimentally effected by radio waves.  I thought perhaps they caused a disruption in the flow of qi to the mind.  I might be the only person who experiences this.  I did a little drawing about the government and mind control and titled it Sermon on the Washington st. to spread the word.

click on photo to be able to read it.

It is absolutely true that Radio waves can cause psychosis and other illnesses.

Below is  from site "Mind Control Steals Hope." Sharon R. Poet:

" According to reports I've read; radio waves, tuned to the same frequency as the human brain, can remotely flood whole communities and homes or target specific individuals with finer beams shot directly into various parts of the brain. The radio waves can be encoded with subliminal messaging or be set at frequencies that interfere with our brain's natural rhythms and functions. Results depend on which part of the brain is intruded upon, what frequency and intensity is used, and can range from mild brainwashings, mental numbness and interrupted thoughts. . .to brain damage and complete technological control of a human being. It appears that this can be done as remotely as through satellite surveillance systems. And this all rings true to me. In my heart I feel certain that this is happening to people and that it needs to be realized and stopped as quickly as possible. Can you even begin to imagine the dangers of allowing criminal use of radio wave technologies to continue and grow? I hope so. "

The Home Port of My Own Mind

I have been accused of "parroting" back to my sister things she said to me over the years.  I believe that I have such acute recall of her words due to instructions given to me while in a hypnotic state.   My handlers (secret society) wanted me to pay close attention to her words.  "THANK YOU LORD GOD ALMIGHTY FOR GIVING THAT INSTRUCTION."

No one can imagine how I feel.  I have lived in a weird fog with words, looks and hidden meanings for so many years.  I am so happy to be connected with the truth.  I am not happy about having been exploited.  My philosophy is "all for thee, oh sacred heart of Jesus."  I know that what I have been through is for a specific reason.  I don't know all what for at this point.  I know that my heart is full of thanks to be "In the know" about myself.   For those who don't read my blog regularly, it has chronicled my awareness of being a victim of a secret society.  They created in me multiple personalities in order to exploit me.  My very own family was complicit.  None can confess as the secret organization exacts a high price.

I feel like Odysseus having come into the home port of my own mind-though it is 40 years not 10..  The different insincere men were cyclops' and false female friends -sirens, etc.

I can relate to the Israelite's forty years in the desert.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"Be Quiet as a Mouse!"

Sometimes little animals are recipients of some angelic energy and they show up unexpectedly.  This happened to me with a mouse.  I know the man who put Om signs around town.  We had a failed acquaintance.  This little mouse had a gentle spirit, though.  The next time I walked through town I left him a piece of shortbread cookie.  It was as though he was trying to warn me by his presence.  "Be quiet as a mouse and you will reunite with your kids, in time!"  He was spotted the fall of 2013 when I was separated from my family.  He came out from behind the Om sign when I walked by.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I'll Stand in for the Madonna

I have a habit of regarding the divinity of all.  That includes myself and my children.  I have been instructed in Roman Catholicism.  We take in the Eucharist to increase our divinity.  I was taught in Roman Catholic schooling that Jesus resides in all the men and boys and Mary resides in all the gals.  We are a Holy People.

This picture might remind you of the Madonna of the Sistine chapel.  (The one by Raphael).  I did a charcoal sketch and put myself as a young woman and my son as a little babe.  This is all in fun.

Monday, August 3, 2015


When I was in a mental crisis in 2013 I had little patience for racism.  I thought that there was a terrible lack of diversity in the city of Canandaigua.  I wanted to know why.  Here is an example which bothered me.  There was a student at the community college who flew a confederate flag flying off the back of his truck.

 I contacted the mayor and complained that we had a problem.  That the youth who flew the flag was crying out for help.  I thought we needed to counsel him on racial sensitivity.  Plenty of black kids came up from NYC to go to Finger Lakes Community College.  I stated I was concerned about how the African Americans might feel with that flag flying in the parking lot.  The mayor let me know that the young man was within his rights.  She is white, in her 60's and a professor at the college.

