Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
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Thursday, July 30, 2015

My Faith Journey

I was raised in a family that would probably consider themselves secular humanists.  Both my parents were raised Lutheran. They did not take up the  practice of religion into our family life.   Me and my sisters were baptized.  My first religious memory was while we were stationed in Germany.  My sister and I knelt at the windowsill waiting for St. Nicholas to come.  When he(a person in costume) came he gave us candies I was sadly disappointed as there was a little boy there who only got sticks and a lump of coal.  I remember feeling sorry for him.  I remember hearing the story of the baby Jesus and his ministry.  I asked if he ever married and had kids.  I felt disappointed that he had not.

When we moved back to the USA and settled in Clifton Springs I can recall Christmas celebrations.  My mother announced that I loved tradition.  I enjoyed the kresch manger scene.  I would move the three Kings a little bit each day until on January 6 they would arrive at the Holy Family in the manger.

I know this does not sound like a religious experience but I recall looking at a picture book.  The picture was of doves flying around church bells.  The picture really spoke to my heart.

I was taught to pray(by my mother):
Thank-you for the world so sweet
Thank-you for the food we eat
Thank-you for the birds that sing
Thank-you God, for everything.
Then I would add any special intentions from my heart:
An end to starvation, war, pollution, hatred....

We listened to Jesus Christ Superstar.  I did not understand it, as I had not been taught the story of Jesus.  My parents specifically chose not to educate us in religion, preferring to see what we chose on our own after age 18.

My mother did not take us to any organized religious services but she did say things that in retrospect were somewhat Christian.  "Return good for evil."  "If someone is mean to you be nice back."  "Kill them with kindness," "Always tell the truth, it is the easiest to remember."  "Love conquers all,"

I did not know until I was dating my future husband that the message behind Easter was Eternal Life and that Jesus came out of the tomb after 3 days.
I married in the Roman Catholic Church and after a few years I set about conversion.  After six months of classes with the priest I changed my mind the night before confirmation. I felt as if I wanted to explore reality more prior to the commitment.   I went to several different other Christian churches, Methodist was one.  I started having family problems in 1984 and I started praying the Our Father and the Hail Mary.  I eventually was confirmed in 1993.  I found a lot of comfort with the Rosary.  I liked the beads in my hands and the repetition of the prayers.

I had a few events that were miraculously strange.  I saw a little ball of white light while I was in the church. It divided and went into my two right fingers.  I also witnesses a Holy card, Our Lady of Sorrows speak to me that she loved me.  (I had to read her lips.)  She glowed orange, and the glowing came up my left arm.  Both of these events could be separate blog entries.  I had been going to Mass daily and praying the Rosary daily for several years.

Below is a very strange picture of myself and my God mother, Gladys.  If you look at her right hand she is milking my boob and holding a glass in the other hand.  There is hidden meaning in that, I believe and it is not pretty.

In my life and in my faith experience I am always curious about other religions.  I don't condemn Hindus or any others just because I am Christian.  I think to myself what perspective might they offer me?  I meditate and look up to Buddhists and I practice Yoga occasionally.  I try to have an open mind.  During my faith journey I have looked to the Roman Catholic Saints for inspiration.  I have made poppets of several.  This is just a brief overview of my faith journey.

This was a favorite tune of mine.  It is a Christmas tune but liked to listen to it any time.

In 2013, I started to have more communication with the beings of the other side.  I have the "eye"  which is in my closed eye vision.  He is different sizes at different times.  He nods yes or no.  I am never alone.  He is an arch angel.  He says that he has been with me for years.

I thank God that even though I was not trained in faith at an early age, that I still found my way.  My faith path has not been one of searching for consolation.  I have been searching for truth.

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