Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Surreal and Totally Whacked

After I was sprung from the state mental hospital in September of 2013  I was still a little accelerated with my mood.  I was isolated and I would strike up somewhat inappropriate conversations while I was in check out lines. (in stores) During one of my visits to my Russian psychiatrist,  Dr.  Igor commented on how I was doing just that. Dr. Igor, how did you know?  Did the checkout clerk call in and report me?  This is not Russia.  Americans don't, wouldn't and can't do that.  How would a clerk even know who my doctor was?

I do think I know how he knew about what I said in my semi private moments with the check-out clerk. I have a body bug implant.  I think that when I had a gyn operative procedure this spring another was implanted.

I know perfectly well that this sounds "conspiracy-nut case logic".  Well, perhaps, just perhaps, there really is a conspiracy in my life.  It is possible.

Igor, at another appointment queried me on why nobody wants to be my friend and how I was alienated from my family.  "What is wrong with you?"  Can you believe a Doctor saying things to try to make a patient feel worse about themselves?  That is absolutely wrong and against all medical ethics.  He was trying to manipulate me to have less confidence.  A psychiatrist is supposed to be psychologically supportive, not tear a patient down.  If he thought I was over confident the cause would have be lack of confidence.  Either way, a doctor would never tear down someone who was fragile.

I was under government watch for a year and a half as the prevailing thought was that I would be extremely violent when not medicated and that I could not be trusted to take my medication.  I am a peace and love woman.  Even after undergoing realizations that I am a secret sex slave I still only send out peace and love vibrations to those I feel have done me wrong.  It was a grave injustice to say that I could be violent.  It is totally erroneous.  It is totally Cotton Mather as in the witch trials.  I am not the evil character in this drama and those that think I am need to know that I am an artist and any of my questionable energies would and will be carried out through my art.

Dr. Igor is not my Doctor now but I would bet he watches over things via the body bugs as a state employee.  I write people in my own computer.  I have several emails.  Rather than cause trouble and email a person outright I send an email to myself.  That way, if they are in my computer they get the  message.

Yes.  I know. It sounds totally whacked.  That is my world.  Surreal and totally whacked.

Thank-you Dr. Igor for being so obvious.

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