  What did I want to do with the humans in this provincial small city?  Why, put them in the vortex, so that is what I did.  I had a project in print making class where I had used a candy wrapper for texture.  That wrapper made a vortex.  I perceived myself as a Christian Sorceress. Some might think that impossible.

Click on the photo to read the script.

I was considered a crazy person.  This is in the realm of insanity, so a Christian Sorceress is possible.  This is a beach scene with trees and the water is on the left. It is called Kershaw Park.  I stood on a dock in reality with my wand and I gathered the spirits and sent them into the vortex.  I am sure that there is a realm were "useless haters" are welcome.
They don't know that their spirits were sent into the vortex.  I work in a timeless realm.  I am sure eventually that they will find out. (some have, of course.)  The vortex leads to another dimension.  "Into the Vortex" was a prayer exercise.

This is all in magical fun, Of course!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Blog Medley- Lucid Dream-Graphic Novel- Cat formation

This is a medley blog.  Three little stories.

I have a phosphenic image dream most mornings as of late.  This morning the dream was interesting.  I was in a  city driving and I kept taking left hand turns.  I felt as if I was going in a circle.  When I arrived at my destination there were tall red brick buildings.  They glowed as if  they were lit by late afternoon or sun-set light.  I felt very happy to be at this destination.  I should paint this scene!

Here is another page from my graphic novel.

This is my father and I.  I spent 3/4 of a year tending to him prior to him having a stroke in Sept 2014.  My mind had buried the conclusions and suspicions that I was all worried about in 2013.  I was heavily medicated.  This creates a condition in the brain where thoughts don't connect.  It is difficult to draw astute conclusions while under heavy doses of neuroleptics.   That of course, was the goal. I probably said, "that is because you are the oppressor"  In reference to him being a white old man.  I guess I did a typo with the bottom line. "That's cuz."  I probably was not referring to him and my alter personality sex slave/porn gig.

Yesterday, I arrived at my son's house.  The white cat Moon immediately laid down on the floor opposite the black cat.  The formation of their bodies on the floor formed a V.  I said to the cat, "Hey, you made a V formation, V for victory!"  It  could also be an "M".

Since they are a mirror of each other--As in Heaven also on Earth!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Fantastic Ideas

I have mental telepathy capabilities. This is one of the goals of the secret organizations. (for their members to have.)  I was looking at my blog and received the message.  "Show us what the radio wave deflector hat looks like."   So I posed myself to show  my hat.  I dod not have a patent, so anyone is free to copy the design.  HARRP has been dismantled.  That only means that there is more sophisticated technology out there that does the same thing.  This hat is a Faraday cage

I don't think that I should wear the hat while driving.  A police man might pull me over and we all know the possibilities if that happens.

I did not smile.  The though of being a subject in radio wave thought control studies is no laughing matter.  I think that with my case, their goal is to keep my vibration low and to stimulate outbursts so I can be psych arrested.  This is all just fantastic supposition, of course.
Radio waves can cause psychosis.(

Graphic Novel Entries 2013

This was drawn in 2013- I was separated from my family.  I blamed my sister.  Is she a member of a secret organization?  She told me about it after she returned from Altanta in the 1980's.  She denies it now.

This is me and my husband to be the night we met at a Basketball game.  We were not players in the game.  We would become "puppets on strings," or players in another sort of game. A week after the wedding Larry changed his hair to more of a red-neck look from the fro..  

click on the picture to read.

This depicts the reality of satellite emissions in my life.  I have perceived attacks.  I know that it sounds crazy.  There are microwave beam, radio waves, harmonics, radiation that can be delivered at a target from a satellite.  I don't spend a lot of time thinking about it.  I don't tell people, usually as it is crazy sounding. This drawing was done about the time I created anti HARRP hats made from screen and bias tape.  There are still times that I suspect that I am a target.  I know it sounds far fetched, but my whole story is for that matter.  I still believe in myself and my communications with a higher power.  (there are even HARRP communications that can mess with your thoughts.)  I seem to get a little upset about my life when I am out driving.  They could be zeaming and bapping me!!!  I think that they can send a certain frequency that can trigger brain waves/thoughts to be angry.  This is all supposition.