Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Spring of 1995 -Da Doppleganger Docta

Third person

Once upon a time, 1994, there was a 33 year old woman in Clifton Springs who was a graduate nurse.  She secured a job at the local hospital.  She started her new position with trepidation.  So much responsibility!  The expectation was for a new RN be charge of a 23 bed floor within six months of hire.  She felt overwhelmed as there are so many complications that could happen to her patients.  Ms Amy was nervous around the doctors.  Although Amy's father was a doctor, that did not lesson her nerves.  When one notifies a doctor about something one must anticipate all the questions a doctor will ask and be prepared to answer with certainty.  The doctor would base his decisions on the information  provided by her.

Amy had had a tendency over the years to dress a little old fashioned.  She wore long skirts and dresses or jumpers while in nursing school.  She translated this to choosing to wear dress uniforms.  This, was a poor choice, however, as she came across as a fashionista or a prima donna.  This was exacerbated by the fact that she was a doctor's daughter.  Her father had worked at this hospital for twenty years and had been the medical director.  The dress Amy wore on the fateful day below had a pilgrim collar.

Months later, after her hire, there was one doctor whose looks resembled Ralph Fiennes, (enough to be a doppleganger or evil twin).  Amy had only seen the movie, Schindler's list, as Ralph was a new star in America.  The doctor met Amy, and appeared to come on as flirtatious.  Amy was not satisfied with her marriage.  The doctor's mild flirtation was enough to send Amy's imagination reeling.   "Could you help me?" he had asked, smiled, and then as he listened to the elderly woman's lungs his finger touched Amy's on the lady's back.  What happened next was devastating to Amy's career.  Amy wrote him a letter!  This was a grave error.  The letter was a query into his marital status.  A few days later he called her into an empty room.  "SIT DOWN!"  He spoke to her as if she was a dog.  "I am happily married!" he announced.(February-95)

Amy felt extremely ashamed.   She became "psychotic" (or did her husband hear of the letter and give her speed and LSD as punishment?)  Amy believed that she was Mary Magdalen and that the doctor was Jesus.  She stayed in the mental hospital two weeks. While there she bought a ceramic heart adorned with flowers and a stuffed lion.  She was in the hospital on Valentines day. While being evaluated in the Emergency department she took her lipstick and wrote Jesus and Mary Magdalen on the wall.  She was asked to surrender her jewelry.  An aid took a pink crystal bracelet that her daughter had given her as a gift.  She never saw the bracelet again.

After the hospitalization she left her husband and children for two months.  Amy stayed at the local Roman Catholic rectory.  Amy's little children were uncomfortable when they visited with her.  Spring came and Amy went back to her husband and the dairy farm.  The children accepted her back.  They had to adjust back to whole wheat bread.

After the hospitalization Amy returned to work.  Her supervisor had lost faith in her abilities.  Amy went to part time.  Eventually Amy found a part-time job working at the local jail as an Rn. (August, 95)

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