Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer

Be Forewarned, I am a Fey and Quixotic Creative Writer
And in the End was the Word, Amy's Word

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Monday, July 20, 2015

It was Decided in a Timeless Realm

I framed my world with this dialogue.

The plan started like this:   In the timeless realm, I sat at Jesus's feet.  We discussed how awful some were treated in the human world.  I said, "Jesus, let me help you.  Give me an assignment to bring these beings to the test."

 Jesus responded, "Amy that is very generous of you.  I appreciate your offer.  I will make it so your suffering is dulled.  You will have the help of some other spirits, like Mary Magdalene.  To ease your suffering I will create a cloud in your mind.  You won't be aware of what the spirit of Mary is doing with your body, unless somebody says, "Amy" while you are in the trance".  Jesus went on, "We will give you genetics that will cause great envy.  Envy creates a special kind of ruthlessness in humans.  Your genetics will be from a perceived enemy of some.  You will be a project of a modern arrogant government.  The people will feel honored to be chosen to abuse you.  They will be confused as to right and wrong, so this will bring out their true characters."

I replied, " This should happen in the modern times.  People have electronics and cars. The electronics will magnify their tendency to be greedy and selfish.  In modern times many don't feel that worshiping God is relevant.  They feel that there is no God so their actions make no difference on the grand scale.  We will be able to entice those who believe in moral relativity. We will catch them as they abuse and enslave their fellow humans, ."

Jesus said, "Yes, Amy, the story we create will be a microcosm.  The people who take part in enslaving you will be emblematic of the evil forces at work in society.  I will judge them and give them their sentences.  With this plan we will ensnare all evil humans and send them to Sheol, which is their vibrational destiny.  Your role is to be the bait in the snare..You know, your little microcosm will be equal to the major forces in the grand spirit battle."

Mary Magdalen spoke up.  "Amy, I will take your body into a decadent world.  Your spirit will not go there.  I will make the journey for you.  It will be really bad."
 "Thanks, Mary".
Jesus went on, "Amy, you will use the electronics to tell your story of slavery.  People will hear your cry from the wilderness."

I said, "Will this trap set the stage for God's Kingdom coming on Earth?   I am always praying to be a vessel of your Holy Spirit.  It would be such an honor to help bring in the Kingdom of God!"

This is an imaginary drama.  I wrote the script, Jesus put his stamp of approval on it.

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